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    Default Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    Please post either here or on Pe2k's roll call thread if you own a gym to confirm that you are active. In two weeks, any gym that isn't confirmed will be opened.

    Elite Four
    E4: Fenix
    E4: Leman
    E4: Ataro
    E4: Marth
    E4 Reserve: SiberianTiger

    Pewter City (Rock)
    Leader: Lord Celebi

    Cerulean City (Water)
    Leader: kingrptr101

    Vermillion City (Electric)
    Leader: Keion

    Celadon City (Grass)
    Leader: ragnarok0422

    Saffron City (Psychic)
    Leader: Iridium

    Fuchsia City (Poison)
    Leader: Sec

    Cinnabar Island (Fire)
    Leader: iReign

    Viridian City (Ground)
    Leader: TheEvilDookie

    Violet City (Flying)
    Leader: Mitsuzo-kun

    Azalea Town (Bug)
    Leader: gun6

    Goldenrod (Normal)
    Leader: Brizer

    Ecruteak (Ghost)
    Leader: Khajmer

    Cianwood (Fighting)
    Leader: Spiderc

    Olivine City (Steel)
    Leader: Stinky

    Mahogany City (Ice)
    Leader: -Pichu Boy-

    Blackthorn City (Dragon)
    Leader: Fierce Deity

    Rustburo City (Rock)
    Leader: TsukiKaiki64

    Dewford Town (Fighting)
    Leader: RaptorJesus

    Mauville City (Electric)
    Leader: Metallic Houndoom

    Lavaridge Town (Fire)
    Leader: Zombie Muse

    Petalburg City (Normal)
    Leader: Shinies

    Fortree City (Flying)
    Leader: Psychedelic Shroomish

    Mossdeep City (Psychic 2on2)
    Leader: DarkGardevoir

    Sootopolis City (Water)
    Leader: Sequentio

    Oreburgh City (Rock)
    Leader: Shock64

    Eterna City (Grass)
    Leader: Marshy

    Veilstone City (Fighting)
    Leader: Near

    Pastoria City (Water)
    Leader: AmericanTreeFrog

    Hearthome City (Ghost)
    Leader: Gold Rush

    Canalave City (Steel)
    Leader: Bumblebee16

    Snowpoint City (Ice)
    Leader: Eraizaa-kun

    Sunyshore City (Electric)
    Leader: Xalapeno

    Orange Islands
    Mikan Island
    Leader: Leman

    Navel Island
    Leader: Fenix

    Trovita Island
    Leader: Ataro

    Kumquat Island
    Leader: Nyurgh

    Pummelo Island
    Leader: OPEN!

    Bolded means confirmed.
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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    Fortree is here!

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    Snowpoint City Gym, Present! ^^

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    cianwood is still here

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    Posting in this thread too!!! :)

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!


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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    I'll post here as well, just to be sure. Celadon is still active, guys. :]

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    I'm green as a Metapod, I delete posts like a mod, swim in the ocean like a cod(fish), Gain health with my move (wish), And I know my rhymes are always dope, right? I win battle using all my might, right? And I know you all wanna be me, see me, turn the key to find me behind some goldenrod doors, KO-in mons all on the floor. WHAT

    Goldenrod is active and wasting time.

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    Default Re: Gym & Elite Roll Call!

    TsukiKaiki64, Sequentio, Gold Rush, and Nyurgh failed to respond to the gym roll call, so Rustboro, Sootopolis, Hearthome, and Kumquat are now open.
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