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Thread: evanfardreamer's room-Trainers' Estate: Moltres Hall

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    Default evanfardreamer's room-Trainers' Estate: Moltres Hall

    Here is your room to decorate as you please, and to RP in.
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    Evan entered the room and deposited two suitcases, closing the door behind him after his Nidoking carried his remaining two suitcases inside. He recalled Nidoking to its Pokeball, and went about unpacking.

    He hung up his shirts in his closet, then put his shorts, socks, and unmentionables in the dresser; he took a small laptop from his backpack and set it up on his desk, running power and internet cables to the respective wall jacks. His room had come with a small TV, which he moved to the side of its table, placing a toaster-sized Arcanine statue beside it; he had been given it as a gift for being the top of his class in the Violet City Trainer School last year. A handful of books for reading went against the wall behind it.

    He unfolded a black cloth poster to reveal a large, crimson R in the center; he hung this up over his desk to remind himself of his commitment to the Rocketeers. Pictures of his family went up on the desk, and stationary and school supplies went in its various drawers.

    Finally, he unfurled a large bedspread, decorated with the various Pokemon of Johto and Kanto, and made his bed with it displaying proudly on top.

    Stowing his now empty suitcases in the closet, he dimmed the lights, and laid back on his bed to take a quick nap.
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