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Thread: derian's room-Trainers' Estate: Suicune Hall

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    Default derian's room-Trainers' Estate: Suicune Hall

    Decorate it and RP in it as much as you like.
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    Default Re: derian's room-Trainers' Estate: Suicune Hall

    Derian's room is very simple, but it serves his needs well. It's not very large, the usual size of the rooms in the Suicune Hall. There is a twin sized bed to the right of the room. It had always struck him odd that such a small bed size would be called "Twin", as any twins would find it very difficult to get any sleep. There is a bookshelf in the room as well, but there isn't a whole lot on it. A generic book on Pokémon here and there is all that fills the scarce shelves. There is a desk as well, but it appears to be gathering dust from lack of use. The only things in the room that really seem to get any use were the bed and a shelf; holding all of his clothes, supplies and Pokémon, and the PC. Like most PCs, it had item and Pokémon storage.

    NOTE: I wrote this at first in the present tense then noticed I was writing the rest in the past tense, so I went through and fixed it. But I might have missed some stuff, so there could be some tense errors xD
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