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  • Regular

    12 46.15%
  • Choose Your Opponent's Pokemon

    5 19.23%
  • Kumquat

    6 23.08%
  • Double Battle

    4 15.38%
  • Challenge Cup

    9 34.62%
  • Battle Factory

    13 50.00%
  • Wonder Shooter

    1 3.85%
  • Basics Only

    5 19.23%
  • Monotype

    6 23.08%
  • Use Any Pokemon

    4 15.38%
  • Trick Room

    4 15.38%
  • Other

    3 11.54%
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Thread: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

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    Default Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    PE2K Thread:

    What type of tournament should the next one be? The finer details of each kind of tournament can be worked out once it is picked. Yes, some of these would involve renting Pokemon.

    • Regular - No gimmicks or anything weird, you just use your own Pokemon and battle it out.
    • Choose Your Opponent's Pokemon - You choose what Pokemon you battle against and so does your opponent. It would probably involve selecting from a pool of Pokemon, instead of your entire stats.
    • Kumquat - Both battlers have Pokemon for each type. It is rolled what type each battler will use. Unlike Kumquat Gym, it won't necessarily be a Double Battle.
    • Double Battle - Self-explanatory.
    • Challenge Cup - Each battler is assigned random Pokemon.
    • Battle Factory - Each battler is assigned random Pokemon based on tiers. This would involve x amount of Pokemon from one tier, x amount in another, and x in one more. You are able to choose your opponent's Pokemon for your own use if you beat him/her.
    • Wonder Shooter - Each turn both battlers get a point, which they can save up to buy items and use in the battle.
    • Basics Only - Only Pokemon in their lowest evolution stage, if they evolve, are usable. Some Pokemon would be banned.
    • Monotype - Self-explanatory.
    • Use Any Pokemon - Any Pokemon is available for use, including legendary Pokemon. It would involve using rentals.
    • Trick Room - Trick Room is always in effect.
    • Other - An idea not listed.

    Another poll with the most voted options will be made after this one to narrow it down even more, if needed.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    Vote Battle Factory!!!
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by RUSTYREFBOT View Post

    Vote Battle Factory!!!
    You aren't even American.

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    I'm probably in the minority, but I'd love a 2+2 vs 2+2 style tag battle, where you pair up with another URPG member, similar to a Multi-Battle in the Battle Tower/Subway.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    Just a regular tourney would be nice. The other ones I don't really like because:

    Choose Your Opponent's Pokemon - If they scout you, they'll just pick what they think are the weakest ones and that could be annoying for some people who only have a 2-4 good mons or so.
    Kumquat - Not a lot of people have a Pokemon for each type, and using rents isn't really something that encourages the nature of the URPG imo.
    Double Battle - Enticing, but could end up being a little annoying. D:
    Challenge Cup - The luck that factors in to this could be disencouraging.
    Battle Factory - Using rents is laaaaame, though I guess I could live with it since you do have a tier system in effect and it would be interesting. STILL, I'd rather not.
    Wonder Shooter - ur kidding right
    Basics Only - Nobody has that many basics unless they collect them.
    Monotype - What if you are matched up with somebody who has a super-effective type advantage? Kind of ruins it... Besides, not everybody has a lot of one particular type.
    Use Any Pokemon - LOL NO
    Trick Room - Interesting, but too gimmicky imo. :s

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Ideas

    Team Double Battle. You and a teammate battle two other people. ;)

    I voted for battle factory though if I can't have my way because thats a pretty fun tourney actually.


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