Chromas' room-Trainers' Estate: Moltres Hall
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Thread: Chromas' room-Trainers' Estate: Moltres Hall

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    Default Chromas' room-Trainers' Estate: Moltres Hall

    Here it is!
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    OOC: Since I didn't see any real rules as to how the decoration works, I'm going with a pre-constructed explanation.


    Exhausted, Chromas unlocked his room and stepped inside, curious as to what the accommodations were like in this bizarre "Estate". His eyes were met by deep maroon walls and a stone-gray floor, with a rough mahogany dresser on one side of the room, built long and low to double as a counter or table, and it had already been fitted with a smallish LCD monitor and TV tuner, it seemed. On the other side was a metal-framed, lofted bed near the end of the room with a desk built in underneath. The desk had nothing on it but a lamp, but the desk chair looked moderately comfortable, at least. At the far end of the room, right under a window was a bundle of cloths piled up to make a sort of nesting bed for Pokémon.

    Chromas smirked and began unloading some of his clothes into the dresser. It wasn't the classiest of rooms, sure, but it was pretty close to ideal for him. He set his laptop out on his desk and set up a magnetic device at the outlet nearest to the Pokémon-bed; it would allow Cosine to get a charge from the wall, at least, which the Magnemite hadn't had the benefit of for at least a week.

    With all this done, Chromas locked the door, snuffed out the lights and clambered into his bed, throwing off only his boots and vest. He was really feeling a nap coming on...


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