BullFinch's room-Trainers' Estate: Celebi Hall
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Thread: BullFinch's room-Trainers' Estate: Celebi Hall

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    Default BullFinch's room-Trainers' Estate: Celebi Hall

    This is Bullfinches room. They may RP and decorate it as they wish.
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    Finch opened the door to her room slowly, satchel swinging on her arm as she pushed it in. Her eyes widened in amazement as the room came into view, and she let out an impressed whistle, hazel eyes flickering all over the beautiful place. The walls were a soft peridot green, accompanied by paintings crossing this way and that across their expanse. Vines, trees, flowering bushes and plants, and even a few animals lay glossy and resting on the plaster. Finch crossed the room, followed closely by her Eevee, Lotus.
    The long-haired Pokemon's ears twitched as it picked up the sounds of life from rooms all over the Hall were their room lay. His beady eyes surveyed the area, hackles up as he spotted a life-like painting of an Umbreon watching from the shadows of a Willow. His brown hair bristled as he hissed at the portrait, causing Finch to jump and laugh nervously. "Aw, c'mon, Lotus. It's just a painting. Nothing to be afraid of." She walked to him, knee-high black leather boots echoing on the floor with every step.
    The teenager scooped him up carefully, the Eevee fitting easily into her arms in his small stature. The cat-esque animal's tail twitched as he curled up in her arms, butting his head on the back of her hand with a purr. Finch grinned, turning and setting him on her bed as she threw her satchel next to the headboard. "Now, where to hang my scarves..."


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