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    The world was in need of heroes.

    And in these times of crisis, you answered the call.

    You stood up when no one else could. You took up the powers thrust upon you to save your friends and family, to protect strangers from threats that were both terrifying and powerful. But there was no choice. You did what was right.

    With great power comes great responsibility.

    It wasn’t easy at first. Heroes undergo many trials. You’ve fought villains of all shades, defeating them as they threatened all you love and hold dear. You’ve wielded forces of power unknown to most. You’ve endured challenges that would tear the hearts out of even the best men and women.

    But you survived. You succeeded.

    You are the hero the Ultra RPG needs. And the hero it deserves.

    Because of your deeds and skills, you were invited to ULTRA: the United League of TRAiners. This prestigious group dedicated themselves to upholding justice in the face of evil. Together, as a team, you took down threats far greater the street thugs, maniacal villains, and lone menaces.

    You even fought the diabolical forces of OMEGA: the Ominous Megalomaniacs and Evil Geniuses Alliance. A counterpart to ULTRA, OMEGA was determined to rule the world and achieve their Ultimate goal of domination. But they failed. You and ULTRA won.

    And you saved the day.

    You met some of the greatest heroes to have ever served in ULTRA. You scouted with the fantastic flying duo Alaska Pigeon and Princess Crow. Trained with the dark and mysterious Vampire Lord Hellsing and expert outback sniper Mon B. Rey. Humorously ran from Team Combustion’s Ember Eon, Nitrogen, and Chain Reaction. Befriended the gamblers of fate and luck Jack Leprechaun and Roulette. Listened to tales from the mystical cave shaman revived from the past Fossil Fusion and the cooking hero Baker Pie. You explored the world with the flora druid Winter Vines and fauna judge Tree Frog.

    From the robotic cyborg Bumblebee to the mythological Fierce Deity, from Game Master Atari O to the beast man Siberian Tiger, you met them all

    Including one Professor H.

    An old man rolls forward in his wheelchair, a slight twinkle in his eyes. He’s old, older than you dared guess. Maybe 87? Who knows. Such knowledge has been lost to the ages.

    The man, dexterous despite his age, grabs your hand in his, and shakes firmly.

    “Thank you,” he says, softly and firmly.

    “Why? What for?” you ask.

    “Thank you for everything you’ve done,” he replied. “Thank you for being a part of our team, for helping the community, for striving to be the very best there ever was.”

    “Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Without you, we wouldn’t be the same. This place, this family, wouldn’t exist without your efforts. You came when we needed you and strove to do what needed to be done. Men and women, boys and girls, all needed your help and ultimately you did indeed help them. ULTRA would not be the same without you.

    And for that, I am glad you are here.

    You smile. It’s hard to dislike Professor H.

    “But enough talk,” he finished. “It’s time for you to discover your destiny.”

    2011 Ultra RPG Awards

    Favourite Author: EmBreon (Ember Eon)

    “No one ever lets a poor, old woman retire.”

    It was one of the coldest blizzards on record. Colder than any winter anyone could remember and stronger than most. It was strange in its intensity.

    Yet despite such low temperatures, there sat Emily Bree on her porch, working on her knitting. Her rocking chair creaked as it swung forward and back upon the faded wooden planks, laid down by her grandfather when he built the house on his Ohio farmland. Since then, it had been passed down the generations until finally landing the hands of dear, old Emily.

    Emily was, well, she wasn’t sure how old she was anymore. She was old certainly and every bone in her body felt it. Her backed ached, her knees were sore, and she no longer moved quite as quickly as she did.

    Yet despite all this, she was warm, even sitting outside in the snowstorm in sub-zero temperatures. She didn’t feel a chill at all. Snow seemed to melt whenever it came within a certain distance of the old woman.

    He frail eyes caught movement ahead of her, despite the low visibility and emerging from the storm, walking towards her house, appeared two heavily-dressed men. Though the snow was several feet deep at this point, these two men managed to push their way through with unbelievable strength.

    As they reached her, Emily looked up at them from her knitting, remaining seated.

    “Boys,” she said. “Should you really be out and about in this weather?”

    The two men looked at each other.

    “Ms. Bree,” one spoke, “My name is Robert Fair and this is Curtis Kool. Figgy sent us. We’re from ULTIMATE and we need your help.”

    Best Author: EmBreon (Ember Eon)

    “We didn’t fight because it was easy. We fought because it was right.”

    Emily, or Emma as she was called, grew up on a small farm in the middle of Ohio’s heartland. It was a simple life, but fulfilling, working each day to help her family. And though they were poor folk, they were rich in the love that is kinship and joy.

    But such a life could not last. War loomed over the horizon and as the United States was drawn into the second greatest conflict to engulf the world, so ended Emma’s childhood.

    Her brothers, at least those old enough, were drafted into service, to fight the Nazis in far-flung Europe. And Emma? Well she did what any person in her position would do.

    She joined the Freedom League of Freedom.

    The Freedom League of Freedom was America’s answer to threats of super villains supporting the evil, fascist government. Enemies like the Frenzied Fuhrer, SS Lad, and Kamikaze threatened to put an end to America’s war effort. The Freedom League was formed to stop them.

    Emma, though quiet and unassuming, had known she possessed magical talent. Trained by some of the best magical professors found in America (all two of them), she knew she could help protect the greatest country in the world. For that reason she decided to join the Freedom League.

    With them, she honed her knowledge with experience and became a powerful sorceress, able to cast complex spells that would throw fear into the heart of any uberman. She went from a shy girl to a powerful warrior. She became Ember Eon.

    And with her fellow heroes, she defeated America’s enemies, allowing the new world to save the old and end the Second Great War.

    In time, a new sort of conflict emerged, cold in its fury, and Ember Eon helped there as well, before she finally, at a ripe, old age, retired. The world had changed and new heroes had emerged. Even the Freedom League of Freedom had evolved into the ULTIMATE organization.

    “Other people can protect the world now,” she thought. “They don’t need me.”

    She was wrong.

    Favourite Roleplayer: Morru Magnum (Master Magnum)

    “I don’t shoot bullets. I shoot justice.”

    No one ever realized that mild-manned Mortimer Morru was actually the famed hero, Master Magnum.

    By day, Mortimer was your normal citizen. He worked as a teacher at a kindergarten and was very good at teaching the children how to read and do basic math. He taught them fun camp songs, and dried their tears when they scraped their knees. As parents always said, it seemed that Mortimer was the kindest and gentlest soul in the world.

    They never knew.

    By night he was Master Magnum, gunslinger extraordinaire. Carrying an assortment of firearms, Magnum guarded the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska, protecting the innocent from the depravities of criminals everywhere.

    He stopped Von Temporal from changing history by shooting his clocks. He prevented Mr. Corn Syrup from flooding the city by shooting his bottles. And he prevented Auntie Establishment from turning the city hall into flowers by shooting her Flower Raygun.

    He was very good at stopping criminals with his guns. Nonviolently, of course.

    And no one ever realized that Morru and Magnum were the same person.

    Best Roleplayer: WinterVines (Winter Vines)

    “Life grows everywhere… you just have to know how to find it.”

    Winter was coming.

    The hardy and rural folk of the small town of Maple Moose lived in one of the northernmost parts of Canada. Their ancestors had settled there many generations ago and since that fateful day, their descendants continued to live in this desolate, freaking cold wasteland.

    But it was home.

    Yet one fateful and terribly cold winter, the town was threatened. The town’s meager crops failed and all roads leading out were snowed in. Their teams of snow dogs had fell ill to a virulent flu and the last working snowmobile was lost in the last blizzard. The town, facing dwindling food supplies, prepared for the end.

    Until they heard her melody.

    It was soft at first, barely noticeable above the chilling winds. But slowly it picked up, both in volume and tempo. It was a strange melody, vibrant in its complexity yet wild with neither form nor function. Yet despite its ever-changing tune, the notes transitioned into each other as if masterfully composed. It was… natural.

    Slowly the townsfolk left their homes, to discover the source of this song. And there, walking slowly through their fields was this beautiful druidess. Dressed in the tidings of nature, she seemed to almost glide through their farmland and gardens singing her harmonious melody.

    And everywhere she went, the plants grew, rising up as if they had undergone a fulfilling summer. Despite the snow, the village crops rose to maturity and the harvest was plentiful.

    Slowly the song came to a close and so too did the growth. The village, just moment before near starvation, now held a bounty of food plentiful enough to last them the cold season. As the villagers turned to thank the strange woman, she had disappeared. Such was her way.

    After all, no one could ever tame Winter.

    Best Coordinator: Ash K. (Ash)

    “And the world shall turn to Ash.”

    Satoshi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, capital of said country and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. As any normal teenager, he went to school, hung out with his friends, participated in club activities, and played games.

    And his life would have continued that way if not for a series of unfortunate events.

    That fateful day, everything went wrong. He failed his English examination because a fellow student cheated using his exam. He spilled his lunch on his school uniform. The girl he liked began dating his best friend. He was attacked by a wild group of rabid and violent crows…

    Lying mangled in a deserted alleyway, Satoshi would have died that night had he not been discovered by a kindly, old gentleman, Dr. Yukinari Okido.

    Dr. Okido was a wise, if somewhat senile, gentleman who enjoyed experimenting in radical technologies. They called him mad, insane, and perhaps they were right. He was brilliant, but often experienced many social issues like forgetting the names of his grandchildren or knowing whether someone was male or female.

    His brilliance, however, saved Satoshi’s life.

    And from the brink of death, a phoenix rose from the ashes.

    Best Referee: Ash K. (Ash)

    “It doesn’t matter what you are. It’s what you do with it that matters.”

    When Satoshi awoke, he was momentarily confused. And confused not simply with waking up in a strange place, but also confused by a strange bombardment of sensations. His hearing felt shaper. His eyesight was improved. He could smell… everything. Things seemed to come to him in greater detail than before. It was… overwhelming.

    One awkward and slightly antagonistic conversation with Dr. Okido later, and Satoshi had managed to calm down. Sort of.

    The senile, old doctor explained that his body had been terribly injured that night and most of his internal organs had failed by the time the doctor found him. He was literally minutes away from death by the time the doctor brought him inside.

    There was… no way to repair the damage and recover his organs and no time to find replacements at the nearby hospital. So the doctor had to… improvise. And he used his great knowledge and research to do so.

    Saving what he could, Dr. Okido carefully stabilized the young man and slowly, but expertly, enhanced his biological and genetic functions with that of his research, namely animals. While he, for the most part, looked and was the same person he was before, Satoshi was now something… more.

    Within himself, he had many of the abilities and characteristics of animals noted across the world, many of which he had never heard of before.

    In order to live, he would need to learn how to use his new, enhanced body so that he could become the master of all species within him. An Animal Master.

    Favorite Referee: CommBA (Commander Bravery)

    “I would follow him to the ends of the Earth and back.”

    Commander Ben Avery fought in the war. ALL THE WARS.

    Born to two superpowered parents, he innately gained the ability to regenerate his own wounds… and that in turn extended his lifespan indefinitely.

    He sailed with George Washington across the Potomac, held off Picket’s Charge at Gettysburg, rode with Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, and stormed the beaches of Normandy. In every American conflict, he was there, serving his country and fellow man. A true American hero.

    And America needed heroes, for many villains opposed his fair country such as The Indestructible Panzer of Germany, Madame Red of the Soviet Union, and Nuclear Frost of North Korea. Yet he countered each enemy, each super power with his devoted patriotism and powerful endurance.

    Now, in today’s world of ruthless terrorism, Commander Bravery’s talents are needed more than ever. Villains of all sizes threaten his homeland and he’ll fight until death to protect those he cherishes and loves.

    Best Grader: Princess Crow (Princess Crow)

    “I will go with you. Let me teach them to soar above the clouds.”

    The beautiful and fair Princess Crow was raised in the avian isle kingdom of Avoria located deep in the Pacific Ocean. It was a peaceful kingdom, built upon the harmonic principles of love, laughter, and friendship. Over 1000 years ago, the inhabitants had managed to found a utopia focused on these ideals and isolated themselves from the rest of the world to protect themselves.

    Princess Crow was taught the traditions of her people. She was assigned the best tutors, who taught her lessons such as swan calligraphy, owl literature, penguin dancing, pelican martial arts, and the philosophy of the dove. It was said the isles had never produced a creature as talented as the princess.

    Yet her destiny was set for grander things.

    After a great storm, Princess Crow found the heroic Alaska Pigeon washed up upon the shores. The wounded hero revealed to the bird people that there was indeed a great world outside of their abode. Earth had changed drastically in the past thousand years. There were many new amazing advances and discoveries… and also many new dangers and threats.

    Learning the tales of woe from the outsider, the Queen charged Princess Crow to travel out into this world and learn about its inhabitants. She was to bring peace to this world, to analyze their habits and thoughts, and guide them to a brighter future.

    Leaving Avoria with the mysterious Alaska Pigeon, Princess Crow bid farewell to her people so that she could bring the ideals of harmony to new ears.

    Favorite Grader: Embreon (Ember Eon)

    “You’re a Witch, Emma!”

    You see, Emma discovered at a very young age that she could… do things. Strange things. Unnatural things. Things that normal people just did not do.

    Her elder sister called her a freak, but the truth was, Emma was a witch. Well, at least that’s what this greasy-haired boy told her. His name was Michael Loyal and like her, he could do… unnatural things. He was a wizard.

    Well after a lengthy childhood filled with adventure as she attended Washington School for Gifted and Magical Individuals, Emma graduated. She was top of her class, excelling in areas such as Mathemancy, Human Literature, Dirt Economics, Conjuration (Anti-Healing), and Real Illusions.

    Normally you’d expect someone of her skill to marry a nice, if reckless, boy she met at school, become a magical police officer, and have a son who would eventually save the world (years after she’s murdered).

    But Emma wasn’t your normal heroine. No sir. She was super special.

    So super in fact that she came to eventually defeat the greatest threat the world had ever faced.

    A girl named Moony.

    Best Ranger: ChainReaction01 (Chain Reaction)

    “For what it’s worth, exploding isn’t that bad.”

    You never met someone as studious as Charlie Reed. A born genius, Charlie quickly amazed his parents and teachers with his intelligence. He graduated High School at 12 and College at 15.

    By the time he was 18, he had already written multiple groundbreaking papers researching into the mysteries of physics. Hailed as the next Einstein, the world waited to see what Charlie would discover next.

    But while certainly a genius, Charlie didn’t seek fame or fortune. He was simply curious and consistently dabbled on his many bizarre and dangerous projects. One day, he finished such an experiment, inventing what he believed to be a micro-nuclear reactor powered using nothing more than twigs, dried moss, and a shrubbery.

    Eager to test his invention, he quickly set off on a camping trip, delving deep into wildlands of the Australian outback. And there, finding just the right materials, he activated his machine… which subsequently exploded.

    When he was awoke, he was surprised to learn that he was, in fact, alive. The machine, however, suffered such extreme damage as to be irrecoverable. Thankful that he was, more or less, fine, he stood up preparing to leave when he was aggressively knocked to the ground by Fossil Fusion, a visiting hero who had witnessed Charlie’s devastating experiment.

    Fossil Fusion turned to face Charlie, mistaking him to be his arch enemy Professor Slick. Merging with his Saber Tooth form, Fossil Fusion charged the frightened young man. Not knowing what to do, Charlie raised his hands up to protect himself… and the ground exploded.

    And thus he became Chain Reaction.

    Favorite Ranger: ChainReaction01 (Chain Reaction)

    “I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. But now that I have these powers, I’m going to use them to protect those I love.”

    The explosion threw back both Chain Reaction and Fossil Fusion, knocking them both to the ground. Chain, though bruised from his fall, was relatively unhurt though his opponent suffered a bit more of the blasts effects.

    Yet Fossil Fusion was an experienced hero and had been blasted quite a number of times in various manners. Though momentarily stunned, he quickly recovered, shaking his head slightly to clear his vision. Then slowly began prowling, circling the newly-empowered scientist.

    Chain stood up, backing away wearily, though this time with his hands held up. He didn’t know why this beastman was attacking him, but if he tried again, he’d feel the full force of… well whatever this explosion thing was. Either way, he hoped it would be enough. Staring at the long, sharp claws hanging from the saber tooth’s mouth, Chain gulped with fear.

    Best Judge: AmericanTreeFrog (Tree Frog)

    “Life… is all around us. To listen the heart of the world… is to understand who you are.”

    Amero Reef, a local town judge, often volunteered at the local wildlife preserve, serving as both a part-time caretaker and part-time tour guide. His extensive knowledge of biology was quite useful on the Preserve and he taught many children and parents about the wonders of nature. It was common to see the judge visit the Preserve after finishing a hard day full of trials.

    Being a judge means doing your best to uphold the law. Unfortunately, it also makes you a target.

    Late one night, as Judge Reef was carefully checking the marsh habitat for invasive species, he heard a voice behind him.

    “Sorry Judge, but looks like your animal days are over,” said the voice with a sneer.

    Judge Reef turned around, only to see James “Golden Shoe” Walker. He knew it was him by the man’s shoes made out of pure gold.

    “You put me away for 20 years, Judge,” continued Golden Shoe. “It’s time for you to make a deposit… in the ground.”

    Golden Shoe shot the judge in the heart and the man fell over, blood pouring from his chest.

    Amero saw his life flash before his eyes. But as his mind began to fade, his heart began to race.

    The animal spirits of the Preserve had seen the judge many times before, and knew that he was a true friend of nature. His actions and his work demonstrated that. They knew that losing him would be a loss to both the animal kingdom and the world.

    So they gave him a second chance. They invigorated him with the spirit of the noble frog. They blessed him with the abilities of this noble creature. It was a risk, they knew, to give one man so much power. Yet they knew that Amero would use them wisely and fight to protect the world from all threats.

    And so he did.

    Favorite Judge: SLCalamity (Silent Calamity)

    “The problem is… you never see him coming.”

    No one really knows who he works for.

    CIA. NSA. Mossad. GRLS. FSB. MI6…

    It could be any of them, none of them, all of them…

    He doesn’t speak. Never says a word. All we know is what others have spoken.

    It was a standard mission: simple intelligence retrieval. Silent Calamity was to meet with the agency’s informant and learn what she knew. Then leave and transfer that information to his superiors. Simple.

    Or it should have been. But little did he know that she was not what she seemed. She was not an informant as he thought. She wasn’t even a spy, or at least, not one in the traditional sense.

    She was a Super Villain.

    Her name was Wild Rose, a mysterious beauty who managed to biologically merge different species of plants into her genetic profile. In essence, she could use many of the traits normally associated with plants to her advantage.

    And she certainly did so when she attacked Silent.

    Her plan was simple. She would capture Silent, then torture him to reveal his secrets, which she would use to plot a devastating terrorist attack. It was all too easy.

    Except she underestimated him.

    Although poisoned by Wild Rose’s thorns, Silent fought back with superior skill and ability. Trained by the Hidden Himelayan Monks in the secret Dancing Viper style, Silent was able to counter Rose’s striking vines and biological hazards.

    Her powerful poisons could not overcome his superior training and ability to stop his heart for 10 minutes without dying. And without remorse, and without saying a word, he defeated Wild Rose.

    It was said that he turned her in to his handlers before checking himself into a hospital and collapsing on the floor.


    Best Artist: Morru Magnum (Master Magnum)

    “I come in peace. Shoot to kill!”

    One of Master Magnum’s more notable adventures took place at the Museum of Historical Art. Using his super Magnum Computer, he was able to track the trail of a devious villain who had been stealing various paintings from various art museums across the world. Based on the villain’s pattern, he deduced that the museum in his fair city would be struck next.

    So Magnum waited, staking the place out each night, knowing the villain would strike there next. And sure enough, he was right.

    A striking woman, dressed in red and wearing a crimson, wide-brimmed hat, suddenly appeared at the museum doors, somehow bypassing the various security personnel. Knowing he was the only person who could take her on, Magnum chased after her as she disappeared through the front doors.

    One chase and hunt later, Magnum caught up to her as she was removing a priceless portrait from the walls. She gave him a coy smile, introducing herself as Ruby Canvas, a collector of fine pieces of work. These pieces of work, locked away in museums, were hardly appreciated by anyone other than pompous rich men and disorderly school children. In her vault, she would appreciate it far more.

    Magnum didn’t buy a word of it. “Ma’am, put down the painting or I’ll shoot you.”

    Ruby Canvas laughed. “Silly boy, haven’t you realized it yet. I AM A PAINTING!”

    His shots went wild as she charged Magnum, drawing him into herself, aka the painting.

    It was a trap.

    Favorite Artist: Morru Magnum / Dark Charizard (Master Magnum and Dark Dragon)

    "When they fought... it was like watching a dance."

    For what seemed like forever, Master Magnum fell through what can only be described as a void filled with nothing but white light. And yet in an instant, he fell to what could only be described as a floor.

    The environment was no longer a monotone white, now being a mixture of colors and shapes. For a moment, Magnum could not discern where he was… or what he was looking at it.

    Then it hit him like the kick of a shotgun.

    Stick figures. He was seeing stick figures everywhere alongside poorly drawn trees, bushes, and clouds. A messy, multi-colored, rainbow seemed to rise from the horizon, similarly poorly drawn.

    Ruby Canvas was a painting all right… a terrible one, drawn by some child with no sense of talent or taste. Perhaps that’s what drove her mad, Magnum mused. She was a picture with no future and no chance of being a masterpiece like the works in the museum. No wonder she wanted to steal them and hide them away. They reminded her of her own flaws.

    His thoughts were interrupted, however, by the flapping of bat-like wings as a figure landed next to him. He shifted to his left, pointing his guns at the newcomer.

    “Relax,” she said, folding her wings. On closer inspection, Magnum could see that, unlike the rest of the “creatures” around them, she was not a stick figure, but rather a living, breathing being like himself. What she was, on the other hand, was a bit harder to discern. She was a beautiful, dark half-woman, half-dragon.

    “So you fell into the trap too, huh?” she asked, glancing at the pistols.

    “Yeah,” Magnum replied, still weary of the woman. “Who are you and do you know a way out of here?”

    “Dark Dragon,” she said and pointed to one of Magnum’s guns. “And that’s how we leave. Her painting, being made of magic, is impervious to my mystical flames. However your weapons, based on science and physics, should be able to shoot to the heart of the matter.

    “Sounds like a plan,” Magnum said, pointing his pistols away from the two of them. He fired.

    In a few seconds, a large gaping hole appeared in the air, appearing as if paper was suddenly punctured and ripped away.

    “Good enough,” said Dark Dragon grinning as she grabbed Magnum by his armpits and flew through the hole.

    The battle afterwards was rather short given Ruby Canvas now had a gaping hole in her side (she really shouldn’t have absorbed a grit-faced hero with a gun). Between Magnum’s deadly accuracy and Dark Dragon’s black flames, Ruby was outmatched. The two heroes recovered the stolen paintings and sent the defeated Ruby to Pony Prison.

    This is not a Ship Fic.

    Best Battler: Ash K. (Ash)

    “You can be a hero. All you need to do is try.”

    Needless to say, it took some time for Satoshi to become used to his new… abilities.

    Most humans don’t grow up with animal parts and though he looked human, he hardly felt that way anymore. Between his enhanced senses, optimized reflexes, and strange desire to chase rubber mice, Satoshi felt very strange.

    Yet he did not have much time to dwell on his predicament for he was soon forced to put his newfound powers to the test.

    A man had emerged, threatening to take over and rule over Tokyo. His name was Gary “Master Fighter” Oak, grandson of Satoshi’s savior. And he was bad news.

    Gary Oak had trained himself to the height of human perfection, studying under martial art masters within the Chinese triads, South American wildmen, Australian outback specialists, former KGB operatives, fundamentalist groups, and a dinosaur. He knew over 9,000 ways to kill a man using only a pair of sandals. It was said he could outrun, outfight, out-jump, and outlive any human.

    Gary Oak, using nothing but his bare fists and a toothpick, fought off the Japanese police officers and defense force. Defeating everyone who threatened him, he declared his conquest of Tokyo claiming that he was the most Elite out of anyone. That he was the new Champion and people better become used to it. He imposed martial law on the region.

    Well Satoshi, as young as he was, knew he couldn’t stand by and let a tyrant rule over everyone. He knew he couldn’t let Gary “Master Fighter” Oak win. Gary might have beaten every normal person in Tokyo, but Satoshi was hardly normal. It was time for him to make a stand.

    He took the name “Ash” in honor of his return from the grave, and set out to beat the Champion.

    Best Gym Leader: TheEvilDookie (Evil D)

    “You know the problem with heroes? They’re just too good.”

    I’m not a good guy.

    I’m not like the Animal Master, Ash, or that genius doctor, Chain Reaction. I’m not a robot dedicated to defending Earth or a beautiful princess with powers of love.

    I’m a villain.

    Surprised? You think it would be obvious. My name is Evil D after all.

    And I am, indeed, quite evil.

    I have stolen lollipops from children and grandparents. I have threatened to take over the world countless times. I never pay my taxes and never give to the poor. I even went into politics once.

    So I’m hardly what anyone would call “good”. I’m not even “nice”.

    Sometimes though, I’m simply right.

    There was this one villain who went by the name Zeta End, who had the power to control atoms. He also had some kind of arch nemesis in the form of some hero, Captain…. Bobsomething. I forget. It doesn’t matter. He was a lame hero.

    Well this Zeta End was clearly one of the stronger villains (and popular ones) as he kept showing up, again and again. That usually indicates popularity. I don’t know why.

    His plan, this time, was to destroy the world (again). He was always trying to destroy the world. It’s kind of his modus operandi. This time, he was going to use his abilities to create a gigantic laser utilizing the Hubble Telescope and the Sun. The guy was crazy, but, theoretically, that could fry the planet given enough time.

    I didn’t really catch all the details, or care really. You see, I was on my way to my Lunar Base after being defeated by my own enemy, Miss Smiles. Somehow, I always seem to lose to her.

    This is not a Ship Fic.

    So I was passing by in my space pod, when I notice Zeta End and Bob guy fighting. It was sort of interesting, in a “I’m so bored, nothing good is on TV” kind of way. Space is sort of empty usually.

    Well, Bob must have been sick or ate kryptonite or something, because he sort of lost. And by that, I mean he really lost and was sent flying, unconscious back down to Earth. He probably survived re-entry though. Heroes are pretty hard to kill.

    Zeta End was quite happy, having finally won, and appeared to activate his Super Laser. I knew it was charging by the big Windows Loading Screen he put on the laser. He really should have upgraded from Windows Vista.

    Anyway, I sort of realized he was going to destroy the planet. Not a hard leap considering my legendary high IQ. So I stopped the pod, stepped out, and yelled at him.

    “Hey Jerkface,” I said. “Stop blowing up things. You’re ruining the planet for the rest of us.”

    Or I would have said that if it wasn’t for the fact that…

    There is no sound in space.

    At any rate, I struck him with my death ray without warning. Hey, I’m not a hero, I don’t need to give this guy a “fair chance”. It doesn’t really kill people (weird, right?) but it was enough to knock him out into deep space. I probably would have heard him cursing at me except…

    There is no sound in space.

    Needless to say, I then destroyed the death ray. I didn’t really care it was the Hubble Telescope because, hey, I’m evil. Still though, I saved the world. A few people tried to give me medals. I really didn’t care.

    Look, I’m evil. I’m a villain. It’s just sometimes… I do nice things.

    Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: EmBreon (Ember Eon)

    “As long as people fight and live, you can never destroy them.”

    Moony was a celebrated heroine. A woman who served the people, upholding truth and justice.

    Loved by all, she was a trusted leader of the world’s heroes.

    But something changed in her. She became… different.

    And one dark night, beneath the full moon, she launched an attack on ULTIMATE Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

    The talents of the ULTIMATE heroes could not stand against her, not at the height of her powers. In a single swoop, she leveled ULTIMATE, destroying it and everything she once cared about.

    In a final call for help, Figgy summoned the only person he knew who could save the remnants of his team: Ember Eon.

    In a flash, Ember appeared. It only took a single glance for her to understand just what happened. Moony went rogue.

    She charged Moony atop her loyal Book Steed and the two clashed. Magic vs. Mysticism. Honor vs. Betrayal. The New Guard vs. The Old.

    “How dare you stand against me!” Moony cried, her voice as wild as the ocean winds and as furious as a tsunami. “I… I helped create ULTIMATE! And now I have destroyed it! Submit before me and I shall let you live.”

    Ember Eon smiled, her face aglow from the lighting shining from her Words of Power.

    “Yes, you destroyed ULTIMATE,” Ember acknowledged, “But that is merely a building, a structure, an organization for what was. Look down.”

    And indeed, Moony peered down to the grounds below her, only to see that despite her efforts, heroes still lived. Heroes crawling from ruins. Heroes tending the wounded. Heroes evacuating civilians. Despite her wanton act of destruction, they fought on.

    “You see Moony,” Ember continued. “You may have destroyed ULIMATE. But you never destroyed the one thing that mattered. Our Spirit!”

    And upon that phrase, Ember completed the Mathemancy Spell Word, banishing Moony. The betrayer cried in frustration, but could do nothing to counter the spell. For you see, Ember had the Power of Friendship and the Elements of Harmony on her side.

    Moony was banished… to the Moon for 1000 years.

    Having won the battle, Ember slowly descended to the ground, landing in front of Figgy.

    “It is over,” she said simply, beginning to feel the weight of what happened.

    “No,” Figgy replied. “It has just begun. Like you said, ULTIMATE is gone, but the core ideals are still here. It’s time for us to form a new, ULTRA Destiny.”

    Emma smiled. “I’d like that. I’d like that very much.”

    Coolest Member: Bumblebee (Bee, the Bot)

    “Sometimes… you just need to be who you need to be.”

    Many light years away, on a planet like ours, lived a society of sentient beings who, for the most part, existed in a manner similar to us. They experienced emotions like joy and laughter and sorrow. They shared in camaraderie, had needs and desires, followed varying beliefs and ideals. They had laws and rules. And they had good and evil.

    They were also robots.

    One unfortunate day, a violent member of this society escaped his confinements and left the planet utilizing advanced transwarp technology. He had committed several heinous crimes in the past and thus his escape was quite a dilemma. He had to be stopped.

    This society launched a second vehicle, to follow this villain, choosing to place their faith in one of their greatest heroes: Bumblebee, a yellow robot of significant ability.

    Bumblebee, or Bee as he was known, gave chase to this villain. After a protracted firefight, the villain crash landed on the closest inhabitable planet… a placed called Earth.

    Bee attempted to follow, but lost track of the villain’s whereabouts. He was forced to land. With no leads, he turned to the locals to help him track his lost quarry.

    Funniest Member: Fawkes (Fawkes)

    “Can a gie ye a haund?”

    Duncan Falcon was born to a loving, traditional Scottish family in Scotland (which is pretty much northern England, but that’s probably insulting or something).

    Like all proud Scotsman, he upheld his family’s honor, wearing the traditional kilt, a useful and functional piece of clothing. He was the best bagpipe player in all of the land.

    But all that would change when on the day in which he led the school’s marching band in the pinnacle caber toss (tree throwing) game of the year, he was bitten by a radioactive bird, which was disturbed when its tree was thrown.

    In the following days, Falcon noticed that he was undergoing a few changes, which at first he attributed to puberty. After all, all teenage boys start building nests, begin craving fish and worms, and sprout feathers from their back, right? RIGHT!?

    After much confusion and biological research on Wikipedia, Falcon realized that he was in fact developing avian traits. That he was becoming some sort of… birdman. Although he initially hid his newfound powers by wearing large coats, Falcon realized that his destiny was to help others when he saved his best friend from losing his lunch money to the schoolyard bully.

    Donning a mask and spandex kilt outfit, Falcon, now Fawkes, set out into the world to fight evil at every turn and uphold justice. When he’s on duty, no lunch money will ever be stolen again.

    Nicest Member: Smiles (Miss Smiles)

    “Perhaps it’s during the darkest hours when we most need a smile.”

    Some people... you can’t say anything bad about them.

    And that’s Miss Smiles.

    Miss Smiles is a superhero, just like nearly every other member of ULTRA. What makes her different is that her abilities can always be used to bring out the best in everyone else.

    No one is quite sure how they work. Perhaps she sends out psionic brain waves which enhance the mental states of those around her. Perhaps she naturally projects a magical aura in which luck favors her allies and friends. Maybe she slightly alters the laws of physics so that time and space bend to her will.

    Regardless, when you’re around her, you’re simply… happy. No matter what the situation, whether looking upon the shining city during the day, or trapped in a dark shadow realm, when you’re around her, you feel better. With her, everything seems like things will be okay. That in the end, the heroes will win and the villains will be defeated.

    Nobody knows exactly how she does it. But most don’t care either. What matters is that she’s there. She always brings joy to those around her.

    Fastest Growing Member: Princess Crow (Princess Crow)

    “I came here to learn. I came here to teach. I came here to understand.”

    The world, as Princess Crow discovered, was hardly a place of peace and tranquility. Her task of harmony and love would be a lot harder than she originally thought.

    But she was ready to take on any challenge.

    Yet in her efforts to resolve the tensions of the world and unite people under a banner of joy, she encountered a foe who stood for everything she opposed:

    Queen Tempest.

    Queen Tempest was a cruel and vicious villain born out of the hate and malice of millions of hearts. Her fury and rage was that of a hurricane, striking terror in the lives of those she came across. A creature of darkness and despair, Queen Tempest rose from the depths of the sea to destroy Princess Crow. For, you see, if Princess Crow were to succeed, Queen Tempest would lose her powers, unable to feed upon the sorrow of mankind.

    Her powers, as her temper, were terrible, able to control the minds of the weakest-willed humans on the planet… aka, high school students.

    Queen Tempest strode across the lands of Europe, her army of captured young adults growing with each day. Many cried that this was the end of mankind, for who could face the onslaught of this technically-adept horde of angst?

    Princess Crow.

    You see, as a princess, Crow understood that there were powers beyond those understood by mortals and monsters. Powers based on the truest ideals of life: courage, compassion, hope, love, truth, freedom, wonder, and…


    “I learned something here, Queen Tempest,” spoke Princess Crows and she stood beside a band of fellow heroes. “There is more to life than power and dominance. There is magic. A magic ingrained in all of those willing to share their hearts with another.”

    She paused, looking at the other heroes, her companions in ULTRA.

    “And that magic is Friendship.”

    It was said Queen Tempest was banished that night, never to return. That she, and her evil, never again threatened the world Princess Crow swore to protect.

    But I learned a different story that a… little bird told me. And that night, Princess Crow gained a new friend.

    Most Helpful Member: Bumblebee (Bee, the Bot)

    “ULTRA Heroes, roll out.”

    What Bee learned first was that humans were very strange individuals. Despite his friendly greetings and many offers of friends, everyone seemed to be afraid of him and ran away.

    Perhaps it was because he was yellow, it was after all a rather bright color on this world. Or perhaps it was because he reminded them of the feared Universal Tyrant Ghaxplort M’thylia who had oppressively ruled most of the galaxy 500 millennia ago. Or perhaps it was because he was a giant robot who happened to be an alien.

    Humans are kind of racist.

    Either way, his efforts were going nowhere, so he did what any normal visitor to a foreign planet would do. He turned into a car. This actually went quite well with the locals, especially a newly friended teenage male who said he “needed a ride,” whatever that means. The kid never said where he needed to go.

    Regardless, the two eventually managed to locate his quarry, RoboBobo, the mad clown machine who escaped his planet. Engaging in a dynamic battle of grinding metal, the two fought in the streets of Denver, each hoping to defeat the other. Only thanks to a timely intervention by the teenage kid (and the power of friendship), did Bee succeed, defeating RoboBobo.

    Having completed his mission, Bee decided to stay on Earth and protect the planet from alien threats. And because of his generous nature, he also helped his teenage friend drive everywhere, including to the mall, the local burger joint, and to his high school prom

    What a nice guy!

    Most Dedicated Member: Ash K. (Ash)

    “I fight not because I want to, but because it is right.”

    Ash quickly learned that defeating Gary “Master Fighter” Oak wasn’t going to be so easy.

    One, he didn’t quite know his abilities yet. A chance encounter with a pair of street thugs (Jezebel and Jaime) quickly taught him that he had much to learn.

    Secondly, Gary was protected by an elite team of loyal henchmen, each a powerful metahuman in his or her own right.

    Finally, nobody knew where Gary was. No one except his loyal cadre of lieutenants, each of whom controlled a different portion of Tokyo.

    In order to save the world (or at least Japan, which is pretty much the world), Ash would need to train carefully, learning to use his animalistic powers in order to defeat each and every regional leader until they told him where to find Gary “Master Fighter” Oak. Then, he could fight his Elite Guard, and end this nightmare once and for all. How he would do all of this, he did not know.

    Yet, Ash is the hero of our story, and as luck would have it, quickly met a pair of friends that would support him on his quest. The first was May Norman, a financial genius who quickly helped settle Ash’s debts. Using her financial prowess, she helped Ash pay for several weeks worth of private judo lessons, enabling him to quickly learn his newfound abilities… so as long as he eventually paid back for her bike that he accidently ruined.

    His second friend was the legendary politician, Brock Obamasnow, who would eventually become leader of the free world. This charismatic leader taught Ash the values of friendship, love, and healthcare. He also taught him the water attacks are good against rocks, whatever that means. Eventually Ash would discover that both Brock and May were former supporters of Gary “Master Fighter” Oak, but had a change of heart once they learned how evil he was. I mean, it’s not like his name was Gary “I’m a Bad Guy” Oak, right?

    Trained and prepared, Ash set off to defeat the regional leaders and save the world.

    Most Intelligent Member: Ash K. (Ash)

    “You’re wrong. The difference between you and me… is that my friends are always here besides me!”

    And with a final strike using an Ice Beam, Ash downed the famous Draco Lance, the final member of the Elite Guard protecting Gary “Master Fighter” Oak.

    Now the way was clear. Ash could finally face his longtime foe.

    Opening a steel door, Ash entered a dark room, with a single spotlight shining down upon a single, leather chair in the center of the room. Casually sitting, was the very man he had come to see, to defeat.

    “Ashy Boy!” Gary taunted, “What took you so long!? I’ve been waiting here for HOURS! Days really, since you defeated my last regional leader, Don Gio Vinny.”

    Ash ignored his verbal strikes. “You’re going down, Gary! Your reign of terror has gone on long enough! The people of Tokyo deserve the chance to be free, to live their lives as they see fit! Not under your tyrannical thumb! I’m here to stop you!”

    Gary’s smile widened. “Just try me, Ashy boy.”

    He was fast. Much faster than Ash had anticipated, and thus made the first strike, launch a gut punch into Ash’s stomach. Ash gasped, but could do little else as he was thrown backwards into the wall. He had underestimated Gary. But not anymore.

    He quickly rebounded to his feet and unleashed a powerful thunderbolt from his outstretched fingers. Though Gary knew about Ash’s abilities, he too underestimated their power, and didn’t quite manage to dodge out of the way before the electricity struck his side. He let out a sharp grunt, and stumbled, but held his ground.

    The two eyed each other warily, both knowing full well that the battle could go either way. Then they charged.

    The very Earth shook that day and if it weren’t for the fact that the entire battle was televised, we would never have known what happen. The two fought in a manner that was so destructive, that the very building they fought in, crumbled to pieces. Ash’s animalistic powers (and the power of friendship) countered Gary’s ferocious efforts and advanced training. It has been said that when their fists met, people would be knocked to the ground by the very force of their contact.

    In the end, only one man stood triumphant.

    And that was Ash.

    “It has been said that men are great because of what they accomplish, what they achieve,” spoke Brock Obamasnow of the battle. “I say it is more important to ask why they strove forward against hardships and difficulties. Why they endured so many challenges. In this case, it was because one man believed in the rights of others, and was smart enough to extend a hand to those in need.”

    Wish You Were Here: Buoy / Husnain (Universe Boy and his Husnain)

    “One day, they shall return... to save us all.”

    Let me tell you a story. A story about a boy.

    He was the bravest boy you’ve ever seen. Having fallen into a vat of living plasma at a very young age, the boy miraculously survived both the fall and burning chemicals. He became more that day, gaining the powers of flights and super strength. He became a superhero.

    In time he took the name “Universe Boy”, dedicating himself to protecting its inhabitants, no matter the challenges. He was joined by his loyal sidekick, Husnain, a strange creature whose very nature was unknown. In fact, it was stated that Husnain himself embodied nonexistence in a physical form, a conundrum that, if understood, would rip a hole in space-time. His abilities shifted every second, giving him a vast number of powers, but very limited time to use them.

    Together, Universe Boy and Husnain, traveled the galaxy, preventing terrible Planet Eaters from engulfing worlds. They fought the Spam Robots of R27UX and defeated the Flame Trolls on Plaxis 9. Everywhere they went, they establish justice and order for the good of the people everywhere.

    But such heroism could not last forever.

    The day before his 18th birthday, Universe Boy encountered a foe that he could not defeat, “Antiverse Girl.” She was everything he was not: ruthless, cold, sadistic, evil. It was said that her powers, given to her by the very rays of the sun, could match that of Universe Boy.

    They fought a grand duel, from planetary civilizations to asteroid fields to black holes. He and Husnain fought their hardest, but in the end, Antiverse Girl won, wounding him terribly on a small planet called Earth.

    “Any last words?” she cackled with glee.

    “Yes,” he coughed, “Solar Eclipse.”

    It was then, at that precise moment, that the Earth underwent a solar eclipse, with her Moon blocking out the sun. Weakened, Antiverse Girl tried to flee, but was caught by one final punch from Universe Boy, knocking her out. She was captured by fellow heroes, but by then, it was too late.

    Doctors knew they could not save Universe Boy, or Husnain who lay dying by his side, so they did the only thing they could. They froze them in a cryogenic chamber, sustaining their life just a bit longer, until society could develop the technology to save them. And repay them for all they have done for their world.

    Favorite Pokemon: Husnain

    “I give up.”

    They say that doing good is its own reward, and that’s certainly true.

    But that doesn’t mean we should not reward our heroes for their dedication, loyalty, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

    In honor of everything they have done for this community, our world, we are happy to announce that we’re giving everyone in the URPG a free Pokemon. Since we have so many amazing “Star” members, we’re giving everyone a Starmi-

    What? They voted for that!? Again?


    Fine, if that’s what you guys want…

    Everyone gets a free Husnain. Again. Third Year in a Row.

    You People are Crazy.

    Intended Capture: Porygon-Z
    Difficulty Rating: Stupefying
    Length: 49,586 Characters

    Thank you everyone for waiting patiently for the results. I can only say that I'm glad I managed to get this done before... 2014. Also, next year, I'm making Hannah write this.

    Also, a big thanks to ChainReaction01 for tallying the results again this year!

    Since I took so long, I'm upping the pay. If you voted, post in here to claim your $10,000... and Husnain. If you didn't vote, you can still claim your Husnain. (Link to BMG Voting Thread and PWN Voting Thread.)

    Enjoy X and Y!

    by Dave
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Because of how long this took, I'm going to have to say Porygon-Z not captured. Please try again.

    Also, congrats to all of the above!
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    claiming husnain and 10k

    emma chainy we team now

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    I have lots of rants about this... but I have to start campaigning for next year's awards.

    Congrats to all!
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    I didn't win best ref? What a fix :(

    Nice to finally see this up, I'll claim my 10k. Cheers Harry.

    *Returns to silence*

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    good job thats the 2012 awards half those people dropped off the face of the planet in 2013

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Congrats everyone!! :) And uh no thanks to another Husnain xD
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    now what will we circlejerk over


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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Congrats new ref/judge/ranger/curator/mod/official.

    Claimin' 10K and favorite ref woooo.

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    I thought this was a joke!

    claiming my husnain

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Claiming my Husnain, yo!

    Credit to HikaruIzumi for the awesome avatar!

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Well done, Harry. I enjoyed it. Thanks for putting this together.

    Woo 10k! My Husnain can find a home with one of the more needy newer people. The stockpile's getting full.
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results


    except my own one because I am an egomaniac

    Seriously though, impressive, thanks Harry. I shall claim my 10k and husnain.
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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    not long enough; read several times


    also claiming 10k and husnain!

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    Default Re: 2012 URPG Awards Results

    Totally worth the hour read. Sadly I don't think I voted but I will take this Husnain. and can someone please finally explain husnain to me, I never figured it out, and, me being idiotic, if I actually put something what to put

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