URPG 15th Anniversary Epic Boss Battle
Vs. Mewtwo!

Team up together and face epic, legendary Boss Pokémon in battle!
Face the Genetic Pokémon, Mewtwo, in celebration of URPG's 15th Anniversary this year and testing for potential upcoming URPG content!

Number of Pokémon per Player: 1

Battle Rules: Revo, Terrain: Cave, Weather: Clear.
OHKO Clause.
Perish Song, Encore, Imprison, Endeavor fail.
Imposter and Download select from random teammates.
Trace selects a random ability from a random boss.
Ability suppressing moves will target a random boss ability.
Max Health based effects like Recover, Super Fang and Poison status work on the base health of bosses.
Pain Split works on the base health of bosses.
Exceeding the send time limit results in -$250 to individual pay and a missed turn.
Players who do not send for at least 75% of the battle will not be eligible for item drops.

Health: Mewtwo: 416 + 180% (748.8) per player.
Clones: Same as Original.

Stats: Unmodified.
416 / 319 / 279 / 407 / 279 / 359

Abilities: Mewtwo: Pressure, Unnerve
As a Boss: Inner Focus, Keen Eye, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Sturdy, Vital Spirit
+ Boss Ability #1 (Halves effects of stat-lowering. E.g., Screech causes -1 Def, Leer does nothing.)
+ Boss Ability #2 (10% chance per player to remove one detrimental effect from the boss each turn, in priority of secondary status > primary status > stat drops. End of turn order: 5. 2.)
Clones: Same as Original.

Moves per turn: 1.

Movepool: Mewtwo: All listed in the Ultra Dex.
Clones: Same as Original.

Special mechanics: Clones!
At the start of the boss fight, Mewtwo captures all trainer's Pokémon and attempts to create superior clones. The Pokémon are returned and the clones unleashed!
All of the clones must be defeated before Mewtwo can be reached and targetted.
Clones have the exact same stats and moves as the originals, but 0 PP!
All they can do is Struggle.
Poor fresh clones.

Boss tactics and move preference:

Clones: $500 per clone, divided amongst all players. Essentially $500 each for defeating all clones.
Mewtwo: $3,000 each.

Item drops (Raffle roll):

PM me to send a Pokémon!
Battle starts in Forum Battles on Sunday, 6th July!