The War Leaders have requested that I post the following invitation in the URPG. I would like to encourage everyone to join a team and participate in the War. The URPG is one of the main sections of the War and, well... we should represent!

In addition, if you participate in War Battles within the URPG, you will win greater monetary rewards. And members of the winning team may earn more...

It's great fun and one of the best events in the URPG!

"Cry havoc and let slip the Houndoom of WAR!"

That's right, WAR is coming to Pokemon Crossroads! For those unfamiliar with the event, WAR is a yearly summer event with a rich history from Pokemon Elite 2000.

Participants are able to sign up for WAR Teams of all kinds, ranging from teams from the Pokemon canon like Team Aqua or Team Magma or teams entirely created by the fans like Team Trainer or Team Awesome.

Once you have your team, you can participate in a variety of Pokemon events across the forum like Art, Creative Writing, Humor, Anime-Style Battling, URPG, and many more to earn points for your team.

Included in the WAR is Terminus, an epic Role Play encompassing the entire Pokemon world. Within Terminus, you fight alongside your team against all that oppose you for world domination. When you win, you make the choice: will you save the world or destroy it?

At the end of the WAR, the team with the most points is declared the winner and their members will be considered some of the best in their fields across the entire Pokemon fandom.

Join us at Pokemon Crossroads for glory, competition, and most importantly, fun!