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Thread: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

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    Default The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Content Page

    1. A Word From Your Editor
    2. News And Events
    3. Announcements
    4. Trading Section
    5. FFAs
    6. Comics
    7. Articles
    8. Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
    9. Pokémon Of The Week
    10. Trainer Of The Week
    11. Story Of The Week
    12. Roleplayer Of The Week
    13. Spendthrift Of The Week
    14. Closing Comment

    A Word From Your Editor
    By Ataro

    Another week has passed. As I've started settling down myself in the holidays, I start to distance myself more and more from the newsletter. Part of it revolved around how I'm really tied up enjoying my holiday, part of it revolved around how it's tiring to manage a newsletter team, and part of it revolved around the feeling of "I don't want to do it anymore". Regardless, I'm glad that we had been able to carry on with this for quite some time now. I had officially picked this up from March onwards, and it's May now - 11 URPG Times issues so far. Without ado, let us enjoy another issue of the URPG Times!

    Do remember to partake in the poll.

    News And Events
    By Ataro

    URPG Risk
    URPG Risk is back! Some time ago, Marth did a Neo Risk, which was supposed to be a test run. The game revolved around the classical Pokémon battling, topped with strategical thinking, where one team's primary objective is to "to occupy every territory on the board and in so doing, eliminate all other players". It seems to be planned as to introduce it as a permanent part of the URPG. There has been a discussion thread opened however, where you can share your inputs and ideas, as it starts to get introduced.
    Click Here!

    Gym Applications
    Castelia, Kumquat, and Pummelo Gym are open!
    Click Here!


    If you don't know yet, we do take in announcement requests for The URPG Times. Don't worry, for it is free of charge! If you would like to display an announcement for whatever reason, or shoutouts, just PM them to me.

    Trading Section
    By MuddyMudkip

    The following are UFT offers. Do check the the Trading Machine if you see a Pokémon that you're interested in!

    • Nitro: Sudowoodo, Jumpluff, Fearow, Golem, Raticate, Linoone, Granbull, Pidgeot, Donphan, Victreebel
    • Tyranitex: Apricorn Juice drink
    • Morru Magnum: TM Wild Charge (Note: He Wants TM Giga Drain in Exchange for it)
    • smorgasbord: Glaceon, Ursaring
    • Xpedential: Huntail

    By MuddyMudkip

    While there are no prizes for this, we get to have a good overall look at FFA winners for this week. And cheer, or make some noise, or something else.

    • 1st/9: Pidge with Gorebyss, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: Once a stat-up has been Snatched, it cannot be re-Snatched. Instead, the next stat-up in line will be Snatched by the re-Snatcher.
    • 1st/20: Ataro with Mismagius, reffed by Synthesis. Special Rule: There is a Mew with +3 in both attack and defense stats. It will attack and break a randomly-rolled Substitute (if any exist on the field). Pokemon without a Substitute won't be attacked. By KOing Mew you get +6 in a stat of your choice. KO a 'mon to heal.
    • 1st/24: Buzzer with Xatu, reffed by ChainReaction01 Special Rule: You must send a codename with your Pokemon, and the codename is displayed instead of your Pokemons species.
    • 1st/21: WinterVines with Swampert, reffed by ChainReaction01 Special Rule: All Pokemon start with 100% and a Sub. The move Substitute is banned.
    • 1st/8: Pidge with Swoobat, reffed by SiberianTiger Special Rule: Random Question for +2
    • 1st/17: Buoysel with Clefable, reffed by Gmandiddy Special Rule: All Pokemon start as their lowest form, KO a Pokemon to evolve.
    • 1st/15: We Taste Pies... with Slowbro, reffed by Xalapeno Special Rule: Psychics Only
    • 1st/15: Pidge with Swoobat, reffed by Xalapeno Special Rule: One Mummy starts off....physical contact makes more


    Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, I pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to me, Ataro.

    Untitled By Alaskapigeon

    Untitled By Morru Magnum

    Pokemonz UFT - Based on a True Story By Fossil Fusion

    Thanks for your submissions! Each of you get to receive $1,500 as your prize money!


    The Legend Defender
    By The pokemaster

    The Legend Defender. The Legend Defender. The Legend Defender, the Legend Defender, the Legend Defender, the Legend Defender, the Legend Defender. No matter how many times you say it, no matter if you play the URPG or not, it sounds important, awesome, and even epic. You just know that it just has to be a title given only to the best of the best.

    However, my problem is, how many people actually do know? I, myself, am new to the URPG, and admittedly, I didn’t know an overly large amount about anything in the URPG, including the Legend Defender. I knew it was a title of importance that amazingly skilled people fought over, but that was it for me. I figured it was just like another Gym, that I had no chance of ever even thinking about challenging. So when Ataro told me to write articles for the URPG Times, because other people already had the job of reviewing stories, the idea came to me to fully explore the Legend Defender, and even collect some opinions.

    So what actually is the Legend Defender? The Legend Defender is a knock-out title. One person is the LD, and people can challenge them for the title. The current LD gets to claim a Legendary Pokémon of their very own, plus the honour of one of the greatest titles in the URPG. Other people will then get to challenge the LD, and hopefully take the title for themselves. If you are defeated as the LD, and lose your title, you also lose your Legendary. Otherwise, if you’re so good that no one can beat you, than the only way you can lose your title is by being inactive.

    Although, if you manage to hold your title for at least two months, and manage to secure at least ten successive victories as LD, then you will be automatically stripped of your title of LD, and the title given to someone else. You aren’t left completely empty-handed from this though, as you will given a completely free Legendary Pokémon to keep, and the title of “Reward Title Defender”. At least until someone else manages to get ten wins and two months racked up, which you’ll lose your legendary, and they’ll get to pick one instead. But, of course, everyone knew all this, right?

    The Legend Defender first came around after a suggestion was brought up by Jack of Clovers over four years ago, on PE2k. He had the idea based from an RP he was originally in, and thought it would be a nice addition to the URPG. The LD was also intended as a way of getting legendary Pokemon in the URPG (since it was considered some sort of a rare feat in URPG), though Jack never stipulated how many battles one had to defend to get the legendary permanently. It started off as a vague idea about having a title that people fight over, and a lot of people were confused about the idea at first.

    But after a little bit of explaining from Jack, and some collaboration of names and how it would all run, the only thing left to decide was who would be the first LD. It turned out to be LS the Door Mat, because, at the time, his name was Legend Slayer. From there, challenges came in quickly, some people not even holding onto their title for an hour. More stuff got changed, more people fought, and the rest is history. The first one to ever receive the legendary Pokemon (Deoxys) as a reward for outstanding defending was Marth however, after defending the title for 11 battles and winning a 1 VS. 1 knock-out tournament.

    So, after finding out what actually happened, I took to the streets of the URPG, to find out what some of the regular people knew about the Legend Defender, and what their opinions were. To start off, I asked numerous people about the history and introduction of the LD, and it turned out that quite a few people also had no idea about the history of the LD, and just thought it was there because it was. I had one theory come in that it was just a means of getting legendaries circulating through the URPG, and another that it was a way to keep the strongest players active. Even our resident Pidgey didn’t know too much about it when I asked him, surprisingly.

    Following that question, I just had to know what the people thought of the Legend Defender. This time though, there were a few varying opinions. Some people said they thought it was a nice way to get a free legendary, others said that it was nice to have an alternative goal to strive for, that isn’t a Gym or Elite 4. Others again were neutral about the whole thing, with one person even saying that it was slightly pointless. To others again, it was one of those stupidly high-up titles that they could never dream of achieving, like being a mod on a particular forum we know. I also asked if they thought they might become LD one day, and everyone had either become LD at some stage already, or thought that they’d never even come close, so it was very two-sided there.

    So this then brings us to the next topic; the current Legend Defender, We Taste Pies.... I was going to ask him some questions, but I’m so stupid that I forgot to ask whenever I saw him on, so instead, you’ll just have to settle for some other opinions, and I’ll just have to hope that he doesn’t have a problem with a surprise appearance in my article. Almost all of the people I’ve asked said that We Taste Pies... is a great LD, and a great battler. He’s had the title numerous times now, and has currently been defending it for just over two weeks, which is a pretty impressive feat.

    Although, the person who is more impressive would have to be Pidge, who is currently the Record Title Defender, who managed to hold the title for two months, and secured fifteen (as was the requirement at the time) defends as the LD. When asked what being the LD was like, he simply responded that it wasn’t any different to being a normal trainer, except that you get challenged for it once in a while. Although, I'd imagine the free legendary would be pretty awesome.

    So, that should bring us to the end of our Legend Defender special for tonight, with a big shout-out going to those peoples I interviewed, and you, the viewer reader. Good night!

    By The pokemaster.
    May 13th, 2011.

    Dragonite VS. Salamence
    By Mubz

    A good Dragon-type can be a very important asset on a team. They are usually very powerful, with high attacking stats and high Base Stat Totals. This week, I will be comparing two of the most commonly used dragons in the UPRG, and how they are most effective.

    So this week it will be…

    Dragonite Vs Salamence

    Firstly, let’s start with the things they have in common. Both are available in the Pokemart for 10000. Both are pseudo-legendary. Both are Dragon/Flying-type, giving them weaknesses to Ice, Dragon, and Rock, along with five resistances and one immunity. They also each have a BST of 600, and learn many powerful moves such as Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Outrage and Draco Meteor. However it is here that things start getting different.

    The BST of 600 is distributed differently in Dragonite and Salamence. Dragonite has a stat distribution of 91-134-95-100-100-80, whilst Salamence has a stat distribution of 95-135-80-110-80-100. Immediately, we can see that they share similar HP and Attack stats, but Salamence has a higher Special Attack and Speed, whilst having lower Defenses than Dragonite. This shows that Salamence already has the upper hand in terms of being able to hit first and hit harder, but even still, Dragonite’s Base 100 Special Attack is nothing to laugh at.

    Next, we go to the move sets. As said earlier, they both learn attacking moves that are very powerful and offer great type coverage, but Dragonite shines here. Dragonite either learns a similar or superior move than Salamence, with the exception of Zen Headbutt, Crunch, and Shadow Claw, and has a diverse move set, such as ExtremeSpeed, Superpower, and the elemental attacks, that Salamence can only dream about. In terms of support moves, it is a similar story, with Dragonite being able to use Reflect, Light Screen, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave and Safeguard, whilst the only real support move Salamence has that Dragonite lacks is Wish. Therefore, while Dragonite might be lacking slightly in stats in comparison, it has a lot more variety in the way it attacks.

    Now, we go onto the abilities. Dragonite’s standard ability is Inner Focus and its Dream World ability is Multiscale. Multiscale is a gem for Dragonite, as when it is at full health, it will half damage taken from an enemy attack. Inner Focus is slightly wasted, as the only reason to use it, apart from avoiding the occasional lucky flinch, would be to disrupt leads that rely on using Fake Out to carry out their plans. And quite frankly, there are better options as leads. Multiscale can be very effective in stopping a boosted sweeper as they would have difficulty OHKOing you if you only take 50% of the damage. This although requires support from your team as Stealth Rock and weather damage ruin this plan, although by using Roost to go back to 100% - the ability reactivates.

    Salamence’s standard ability is Intimidate, and its Dream World Ability is Moxie. Intimidate lowers the opponents attack by one when Salamence switches in, while Moxie increases Salamence’s own attack by one stage whenever it KO’s an opponent. Both these abilities warrants using. Intimidate can be great when used on a physical Pokemon, as it will likely force a switch and can ruin a teams plan instantly. Moxie can be devastating if you already have a Dragon Dance up, as not much can stand up to a Salamence with +2 Attack and +1 Speed.

    The question now lies on what you should pick to be on your team. From what I have shown, it is clear that both have their advantages. Both can sweep with Dragon Dance, but they way they go about it is how they are different. Dragonite can come in after a KO, survive an attack courtesy of Multiscale and get a Dragon Dance in and start a sweep. Salamence can force a switch by Intimidate or out speed something on low HP and get the KO and Moxie boost.

    In the end, it really comes down to preference and what you need on your team/what you can do to support it. Dragonite would probably survive longer and is more versatile thanks to it large movepool, but Salamence’s speed and attacking-focused abilities will get you more KO’s.[/QUOTE]

    By Mubz.
    May 14th, 2011.

    Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
    By Pmanpman

    Bumblebee of Sootopolis Gym

    This week, we have the tight-lipped leader of Sootopolis Gym for your entertainment. I found it hard to get many details on battling from him but he was quite happy to share in other areas.

    Most of you know Bumblebee as a friendly referee and ranger, always happy to help out, but beneath the surface, he is one of the more experienced members of the URPG - the gym leaders who give a hard time when you challenge them for their league badges. He also thinks quantum tunnelling sounds painful, but I'm not sure electrons can feel pain myself. He also has a fearsome gym record of "26 Wins, 0 Ties, 6 Loses".

    Bee, as he is affectionately known by his friends, says that leading a water gym is "quite interesting" due to the diversity of water types and the sheer number of options he has whilst defending his gym. This implies that you can't predict what you'll face.

    He used to have a severe dislike of Togekiss (he has developed measures to defend it already), but he is potentially worried about Whimsicott; though quietly confident that he will find a counter to that quickly.

    Bee says that his favourite battles have been against Trainer17, who beat him first try and taught him a lot, and also one of his many against Mubz, who is also one of his favourite people to battle overall as he continually gets closer to winning.

    Bee's favourite gym Pokémon is his Floatzel - it has many uses including preventing weather changes, as well as Swift Swim to keep its speed high in the rain. He has "also used it to Baton Pass Swampert some speed which helped a lot". His overall favourite Pokémon however, is a Fire-type type surprisingly. He has always been fond of Houndoom.

    He also loves fighting people who use new and unusual strategies, rather than "Electric [Pokémon] using Thunder" which apparently has a tendency not to work, despite Bee rarely using his Swampert. Perhaps, he doesn't use it because everyone knows Grass Knot is Swampert's arch-nemesis.

    Bee's least used Pokémon is Lapras though, he doesn't even remember the last time he used it and is considering switching it for an Empoleon or a Politoed.

    I asked him about what Hidden Power he thinks is good for Empoleon, collating the data into my table for my own use, and found out that he thinks Electric is the way to go.

    In terms of favorite moves, Bumblebee goes with Waterfall for Water-type, as it is his most used, and says that Shadow Force "seems pretty cool." He also says the same of Dark Void however.

    Now comes a message you've probably already read three times this edition, gyms are open for you to challenge - so hit up your nearest leader on AIM or by visitor message today. We are awaiting your challenge.

    Pokémon Of The Week
    Randomly Chosen By Ataro

    In every issue of the URPG Times, I will randomly choose a "Pokémon Of The Week". If you're a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pokémon, you will win $1,000! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It's that simple!

    Think you know that Pokémon? That's right! It's Vaporeon!

    All of you owners of Vaporeon get to claim $1,000 as a bonus!

    Trainer Of The Week
    Stats Collected By MuddyMudkip

    Our Trainer of the Week for this period are ChainReaction01 with a total amount of 42 battles completed, and PokeViper with a total amount of 23 non basic battles completed. After all of the money that they have earned from those battles, we will award them $1,500 more each, as a prize for being TotW. Just reply to claim!

    Story Of The Week
    By Dust

    This week's Story of the Week is The Exterminators by Wrath. This story takes a unique spin on the run-of-the-mill 'new trainer receives his/her first Pokémon and goes out to catch another' concept by giving the protagonist a unique profession. In it, the Michaels family proudly runs an extermination business, and young Cornelius is allowed to join it as an exterminator on the morning of his fourteenth birthday. Cornelius and his father then go out on his first task, where he must use his newly acquired starter Pokémon to eliminate a large bug-type infestation. Don’t forget to give this one a quick read when you have the chance.

    As the author, Wrath may post here to claim $1500.

    Roleplayer Of The Week
    By Buzzer

    Growing in notoriety, for the hugeness of all her posts in the ranger community, WinterVines is our Roleplayer of the Week! As a trainer, she is currently on a Team Run with ChainReaction at Mount Deckbi, with myself as their ranger. I can attest to the quality and detail she puts into her character - Ivy Frost - as well as the Pokémon around her. Her latest addition to her Ranger team, Haji the Espeon, has made his debut in this post. However, it is not the perfect partner and Pokémon relationship we are used to seeing. This is a partnership newly formed, Ivy is not used to the communication and has a mental breakdown when Haji uses Future Sight. Winter is also a fantastic ranger, putting in great detail to attacks and scenario to give the trainer the best opportunity to create a high quality post. And everyone knows that quality is what counts in the park.

    Well Winter, get over here and claim your $1,500!

    Spendthrift Of The Week
    Stats Collected By Bumblebee

    Each week, the Spendthrift Of The Week will be decided by whoever spent most in all of the following areas - Pokemart, Daycare, DW, Berry Store, and Park Store. This time, our winner is a guy that can't spell!

    Let's give it up for ImperialPineaple, aka Xalapeno! He spent a whopping amount of $122k. For that, he gets a minute amount of rebate, worth $1,500.

    Closing Comment

    I'm tired.

    URPG Times people, remember to claim your wages at the HQ thread!
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Claiming 1k for Vaporeon and 1.5k for Rper. Thanks, guys.
    ChainReaction 6:09 pm
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    1k for Vaporeon

    Also I question the liveliness of people who find this thing interesting.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Claiming for Vaporeon
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    Airik 7:42 pm
    i just hope that when puberty hits he grows out of pokemon

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    1500 for my comic. I hope you guys like it :3

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Claiming 1.5k for TOTW.
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    DAMMIT I FORGOT TO DO AN INTERVIEW AGAIN. T_T Sorry, Boss. I'll try to make up for it. I did do a comic though.

    Claiming 1.5k
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    I won an FFA.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    claiming my 1k for vaporeon

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)


    Claiming $1500 for the comic I made. OuO

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    I won Pidge's FFA for his Tourney >:|

    I am also claiming my measly $1500 for spending more than 10x that amount...What is that shet? >:|
    From the PE2K URPG section.
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Claiming 1/1000 of a million dollars, courtesy of my Vaporeon! :)


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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    should mention, I voted option 2, by which i meant I liked the money i got for being a reporter.
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    yay, claiming 1500 for trainer of the week
    thanks! ^_^

    Thanks EternusSitus
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (5/7 - 5/13)

    Claiming 1k for Vaporeon because I just read this.
    [07:32:08] (charmander4lyf) this
    [07:32:13] (charmander4lyf) is for hus and billy
    [07:32:56] (charmander4lyf) baby i love u
    [07:32:59] (charmander4lyf) and i will never let you go
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