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    Default The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Content Page

    1. A Word From Your Editor
    2. News And Events
    3. Announcements
    4. Trading Section
    5. Trade Of The Week
    6. Special Coverage: BW Tournament
    7. FFAs
    8. Comics
    9. Article: Story Writing for Beginners
    10. Review: NFE Pokémon
    11. Report: Rustboro Gym Battle
    12. Featured Member Interview Q&A
    13. Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
    14. Pokémon Of The Week
    15. Trainer Of The Week
    16. Story Of The Week
    17. Roleplayer Of The Week
    18. Spendthrift Of The Week
    19. Closing Comment

    A Word From Your Editor
    By Ataro

    It's here! I have a couple of new sections for your reading pleasure this week. Even though there are very little news this week, we have a rich content of articles and reports. A guide on writing stories for beginners, a report on a NFE Pokémon, and a special report on a gym battle. Thanks to Dust and IceKyurem, we now have our first ever articles/reports, excluding the Kangaskhan one that is. We also get to see an exclusive interview with our resident member, Pidge, and our gym leader, Fierce Deity. Enjoy.

    News And Events
    By Ataro

    Spiffy Grader Competition!
    Our Head Grader has kindly gave us an extension - now head over there and get some grades done! The more the participants, the better the prizes will be.
    Click Here!

    Honey Gather
    You can now have a chance to be able to 'gather' Honey after a battle, just like how you can with Pickup! However, the Honey would only be usable in Park. But at last, right!
    Click Here!

    Park Shop & Entrance Fee
    Park Shop has been revamped and a couple of items are being replaced with new items! You would also have a chance to purchase a special Escape Pack item, but while stocks last! Do head over to the Park Shop to check out items that you're interested in. The original entrance fee of $3,500 is also reduced to $2,500 now.
    Click Here!

    Gym Applications
    Hearthome and Navel Island Gym are currently open! Hurry over to the Apply for a gym thread if you're interested to own one of those gyms! For you smart ones that don't know what types they are; Hearthome is a Ghost-type gym, and Navel Island is a special gym under the Orange League Islands. Pummelo Gym is also open. Do apply if you're interested and eligible!
    Click Here!


    If you don't know yet, we do take in announcement requests for The URPG Times. Don't worry, for it is free of charge! If you would like to display an announcement for whatever reason, or shoutouts, just PM them to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by AceTrainer14
    I will now accept requests with other people who weren't on my list. Please PM me the Pokemon you want. First person to request the Pokemon gets it. I won't accept VM or IM requests. Pokemon that are highlighted in red/blue will not be available for gifting.

    Trading Section
    By MuddyMudkip

    The following are UFT offers. Do check the the Trading Machine if you see a Pokémon that you're interested in!

    • Roulette Dares: Drapion, Flygon, Glaceon, Kingdra, Machamp, Roserade (Note: Mart Mons for Mart Mons; Story Mons for Story Mons)
    • TheJrTrainer:? Dusknoir, Empoleon, Exeggutor?, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Jumpluff, Jynx, Mismagius, Poliwrath, Umbreon (Note: Really needs a Shroomish/Breloom)
    • Ash K.: Dusknoir, Staraptor

    Trade Of The Week
    By Fierce Deity

    While this doesn't award any prize as well, it offers insight on the most interesting trade made in a specific week. It can be either just an exclusive look at a trade or perhaps you might be able to work a trade out with the people involved. Either way, this section is still tentative. So keep a look out!

    This was the most interesting trade found.

    Quote Originally Posted by ѕуитнєѕιѕ View Post

    Mareep with 10 battles going to Sam for Ambipom
    Dusclops with ten battles going to Sam for Wargle
    Aerodactyl with TMs Protect, Substitute, Stealth Rock, BM Pursuit and MT Aqua Tail going to Sam for Miltank <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
    Ambipom, Male, has no special moves, 7 battles.
    Wargle, Male, has no special moves, 7 battles.
    Miltank, Female with HM Surf, TM Toxic, TM Earthquake, TM Thunder Wave,TM Substitute, TM Icy Wind, TM Protect, TM Attract, TM Rock Tomb, TM Stealth Rock, 1 battle.

    I agree :D
    Not only are the Pokemon fairly TM'd, but they are trading multiple Pokemon at the same time. What an exciting trade and I'm sure both trainers, Trainer17 and Synthesis, will enjoy their Pokemon and put them to great use.

    Special Coverage - BW Tournament: Round Two
    By Ataro

    Excited for the top predictor for Round Two!? Here it is! We have a total of 11 people betting on people that they think would move on this round. In the case of people not betting for them or their opponent in a specific round, I gave them the point/bet won if they did win that match.

    1. Ataro: [91.7% Hit] [8.3% Miss] (11/12 ; 1/12)
    2. Husnain: [83.3% Hit] [16.7% Miss] (10/12 ; 2/12)
    3. Neonsands: [83.3% Hit] [16.7% Miss] (10/12 ; 2/12)
    4. Pidge: [83.3% Hit] [16.7% Miss] (10/12 ; 2/12)
    5. Stinky: [75% Hit] [25% Miss] (9/12 ; 3/12)
    6. Alaskapigeon: [66.7% Hit] [33.3% Miss] (8/12 ; 4/12)
    7. Eeveedude: [66.7% Hit] [33.3% Miss] (8/12 ; 4/12)
    8. MuddyMudkip: [66.7% Hit] [33.3% Miss] (8/12 ; 4/12)
    9. Hide in Plain Sight: [50% Hit] [50% Miss] (6/12 ; 6/12)
    10. PokeViper: [50% Hit] [50% Miss] (6/12 ; 6/12)
    11. We Taste Pies: [41.7% Hit] [58.3% Miss] (5/12 ; 7/12)

    Stats Collected By MuddyMudkip

    While there are no prizes for this, we get to have a good overall look at FFA winners for this week. And cheer, or make some noise, or something else.

    • 1st/19th: Pidge with Bronzong, reffed by ChainReaction01?. Special Rule: If you died in the first five turns of my last FFA your mon gets +1 to all stats?.?
    • 1st/20th: Husnain with Aerodactyl, reffed by SiberianTiger?. Special Rule: Haze when a Pokemon boosts pass +3.


    Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, I pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to me, Ataro.

    LolST By FlammenWarfare

    Knowing the Rangers By Trainer17

    Thank you for your submission! FlammenWarfare, you can collect your pay in the HQ thread. Trainer17, you get to claim $1,500 as your prize. Simply reply to this thread to claim.
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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Article: Story Writing for Beginners
    By Dust

    Stories are a crucial part of the URPG. Even with the National Park, auctions, and tournament prizes, there is perhaps no better, more certain way to obtain rare Pokémon than by writing for one. Still, not everyone is an experienced writer and very few beginners have the money to pay for a Story Deal, so the following step-by-step guide has been designed to help these new, inexperienced, or rusty writers get a story started.

    1. The first thing you should think about is the Pokémon being targeted. Learn more about the Pokémon’s appearance, abilities, moves, behavior, and characteristics early on so as to better implement it into your story. Bulbapedia and Serebii are both excellent sources for this. Remember, it’s often best to start small; go for an easy or simple Pokémon if you’re not certain about writing skills.

    2. Once a target (or targets, in the case of Multiple Captures) Pokémon has been chosen, the next step would be to come up with a plot. For simpler captures (Medium and below in most cases), a generic plot (such as trainer goes into forest, battles Pokémon, and then catches it) is considered to be acceptable by most graders, though more complex ones are usually preferred. When thinking of a plot, remember that the target Pokémon must be incorporated into it somehow. For example, having a trainer run into a Magikarp in the middle of a desert is unlikely- although just about anything can become an interesting story if elaborated on enough.

      (Some questions to ask yourself: What genre of story am I writing? What sort of audience is the story aimed at? How will the character(s) be introduced? What major problem will the protagonist(s) face? How will the protagonist(s) solve this problem? Is the plot long enough to meet the character requirement for the targeted Pokémon? How is it unique?)

    3. After a suitable plot has been created, try making a brief (or not so brief, if you so desire) outline encompassing all events that will occur in the story from beginning to end. This can act as a clear set of guidelines to follow as you write.

    4. With a plot picked out and an outline set up, it’s time to begin the actual writing. Creating something from nothing can be difficult and time consuming, but the best advice I can give is to just write without worrying about how bad it is at first. Getting yourself into the habit of writing tends to help speed up the process, and you can always go back and edit out any problems later on.

    5. If, for any reason, you get stuck at some point while writing, try going back and reviewing what you’ve done so far until you’re able to continue. Key things to look for include spelling and grammar mistakes, poorly written or illegible sentences/paragraphs, and weak points in the plot, detail, or dialog.

    6. Just because you’ve finished writing doesn’t necessarily mean that your story is ready for grading. You should thoroughly read through it several times while keeping an eye out for any issues mentioned in Step 5. Expect to rewrite several decent sized chunks as you will most likely find a few weak portions here and there. After each major edit, make sure to go back and review the story again just to make sure that the plot flow, detail, and prose is acceptable for the story’s rank.

    7. As the story’s author, there may naturally be things that you don’t notice while others do. For instance, as you read through it you may picture everything in your head as you imagined it when you began writing- not realizing that the details are not actually sufficient enough to plant a similar image in the minds of other readers. To fix this, try asking a friend (preferably someone who knows a thing or two about writing) to look at your story as well and share any issues he or she may have come across. If you don’t know anyone in particular willing to do this, you could simply post a link to it in the URPG Stories Chat & Feedback thread and ask for feedback. There are plenty of graders who would be more than happy to lend a hand.

    8. Once you feel that your story is good enough to warrant a successful capture, you may note somewhere in its thread that it is ready for grading. If your grade does indeed result in a capture, then congratulations. If it doesn’t, don’t fret; simply go back and rework any issues that the grader pointed out and then double check to make sure that the story’s plot and prose is still flowing properly. Ultimately, you will find that each rework gradually improves your writing skills and prepares you for higher difficulties.

    Finally, I would like to note that this is just an example and is by no means the only story writing process out there; there really is no ‘right’ way. If there’s another method that works better for you, then use it.

    By Dust.
    April 15th, 2011.

    Review: NFE Pokémon
    By IceKyurem

    Basic Pokémon are seen in quite a lot of forum battles. NFE Pokémon are rarer in forum battles, but they are still used in them. However, the Pokemon dominating gym line-ups are fully-evolved Pokemon. Fully-evolved Pokemon are often seen as the strongest, but some NFE Pokemon are strong too. (This doesn’t mean Magikarp has the ability to pwn your opponents, though) I will be reviewing some of those Pokemon.

    The Pokemon I will be reviewing first is...


    Trapinch is quite often overlooked by URPGers, but has quite a lot of potential. Its attack stat is the same as Flygon’s, which is quite impressive. However, its Speed is absolutely terrible, so the Ground Type probably isn’t gonna hit the opponent first. Its other stats are okay, but not as good as some other basics.

    Trapinch can learn Earthquake naturally, so you don’t need to splash your cash to get one of Trapinch’s most useful moves.
    Another physical STAB move Trapinch can learn is Dig, but unless you want to avoid an attack, Earthquake’s better. The Antlion Pokemon can, despite being a basic, learn Hyper Beam naturally. However, this move relies on Trapinch’s mediocre Special Attack.

    Another one of Trapinch’s useful natural moves is Crunch. It doesn’t deal as much damage as Earthquake, but it’s good on Flying or levitating foes. Sandstorm can mess with your opponent quite bad, especially if they have a Charizard out.

    By TM, Trapinch can learn Solar Beam. This move helps with the Water Types out to destroy Trapinch, but the charging turn allows them to get in another move. Plus, Solar Beam is a special attack, so it doesn’t run off Trapinch’s amazing attack stat. Rock Slide is another one of Trapinch’s good TM moves. It makes use of Trapinch’s attack stat and is helpful against Ice types too. Rest can be good, but Trapinch is more useful for sweeping than defense.

    Gyarados is a Pokemon to fear when using Trapinch. Intimidate can lower Trapinch’s attack quite harshly, unless Trapinch has Hyper Cutter. Gyarados’ Aqua Tail can damage Trapinch quite badly too. It’s neutral to Trapinch’s Solar Beam too. An Electric Type would be better to use against Gyarados.

    By IceKyurem.
    April 15th, 2011.

    Report: Rustboro Gym Battle
    By IceKyurem

    Gym Battle Report
    Pmanpman, the challenger, VS Ayotui14, Rustboro Gym Leader

    The battlefield was set. On one side stood Ayotui14, the Gym Leader of Rustboro Gym. On the opposite side of the battlefield stood the challenger, Pmanpman. A sandstorm brewed, making sand fly around the battlefield.
    The referee announced the rules of the battle.
    "The rules of this Gym Battle are:
    No Items
    Freeze Clause
    OHKO Clause
    Sleep Clause
    Challenger sends first."

    Turn 1
    Pmanpman sent first, throwing his Empoleon's Pokeball onto the sandy field. Ayotui14 responded with Tyranitar, and called an Earthquake. Pmanpman pulled a switch to Garchomp first, though. Tyranitar stomped the ground and triggered an Earthquake, which Garchomp dodged well because of the Sand Veil ability.

    Turn 2
    Pmanpman commanded his Garchomp to use Brick Break. But before the Fighting Type chop attack could make contact with Tyranitar, Ayotui14 switched to Gliscor. The bat resisted the Brick Break well, due to being part Flying-Type.

    Turn 3
    Ayotui14 decided that Gliscor needed to be faster for this battle, so he commanded a Rock Polish. Pmanpman decided he wasn't going to command a damaging attack either.
    "Garchomp, Sand Attack!" he commanded. His Dragon/Ground type scraped sand off the ground and hurled it at Gliscor, lowering its accuracy.
    Then, Gliscor glowed white, increasing its speed.

    Turn 4
    "Let's see how Gliscor handles a Dragon Rush," the challenger, Pmanpman, commanded.
    "Swords Dance, I guess," Ayotui14 said. Gliscor's claws glowed purple. Then, Gliscor waved them about in a hypnotising fashion, increasing its power.
    Garchomp then zoomed at the Ground/Flying type while enveloped in a blue aura. The might pseudo-legend slammed into Gliscor, knocking it back.

    Turn 5
    "Ice Fang," Ayotui14 commanded. Gliscor's fangs glowed blue and froze, before the bat dashed behind Garchomp. It crunched down on Garchomp's back fin, inflicting quite a bit of damage. Then, it glided back in front of Ayotui14.
    Garchomp struggled to stay up, but it managed to withstand its pain.
    "Dragon Rush," Pmanpman commanded. His Garchomp dashed towards Gliscor while contained in a blue glow. Unluckily, the Dragon Rush soared off-target, Garchomp crashing into one of the Gym walls instead.

    Turn 6
    "Dragon Rush," Pmanpman called.
    "Quick Attack," the Gym Leader, Ayotui14, commanded. He knew that Quick Attack would finish Garchomp off, with it being at a low HP count. Gliscor began to speedily rush towards Garchomp, but soon bared left. The Ground/Flying type crashed into the Gym wall instead of Garchomp, before flying back in front of Ayotui14.
    Garchomp glowed blue once again, before flying at Gliscor in a Dragon Rush. However, the Dragon Rush scored wide off-target yet again, inflicting more damage to the Gym wall. The Land Shark Pokemon flew back in front of Pmanpman.

    Turn 7
    "Quick Attack again, Gliscor," Ayoutui14 called. Gliscor shot an 'It's over' glance at Garchomp, before zooming at the Dragon type. The Quick Attack hit one of Garchomp's arm fins, knocking the weakened Garchomp out.
    "Garchomp is unable to battle!" the referee cried out, "Pmanpman, your next Pokemon?"

    Turn 8
    After returning Garchomp to its Pokeball, Pmanpman hurled a Pokeball onto the field. A Scizor emerged from it.
    "Scizor, Swords Dance," Pmanpman commanded.
    "Fire Fang, Gliscor" Ayotui14 called. Gliscor's mouth was surrounded by red and orange flames as it zoomed towards Scizor and bit down on it. The fire overcame the bug Pokemon, defeating it instantly.
    "Scizor is unable to battle!" the referee announced, "Pmanpman, your next Pokemon?"

    Turn 9
    Seeing that this was a 3v3 battle, Pmanpman realized he had no choice but to send Empoleon in. He drew his Empoleon out of his Pokeball for the second time.
    "Earthquake," Ayotui14 commanded. His Gliscor struck the ground with its scorpion-like tail, shaking the ground. However, Empoleon managed to dodge by jumping into the air. From mid-air, Empoleon fired an Ice Beam at Gliscor. The freezing beam hit Gliscor on the left wing, defeating Gliscor.
    "Gliscor is unable to battle!" the referee announced.

    Turn 10
    After recalling Gliscor, Ayotui14 threw a Pokeball onto the field, which revealed a Grass Type fossil Pokemon.
    The gym challenger, Pmanpman, commanded his Empoleon to use Ice Beam, while Ayotui commanded Amnesia.
    Empoleon shot a sub-zero beam at Cradily; the part-Grass Type taking quite a lot of damage from it.
    Then, Cradily temporarily forgot about the battle, raising its special defence.

    Turn 11
    "Flash Can-" Pmanpman called, before being interrupted by Ayotui14.
    "Wait, it's not your turn to send a move first. It's mine. Anyway, Swords Dance Cradily," Ayotui14 said.
    "I guess I can send a move now. Swagger, Empoleon," Pmanpman responded.
    Empoleon crossed its fins, like how a person would cross their arms, and stared at Cradily, trying to intimidate it. Meanwhile, Empoleon was glowing red. The Swagger powered up Cradily, but confusion struck it.
    Then, the Grass fossil waved its tentacles about, like it was dancing. Cradily felt even more powerful after that, with an attack and special attack boost.

    Turn 12
    Pmanpman commanded a Swords Dance, while Earthquake was Ayotui14's choice. Pmanpman's Empoleon glowed purple before it waved its flippers about, raising its attack and special attack.
    Cradily stomped on the battlefield, shaking it. However, in confusion, Cradily only shook the part of the battlefield it was standing on, thus hurting itself.

    Turn 13
    "Drill Peck," Pmanpman commanded.
    His Empoleon's beak glowed white as it spun like a drill while Empoleon was rushing towards Cradily. The Emperor Penguin Pokemon pecked Cradily with its drill-like beak, injuring it.
    But, this battle was drawing to an end, and Ayotui14 knew that. He commanded his Cradily to use Earthquake. Cradily stomped the ground once more, this time hitting Empoleon. The Water/Steel Type dropped down onto the floor, unable to battle.
    "Empoleon is unable to battle! Therefore, Ayotui14 wins and Pmanpman loses," the referees announced. Both battlers shook hands, congratulating each other for a good battle.

    By IceKyurem.
    April 15th, 2011.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Featured Member Interview Q&A - Pidge
    By Alaskapigeon

    Another week, another interview, and once again, I was interviewing someone slightly intimidating. Fortunately for me, this time it would be someone I knew a little bit better. I walked into the URPG Times’ meeting room, only to have a large amount of confetti thrown into my face. I blinked in surprise and looked around. The walls were covered in posters that said ‘Pidge 4 Prez’ and ‘ALL ARE COCKS’. In front of me was a machine, the source of the confetti. Finally, beneath a small mountain of confetti, I found Pidge.

    "Can I ask you a few questions for the URPG Times?" I asked.

    "Meep." I took that as a yes.

    "First question: You’re running for the office of president in 2012, what do you think your chances of winning against Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and other hopeful candidates?"

    "I think about 50/50," he said immediately, "mainly because, people don’t know my name, but once they figure it out, it’ll be like 100%."

    "Er…what is your name?" I asked. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but I was also half pigeon.

    He looked around uneasily, his eyes darting around the room. "My name is a secret."

    "Asicrit? Sounds Middle Eastern. That probably won’t help."

    "I’ll forge a birth certificate." Well, if nothing else, he seemed sure of himself.

    "That sounds familiar. Okay, next question, who is running as your vice president?"

    "Hmmmm…." He thought for a moment. "I choose Shadowlink, because he is my online bestie, but doesn’t come on AIM anymore. Or, uh, Husnain, because he’s useless." He was quiet for a moment, before whispering, "Am I funny yet?"

    I giggled. "Yes. So if you win the election, how is that going to affect the URPG?"

    "I would buy out BMG and put URPG as the first category of forums. Also, a free Braviary for everyone. FOR FREEDOM!"

    I laughed again, assuming he was kidding and not going to look into creating actual Braviary with a combination of dark magic and trolling. "And change the name back to Wargle," I added, "Because **** yeah. Okay, so you recently started an FFA tourney. Who do you think is likely to win?"

    "Probably Sweden. They’re pretty good in wars, if I recall correctly."

    "Yeah," I agreed, still not sure if he was joking (I never was). "I’m pretty sure they beat the living **** out of Germany. Any clear winners for the BW tourney?"

    "Ataro is pretty good, so him, or maybe Team Evolution."

    "One last question. A lot of the older people have been leaving recently. Not gonna leave anytime soon, are ya?"

    "Tough question. I might just become inactive and not do anything for some time."

    "So exactly like every other official." I bit my lip. "We’ll miss you though. Mmkay, thanks, Pidge"

    I got up to leave. "And remember," he said as I walked towards the door, "ALL ARE COCKS."

    Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A - Fierce Deity
    By pman

    Hello, I'm a reporter for the URPG times and I'd like to interview you in relation to your job as a gym leader so I would appreciate if you could spare a moment to answer the following questions.

    First, what is it like being the leader of Blackthorn Gym, and why a Dragon Gym?
    It's fun being the leader of Blackthorn. I chose a Dragon gym because I wanted a gym that wasn't so average. By average, I mean that it was the only Dragon-type gym at the time, as opposed to a gym that had multiples of. That and Dragon is my favorite type.

    Secondly, I've noticed that your FFA record has an inordinately high number of 2nd places, what's the story with that?
    People usually ask me to team up with them in FFAs and most of the time we make it to the top 5, then we just end up fighting each other when it's just us left. Sometimes I let my teammate win and others I just end up losing in 2nd place.

    So what is your favourite thing about being a gym leader?
    Favorite thing about being a gym leader is the feeling of holding a position like that in the first place. Gym leaders are usually supposed to be members that are known for their strength (if they lose a lot, what's the point of being a leader?). So I like being a gym leader because it also helps me know which Pokemon in my stats I need to fully TM first.

    What is your favourite Gym Pokémon?

    What about non-Gym Pokémon?

    What techniques do you find effective for defending your gym and what weather do you usually run?
    Often I run Kingdra as lead because I run auto-rain in my gym. But sometimes I say rain weather on, but then lead with something like Tyranitar because it leads them to think I'll lead with Kingdra so they'll try to have a counter for it.

    What is your most memorable Gym battle?
    All the ones that ended up in a close, non-hax battle. The one where I fought Mike (Loyal Arcanine) and Brian (Haze), too.

    You have 21 male Pokémon and 15 female Pokémon, are you looking to even the balance at all?
    Usually I choose the gender basing it off the design and looks of the Pokemon, so sooner or later it'll balance itself out.

    What was your starter and why?
    Electivire. I don't remember why, lol. I think it was because it was my favorite Pokemon at the time.

    How does it feel being given the third degree about pokémon?
    Feels cool :P

    That's all. I'll be back next issue!

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Pokémon Of The Week
    Randomly Chosen By Trainer17

    In every issue of the URPG Times, I will randomly choose a "Pokémon Of The Week". If you're a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pokémon, you will win $1,000! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It's that simple!

    Think you know that Pokémon? That's right! It's Infernape! All of you Infernape owners just reply to this thread to claim your $1,000!

    Trainer Of The Week
    Stats Collected By MuddyMudkip

    Our Trainer Of The Week is Trainer17 with a total of 48 battles completed! We also have Shen as our top trainer for most number of non-basic battles completed: 10 battles. Congrats, you two! Both of you get to claim $1,500 each. Just reply to this thread to claim your prizes.

    Story Of The Week
    By Dust

    This week’s highlighted story is none other than Stranded: DOA by Bumblebee. This story, the second chapter of a longer tale, features a group of three young vacationers crash landing on a mysterious island. After their pilot fails to return from a search for help, the three decide to go after him. Along the way, the situation degrades into a struggle for their lives as an unseen being seeking their deaths makes its presence known. If you’re into mystery, action, and adventure, then make sure to keep an eye on this outstanding series.

    As the author, Bumblebee may collect a $1,500 prize. Don’t spend it all in one place.

    Roleplayer Of The Week
    By WinterVines

    This week's Role Player of the Week is FlammenWarfare. He's currently on a run in Mount Deckbi. He's already captured an Aron and Rhyhorn, and is currently battling a Nosepass for keeps. He's taking on the mountain with a team of fighting mons that are certainly characters. He also doesn't stick to standard Trainer gear, having a Pokédex app on his iPhone. Check it out.

    So FlammenWarfare, you get to collect $1,500. Simply reply to this thread to claim.

    Spendthrift Of The Week
    Stats Collected By Neonsands

    This week, we have We Taste Pies... as our Spendthrift for spending a total amount of $82,500! Congrats! We taste pies! You get to claim $1,500. Simply reply to this thread to claim.

    Closing Comment
    See all of you next week!

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming 1k for Nape. ;D
    I speak four languages, help me practice please
    Hablas conmigo en español, por favor
    Vous parlez avec moi en français, s'il vous plaît

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming 1k for Apey
    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel
    Everyone has had a crush on Hips. :B

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming for owning a Nape
    3DS FC: 1134-7255-2841
    Stats or something

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming my $2,500 for having an Infernape and being RPer of the week.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    >mfw 75% of urpg claims 1k for infernape

    like me.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming for Ape

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    I'll take my 1k for having an Infernape.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming 1k for Ape.
    Last edited by Team Evolution; 16th April 2011 at 08:09 PM.
    (3:38:28 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (ojajrrj) TE is trolling
    (3:38:32 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (ojajrrj) the leaker has motives
    (3:56:16 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (sniperxpwnage) although it's also worth consideration of how we're seemingly pinpointing all the blame towards TE when supposedly, a staff of ours is at fault
    (3:56:47 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (imsocorn) Its important that we deal with TE
    (4:02:00 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (hkimf) Yes, permanently ban TE.

    good, you guys know how to pinpoint the error

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    claiming for apester

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    Claiming 1,000 Infernapes.

    Also why would you write about a battle that wasn't even close...?
    Last edited by Pidge; 16th April 2011 at 11:30 PM.

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    Default Re: The URPG Times (4/9 - 4/15)

    I love my boss.
    Just gonna throw that out there.

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