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    Default URPG Times - 3/16 - 3/28

    (Banner by Buoysel)

    1. A Word From Your Editor(‘s)
    2. Announcements and News
    3. Trading Section
    4. Comics
    5. URPG Quiz
    6. Special Staff Interview
    7. Story Of The Week
    8. Roleplayer Of The Week
    9. Pokemon Of The Week Article
    10. Staff Report
    11. Closing Comment

    A Word From Your Editor(s)

    Hey, everybody, welcome to another fabulous issue of the URPG Times. *crickets* Not much to say other than that we have a new section that Chainy will be contributing which is essentially what MK wanted you all requested. Enjoy this issue and your free money!

    Gman couldn't be here today as he is currently at a Hasselhoff concert.

    News and Announcements

    By MaverickKaiser

    With the Roll Call at a complete close now, we have a few gyms that are open for occupation. Have confidence in your skills? Have skills in a particular type you want to try? Check these gyms out but don't wait too long or someone will be snatched.

    Saffron and Mossdeep: Psychic
    (Note that Mossdeep is Double battles so be wary when applying)
    Mauville: Electric
    Fuchsia: Poison
    Eterna: Grass
    Hearthome: Ghost
    Pewter: Rock

    In other news, congrats to Monbrey to becoming iReigns' successor to Cinnabar Island. To Fossil Fusion for being the newest member to the Elite 4.

    Budget Tournament
    Final Round folks, be sure to root for your favorites.

    Trading Section
    By MaverickKaiser

    AmericanTreeFrog: Looking for a Water Pokemon, will trade Zoroark

    Gmandiddy: Trading Whimsicott, looking for Non-Mart Pokemon.

    Bumblebee: Is currently trading these Pokemon:

    (Won’t trade for a Mart)

    Marowak, Male - Earthquake, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Swords Dance

    (Willing to trade for Marts)

    Dewgong, M - No TMs
    Beautifly, F - No TMs
    Pikachu, F - Hidden Power (Grass)
    Mothim, M - No TMs
    Ledian, F - No TMs
    Araidos, F - No TMs
    Wormadam, F - No TMs
    Dustox, F - No TMs
    Glaceon, F - Hidden Power (Psychic)
    Magmortar, M - No TMs
    Electivire, M - No TMs
    Serperior, M - No TMs DW Ability
    Mismagius, F - Will-o-Wisp, Calm Mind, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Thunder, Toxic
    Butterfree, F - No TMs
    Walrein, F - Brine
    Zebstrika, M - No TMs
    Lileep, M - No TMs

    Winter Writing Contest
    AND IT IS FINALLY OVER. THE WINNER IS Buoysel....give him luffs.
    (Not really)


    Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, we pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy

    No one submitted comics this week, so NO FUNNIES THIS WEEK. I am disappoint. :<

    The URPG Quiz
    By WebMaster
    It's the big quiz. Who will win? The perilous puzzles? The treacherous tricks? …..or you? Let's find out

    Battle Scenario

    Porygon2 (NG/Analytic/Focus Sash [USED]) [IMPRISONED] @ 100%; Ninetales (F/Flash Fire/Choice Specs) @ 100% SpAtk+6 SpDef+6 Spd-1 Perish-1

    How do you keep ending up like this? XD Porygon2 got a healing wish after it was knocked to 1 HP. With the way Ninetales is moving, you'll never be able to get it thanks to its +6 stat boosts and Imprison on you. However, there is a way to ensure you can stall the next turn and ensure Perish Song KOs on it. The question is: what's the move?

    Ref this

    Ursaring (M/Guts) @ 100%; Espeon (F/Synchronize) @ 100% SpAtk+2 SpDef+1 Spd-2

    Ursaring uses Fake Tears
    Espeon uses Stored Power

    Picture Time

    Name this place: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting


    In what town did Ash beast Raiden with his Snorlax in a Sumo Conference Match?

    Video Games

    In Pokemon Red / Blue / Green, how long did you have to wait to be de-frosted, if your opponent didn’t use a fire attack?

    Anime 2

    Name the three types of Pokeballs that Ash, Misty and Brock were given, however were not used in the Anime.

    Video Games 2

    In G/C/S, how do you have to save for your mother to buy you a Charmander doll?


    In the Pokemon games, a trainer's Dragonite was seen using a move in which it didn't learn. Name the trainer, move and the Game generation. (e.g R/S/E, G/S/E, D/P/Dpt, B/W, R/B/Y/G)

    Game Mechanics

    If I have a Pokemon whose Trainer Memo Message says ‘Proud of its power.’ What is the IV of this Pokemon and its last digit of IV?


    In which story did a ten year old Arnold capture a Poliwag in an Arcade? Give me the title and the author.

    National Park

    Which trainer entered the National Park with a Pichu? Give me the name of the trainer and the nickname of the Pichu.

    Video Games 3

    In which generation does a man tell you a scary story in order for you to collect a TM? Give me the name of the TM and the Generation.


    There are three Pokemon with no official artwork from Ken Sugimori or Dream World art. Name them. (alternate forms count)

    Game Mechanics 2

    What is the largest egg group? (Undiscovered and No Genders don't count)

    Game Mechanics 3

    What dragon move was decreased from 15pp to 10pp in Gen V?

    By Alaskapigeon
    Note: This is a special edition of the URPG Times' normal interview section, in which I interviewed Monbrey about the recent Staff leaks.

    alaskapigeon1 10:25 am
    Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, Monbrey. First off, could you tell me to the best of your ability what order the leaks occurred in?
    monbrey 10:28 am
    Well, originally there was the very public leaks made by Team Evolution, inciting discussion about our planned TPW expansion. Shortly after the AIM account "linkagenot.passed" appeared, and the Tumblr. We had a meeting to address it, and within hours Pastebins were found containing chat logs. Nothing major since then.
    alaskapigeon1 10:31 am
    What exactly was TE banned for?
    monbrey 10:34 am
    Well as we explained to everyone else who asked, we would have excused his leaks if he had been even slightly cooperative when questioned about it. Instead he showed nothing but disrespect to the staff when he was in the wrong, telling lies and stories to mislead us.
    alaskapigeon1 10:35 am
    If you discovered who the individual or individuals leaking were, why was this information not made public?
    monbrey 10:36 am
    Bans and disciplinary actions are not always made public. I'll leave it at that.
    alaskapigeon1 5:43 pm
    That's pretty much all the questions I had. Thank you so much for your help with this. ^_^

    Roleplayer of the Week
    By Gmandiddy

    Hello, Gmandiddy here filling in the role of dishing out the Roleplayer of the Week. This week the title goes to Synthesis. His battle against Hippopotas was an interesting read and at one point, Hippopotas had 1 HP left and was burnt. Talk about a tight spot to be in. He had to write 6k in order to capture the Pokemon. Find out if he did capture it by reading more. With his interesting character and flowing posts, I decided to give Synthesis the Roleplayer of the Week.

    I also managed to get a quick interview with Synthesis, when he was not busy defending his gym. Here’s how the interview went.


    I opened the door and lead the young man into the room. The room was small and plain, with only a small table in the middle with two chairs either side. A small light bulb hung from the ceiling, directly above the table. I escorted the man towards the desk and signalled him to sit down on the other side. He agreed and followed my commands. I sat down opposite him and slammed my papers down on the desk. I pointed my large chubby finger towards the young man and asked, “Do you know why you’re here?”

    There was no reply. Sweat started to trickle down his face. He mumbled, “No…”

    I laughed, and sat down on the chair. I flicked a pen through my fingers and stared into the eyes of the young man. He was terrified. I took advantage of this and slammed my finger down onto desk and pointed it towards him again. “You are… the Roleplayer of the Week, congratulations.”

    The lights were turned on and the threatening atmosphere that once was, now disappeared. I smiled and shook the young mans hand. I picked up the pieces of paper and held in my hand. I cleared my throat and said, “Ok Synthesis, I have a couple of questions for you to answer, feel free to take as long as you want.”

    Synthesis nodded in agreement and awaited the first question. I shuffled through the pieces of paper and tried to find the opening question. After moments of searching, I picked out the piece of paper with the question on it. “When did you first enter the National Park and why?” I asked Synthesis.

    Synthesis didn’t waste time answering the question and replied, “I first entered it as soon as it re-opened back in 2010. I loved to RP back then and I thought it was a very unique and interesting method to finding and catching Pokemon.”

    I nodded, interested by his comments. I shuffled through the pieces of paper and picked out another question. “What is your favourite area of the Park, say for example The Great Lakes or Mt. Deckbi, and why?”

    Synthesis started to think about the question. I watched as he started to groom his soft Irish ginger beard. Then moments later, he replied, “That's a tricky question definitely. I love pretty much every area in the Park, except the Lakes 'cause it's so repetitive there. If I had to pick one though, it'd definitely be the Plant. I've gone in so many times, as a trainer and Ranger, and there's always something new and fun to RP around.”

    I had remembered looking up, when researching Synthesis, that he used to be the gym leader of Nimbasa. Maybe while he was the leader, he was drawn to the Plant, looking for some more rare and powerful electric Pokemon. I looked down at my piece of paper and asked Synthesis, “Ok, and which run, do you feel, was most enjoyable. Was it because of the ranger who was taking you or maybe because of the Pokemon you caught?”

    Synthesis took some time again, thinking about the question. The he replied, “There's been a few ones, but one of my favourite ones was when I took HikaruIzumi through Meteor Valley. It was one of my first runs as a Ranger and I made a mistake when reading what Pokemon there was for her to battle and put her against a Pokemon she didn't even have. But it was alright because she found plenty of other good Pokemon while she was there. It could be the nostalgic element of this that makes it so memorable, I'm not sure.”

    ‘Nostalgic?’ I thought. It’s a big word for me to process. I smiled and picked out another question was my sheet. “You've mentioned before, you are a Ranger. What would you say to new members who are going to visit the park, any tips or advice?”

    Synthesis must have asked this a lot, as it came out like he knew it from memory. “Make sure to stock up well! There's nothing worse than finding a Pokemon you really want, only to find out you've ran out of items or your Pokemon are too weak to allow you to catch the Pokemon. Another tip that is quite helpful but often overlooked is to bring Pokemon that are super effective against or resistant to the Pokemon in the area you are heading.”

    <It was true, if any of you get anything out of the interview it’s to prepare yourself before going and bring Pokemon that have an advantage against the Pokemon which live in the area you visit.>

    “So last question, what has been the toughest battle you have done in the park as a trainer?” I asked. It was the last question on the sheet and I dropped the sheets on the table.

    Synthesis answered back with, “The battle against the Volcarona was a nightmare when it was controlled by Winter. Winter's a great battler and having that Volcarona on her side did not make things easily and it kept catching me off guard. Not to mention it's a very powerful Pokemon and I needed to get 45,000 characters, which is no easy feat and ended up taking a few weeks.”

    I scribbled down on the back of a piece of paper, ‘Don’t ask Winter to take you.’ After looked back over the sentence, I quickly scribbled it out, hoping Winter would never noticed. I looked at my watched and noticed I still had thirty seconds left to squeeze any more information out of Synthesis. I looked around hesitantly before asking, “So Synthesis, is there anything you would like to say to the public? A statement? A Quote? Anything?”

    Synthesis laughed and replied, “Hi Mom.”

    My watch alarm sounded and I felt relieved. I shook Synthesis hand and said, “Alright, well Synthesis, congratulations you are the URPG Times Roleplayer of the Week.”

    Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
    By SLC and MaverickKaiser

    Pokemon of the Bi-Week time, and we've rolled the next Pokémon for you. This week, it's something we think Chainy hasn't got haha (everyone else collect your $1000):

    ...and this week the Pokémon is Milotic. If you're the owner of one, claim your $1,000. Now, on to the article.


    As per usual, I'll be telling you how to obtain the lowest evolved form of the POTBW. The prevolution of Milotic is Feebas, which is still ridiculously hard to get for a basic Pokémon - it is the highest ranked lowest evolution of any Pokémon at Demanding. Demanding stories require your story to be with 40-55k characters and a very strong plot for you to have even a slight chance at obtaining the Magikarp eqiuvalent. However, if you're interested in obtaining other water-types, I'd suggest heading over to the Great Lakes - while you can't guarantee a capture of it, you'll need to write slightly less - just 35,000 characters (which is the normal amount for a rare Pokemon). You can only use a blank disc to have the increased chance, though.

    And here's what Maverick has to say about Milotic:

    Milotic is a beautiful Pokemon that should not be taken lightly just because of it's grace. It boasts a high special defense as well as a high special attack. With the right moves and strategy, Milotic can be a terror.*

    It's first ability is Marvel Scale, giving Milotic a 1.5x boost to her defense when dealt with a status like Burn or Parlysis. Thayt could come in handy, more so than her Dream World ability, Cute Charm. 30% infatuation chance is good however as long as you are battling a Pokemon with the opposite gender. Milotic also recieves some very good EMs that can make it a hard fighter.

    Daycare moves can be considered a must when involving Milotic. Hypnosis, Iron Head, Icy wind are all fantastic moves she can learn. Below are some of the moves Milotic should have to make it effective. A desired Hidden Power would be Grass to stop Swampert stalls.

    -Toxic, Hail, Hidden Power, Ice Beam, Blizzard Protect
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Scald, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail

    Staff Report
    By ChainReaction

    Hey guys, Chainy here. In every URPG Times from now on, there's going to be a little update on what's going down in the Staff board. We heard that some of you weren't happy with the secrecy that the Staff operates in, so this is our way of trying to open ourselves as much as we can to keep you happy. Of course, we're not going to share everything - some things are private, some things aren't ready, and some things are surprises. However, there are a few interesting things of note, so let's get right into it.

    First off, the topic everyone is interested in, the TPW Expansion. Currently, Harry puts the expansion time at between one and three months. Most of the physical legwork has been done (threads carted over and links changed) and we're waiting for the command of our illustrious leader to open to the TPW public. It won't be too long before we have some fresh-faced newbies running around!

    Next up, as some of you may know, the development of the Art Board is really starting to take off. There's actually been a board set up in the General section. The section heads are starting to hammer out the rules so that there will be a minimum of stuffing about after it opens to the public. If you have any Art-related questions, including how to help, go and see the Art Lead Curator, Monbrey.

    As you all know, there is an Auction being hosted by Bee on April Fool's Day. Don't be afraid, though, it's not a trick. We promise. Earn all the money you can in the next week, but not too much - the one-Pokemon-per-person rule will be in effect. Furthermore, the list is known only to Bee, so you may have to bid against some of the Staff!

    Just like last year, URPG will be hosting its annual URPG Easter New Life event, where you can pay $2000 to receive an egg which will hatch into the basic form of any Pokemon in your stats! This event emphasises trading and friendship, and for the first time ever you'll be able to limit what Pokemon may get randomly selected. Got a few Mart Pokemon in your stats? Keep an eye out for how to get them off of the dice's hit-list!

    Finally, there's something new being developed in the Staff Boards, a way to save everyone who shops in the PokeMart some money. I'm not going to say too much about it here, but it's been proposed by one of our oldest Moderators, and will be a bit of fun that rewards you for shopping frugally.

    So, that's pretty much it, guys. Actually one of the more active fortnights in the Staff boards. I'd just like to repeat the disclaimer above - we're not saying that this is everything, but this is everything that we can share. Thanks for reading, and look forwards to more juicy tidbits next Times.


    Closing Comments

    EVERYONE GET EXCITED FOR TPW. Also, a possible new URPG Times section from Chris (Fossil Fusion) called Trainer Target. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ;D
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    Claiming 1k for POTW. :O

    Maybe I will actually try the quiz this time...


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    Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
    By SLC and MaverickKaiser

    Pokemon of the Bi-Week time, and we've rolled the next Pokémon for you. This week, it's something we think Chainy hasn't got haha (everyone else collect your $1000):

    ...and this week the Pokémon is Milotic. If you're the owner of one, claim your $1,000. Now, on to the article.
    Milotic the Milotic (Female)
    Undecided Nature
    Obtained: Trade with Black Reaper
    HM/TM: HM03-Surf, HM06-Whirlpool, HM07-Waterfall, HM09-Dive
    BM/SM/MT: N/A

    Read more: Forum - Pokemon Roster

    URPG Stats
    Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter | Judge Chapter
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    Milo money.

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    Alaska did you just kind of ignore my comic submission? Damn you :>
    WinterVines 3:53 pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fossil Fusion View Post
    Alaska did you just kind of ignore my comic submission? Damn you :>
    I speak four languages, help me practice please
    Hablas conmigo en español, por favor
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    Default Re: URPG Times 3/16/12-3/28/12

    Collecting my 1.5k for RP of the week


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