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    Default URPG Times 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    URPG Weekly

    This is our first week of the URPG Weekly and I would like to mention that I hope this is a great success. This week, there has been quite a bit of news.

    1. News Spotlight
    2. Stories
    3. This Week's FFAs
    4. Trading Section
    5. Newest Members
    6. Featured Gym/Dojo Leader
    7. Featured Strategy Article
    8. Pokemon/Trainer/Story of the Week
    9. Coming Up Next Week
    10. Contributions

    News Spotlight

    HKim’s new project, Pokémon Missions, has just started its first mission test which is being run by ChainReaction01 and being assisted by myself (Kanga), Evanfardreamer and GliscorMan. With this exciting development, it means that we could be seeing a new addition to the URPG Role-Playing section in a few months.

    The newest member of the URPG management team is iReign; we give our congratulations to you, and we wish that you won’t be annoyed when you get piled by approving requests.

    In other news for you, a couple of moves have been found with errors. Magic Coat and Role Play were found out to be swapped on Pokemon learn-sets; there has been a major list made and is now in the Announcements in Forum section, so that you can rectify the changes where applicable.

    Lastly, if you haven't registered for the Christmas Auction, you should go and register now! This year's Christmas Auction will be held on IRC, due to the large amount of new members that URPG has gotten when expanding and as such, it is highly doubted that an AIM Chatroom would fit us all in. The registering process basically includes you registering your nickname on IRC, and posting the nickname that you've registered in the event thread. If you haven't check it out, feel free to click on this link to see the event thread for more information.


    Onto our first special section! This week, it is my pleasure to show you some great stories that I think some of you will enjoy.

    The first of which is A Rivet-ing tale! This story is written by one of my favourite authors, evanfardreamer. Evan has managed to start the story in a storyteller style, with an old Aggron standing before a crowd, relating a story known to all about a young Aron named Rivet who went on an adventure to save his village. Shortly after the story ends, their village, hidden inside a mountain, comes under attack by a bunch of humans from Team Rocket. The villagers fought back, but Aaren, the main character, realized he was too young to fight back; he and his close friend run to get help from other mountain denizens. I won't spoil the rest of the story for you, from there you'll have to read it for yourself. I will say good on you, Evan, for writing such an interesting story; it's one of the first of its kind that I've read in URPG. The title is also a link to the story.

    Another short story that I think you might enjoy is on the other end of the specturm when it comes to stories told to kids. It's a slightly darker story; Darker than Black, written by a personal friend, Noble One. The story starts with a young man on a ship sailing towards Hoenn. The character's name is Kaiser, and he's taking on the Pokemon league as most trainers do. He meets a girl while leaving the ship and decides he'll have to make friends with her, since he accidentally picked up her diary. They carry on into the city of Slateport; the main character reveals he's there to chase evil spirits away from the local woods. Unfortunately, there's a bigger crisis, and he gets roped into that rather than what he'd intended to do. Now that I've given you a short summary of the story, for about the first quarter, I expect you to go and read it. I'm sure it'll sound a lot better when you read Noble's own words and the full story; the link is in the title.

    This Week’s FFAs

    Pidge’s FFA was a battle between 10 aspiring trainers. The winner of the FFA was Magikchicken with his Blaziken; he received a sum of 4,500 for defeating his 9 opponents in battle. Magikchicken’s Blaziken, the two are both “chickens”, has been in a total of 24 battles and has a total of 10 TM/HM moves and 5 BM/TM. This is quite an impressive amount for a BMG member.

    Ataro’s FFA this week was between 13 people. Wrave won with his terrifying Feraligatr, way to not let the OUs win. Wrave wins 6,500 for this battle and respect from the others for winning. And Neonsands came in a close second with his Bibarel.

    The Forum FFA has been going on and is in its second turn. Now we all know that it seemed complicated, but luckily it became easier to understand once it started. During the first turn of this huge FFA, 7 trainers were knocked out of the running by having all 3 of their Pokémon being KO’ed. The list of theses trainers are in order of knock out. Eraizaa, Sec, The Laughing Man, We Taste Pies..., -Pichu Boy-, Banditos, and Monbrey. During the second turn, a further 5 more trainers where knocked out of the running they were Zeferin, HKim, TheEvilDookie, LegendaryMaster and GliscorMan. A further 2 trainers have been knocked out in turn 3 these are thunder410 and Acetrainer14, less people will be knocked out now as they have had more time to stat boost and there are less people to pile them. This FFA started with a total of 42 trainers all with 3 Pokémon meaning that there were 126 Pokémon out at the beginning - a massive task for Pidge to calculate. Now with all of these 14 trainers knocked out, 28 trainers are left in the Free For All massacre to see who dukes it out to the top.

    Trading Section

    Monbrey has temporarily lent his Staryu to Kai-Mei, now all of you who are going to be battling this trainer you should watch out as she now has this Staryu which is formidable with many TMs and MTs.

    The Pokémon up for trade this week from Xali are primarily either fire types, ice types and a few normal types. To see what he has up for grabs, go to the Trading Machine now!

    JokesterJesse is looking to trade away Vespiquen, Dustox, Cacturne, Bastiodon, Rampardos, Espeon, Ninjask, Mr. Mime, and Slowbro. He is mainly looking for some good offers, I'd recommend offering mainly story Pokémon for the story Pokémon.

    Bumblebee16 has got quite a collection of Pokémon up for grabs over at the Pe2K Trading Machine. They are water Pokémon mainly, with a few normal and fire types spread in. Most of these Pokémon are of a good standard and are all great for experienced and inexperienced new players alike. He’s mainly looking for a Rotom but will also take other good offers.

    There’s a few people looking for story deals and you can find them here. Synthesis is looking for a Electrike which is medium rank PM or VM him before you start. Khamjer also known as Lord osowatt is looking for a Rotom PM or VM him as well. Monbrey a big fan of story deals is looking for a Swinub and Abra Medium and Hard rank respectively contact him as well. I myself (Kanga) am looking for a Scyther please contact me by PM, VM and AIM.

    Newest Members

    Our newest members this week who have joined the URPG and have actually bothered to make stats are Faere Rainstar, Spirit, Nidorina, zettenexevy, Jasonwolf and Renewals. Let's welcome them and may they grow up to become Pokemon Champions!

    Featured Gym/Dojo Leader

    We are lucky this week to be able to get a scoop on the fire dojo. What Pokémon the Fire Sensei Monbrey uses, some of his strategies, and even a bit of history about why he chose the fire dojo!

    Q: So Monbrey, what is your favourite dojo Pokémon?
    A: Well, Charizard is my favourite dojo Pokémon, and my favourite overall. One of the reasons that I like it so much is because of how it helps counter ground moves.

    Q: Why was the reason that you chose the fire dojo?
    A: Well, I have always liked fire Pokémon. I was thinking about challenging Katsuya, the previous leader, when I realised he was inactive. So I notified the League Organizer and Ataro opened the position for me.

    Q: Can you disclose any of your strategies for our readers?
    A: As for tactics, I can’t disclose too much but Charizard with Solarbeam from above is very powerful especially teamed with my already present Sunny Day in my rules or a Sunny Day set by move.

    Q: It's very interesting that your choice as favourite is Charizard as everyone on the forums knows that you often use Infernape?
    A: Well Infernape is a more useful Pokémon in battle I'll admit, but ever since I first got Pokémon Red, when I myself was probably about 10 years old co-incidentally, I've loved Charizard. Truth be told, I didn’t like Infernape at all until I started using it in the URPG from the recommendation of vets that uses fire types.

    Q: One last question for you. Who are some of your favourite challengers?
    A: Well that’s a tough question to answer. They have all been pretty good. I guess I'd have to give a special mention to Kaiser, who's had 11 attempts, showing a lot of improvement. I've had some really close battles against him, but he still hasn’t quite beaten me.

    Featured Strategy Article

    We have a guest segment this week from Ataro, who will be showing us some tips on how to use a Kangaskhan through an article, these tactics could even possibly help you defeat him in the future, you never know.

    Pokémon/Trainer/Story of the Week

    Our Weekly Pokémon/Trainer/story of this week is ...



    Espeon! Espeon is one of the 7 Pokémon that Eevee can evolve into. In the URPG, for an Eevee to evolve into an Espeon, it takes 7 battles and a Spirit Stone which can be purchased from the PokeMart for $2,000. If you have this little critter in your stats, then you can post in the thread to claim $1,000 for owning a Pokémon of the Week.

    Our Trainer of the Week is AceTrainer14! He has been battling hard in lots of battles of all kinds. Please bear in mind that I did not count basic battles in when I was looking for a trainer of the week. I want to congratulate you AceTrainer14 for being the Trainer of the Week, as this is the first URPG Times since a long long time. You can post in this thread to claim $1,500.

    Our Story of the Week is not one of those that we have made a small preview of but one that I feel is worthy of being a good read and also graded this week of course. The name of the story is New Kid In Town, it is written by Synthesis. This story is mainly following the general game style of kid arrives meets May and goes on adventure. However, this story possesses a slight twist, May is more of a stuck up cow, this is actually a lot more interesting then I can even try to explain, and Brendan the male character is also a bit stuck up as well. What’s more different is that instead of following the new kid it actually follows the girl May instead. This moves it far enough away from the average adventure story and more original to make this a really good read. One of my favourite parts is where May says, good this will be an easy win and then finds out it’s not so easy to beat up the new kid in town. Now I have spoken enough about the story, I suggest that you go and read it yourself. Synthesis you also get to retrieve $1,500.

    Coming Up Next Week

    Next week, we will have another section covering who has won what gym badges or dojo belts.

    Also, we will have a special segment on Pokémon Black and White within the URPG such as what Pokémon do we think will be in the PokeMart, and even on the highly anticipated Dream World abilities.

    We will also try to have another piece of content on contests, why you should do them. Whos won what recently and great tactics for them.


    If you wish to see anything added to next week’s newspaper, please send either Kanga or Evanfardreamer on BMGF, or Trainer17 on Pe2k/BMGf, and we will review the idea and try to add it to next week.

    We are also looking for some people to help us with the newspaper. If you think that you have what it takes to give us a hand then please fill in this form.
    For example.
    Name: Kanga
    Aim: Kangaoncoke
    What you can bring to the table: I can write guest segments,interview, edit.
    An idea or something that you think you can improve on: Perhaps a Podcast to go with the paper.

    Special thanks to our great team here at URPG Weekly. To Kanga, Evanfardreamer, Ataro and interview guest Monbrey.
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    Default URPG Times : New Announcements!

    Awesome job to those that put this together. This is intersting, so I'd definitely like to help with this.

    Name: Bumblebee
    Aim: thedinobot
    What you can bring to the table: Not really sure what you're looking for, but I can help out with editing, and Contents: 3, 4, 6, 8.
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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Hey, that was cool. Keep it up.

    Also, I'll take 1,000 for having an Espeon. Thanks Husnain from a long time ago!

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10


    Name: Scourge of Nemo
    Aim: ojajrrj
    What you can bring to the table: ...I'd like to help with the story recommendation section. So, 2.
    Last edited by Scourge of Nemo; 30th November 2010 at 02:26 PM.
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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Claiming my 1,500. Great read, looking forward to next article! :D

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    This is really amazing, I'd love to help with it. I'm not much creative myself but I can help with basically anything.

    Name: HikaruIzumi
    Aim: Hikaruizumi12
    What you can bring to the table: I could do interviews, help with editing, anything about contests and, well, I can help with nearly everything if you tell me what to do.
    An idea or something that you think you can improve on: Contest section?? lol Maybe you should consider making the titles and other important stuff in different font/size/etc. (bold, italics, ...)

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Name: Liquid Oshawott
    Aim: Lord Khajmer
    What you can bring to the table: I might write a guest article if I can think of a subject, and if you keep up the Gym Leader column I'd be more than happy to give an interview.

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    It looks very good Kanga, I would like to help as well :)

    Name: Gmandiddy
    Aim: Gmandiddy
    What you can bring to the table: I could help interviewing, writing up articles and editing?

    An idea or something that you think you can improve on: Forum Battles of the Week? Funny FFA Quotes during the week?

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Name: Do I really have to? I MEAN IT'S A SECRET oh never mind just look to the left of this post
    AIM: TTar Trainer
    What you can bring to the table: Uh, Park stuff? I can also do menial stuff like proof-reading and editing and crap, if it's needed. Oh, and I can write funny stuff, I dunno, maybe a Comedy Corner or something?
    An idea or something that you think you can improve on: *Cough*ISORTAALREADYSAIDCOMEDYCORNER*Cough* Wow did you guys hear a not-so-subliminal subliminal message just now?

    Also claiming my 1k for owning an Espy. Heh, watch, I'll get money every freaking week. I guess owning all these damn Pokemon is gonna come in handy for once!

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Nice work Kanga and I wish you would have mentioned that I came in second during that FFA that Chiken won.

    Also I want to thank Ash K. for giving me the Eevee that is Espy now and I will take that 1K.

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    I'm honoured to be the trainer of the week :) Thanks so much! I'll claim my 1,500, and I also will like to contribute to the paper :)

    Name: AceTrainer14
    AIM: niteethan
    What I can bring: I can do interviews, which I have experience of doing for my school paper, and can also do opinion pieces, reviews (such as games or the anime) and any news from the Pokemon world

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Name: Noble One
    AIM: maverickkaiser@yahoo.com
    What I can bring: Interviews, Reviews, Gym Challenge updates,Dojo challenge updates, FFA reports and more.
    Plus Claiming 1,000 for having a Espeon.

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    this is really good. Good work kanga and everyone else who contributed. Id offer myself to help but ive got a helluva lot work to do and it looks like you have enough help anyway
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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    Name: Zeferin
    Aim: zeferintrazish
    What you can bring to the table: I can proofread, help with layout and design, give a nice cheat sheet for passing the ref test in a bit more condensed fashion then the tips and tricks page already up *I took the test 5 times before passing*, and I love interviewing and writing articles such as opinion and Piece-of-Advise type of articles.

    An idea or something that you think you can improve on: I would like to see something with contests, an opinion section *maybe highlights of resent trainer court posts*, something to highlight trainer art, and, of course, a comic strip.
    Last edited by Zeferin; 30th November 2010 at 08:12 PM.

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    Default Re: URPG Weekly 24/11/10 - 1/12/10

    I'm up for helping.

    Name: HiPS
    IM: Matt5Skip
    What I can do: write articles, give you an interview on how not to defend a gym successfully.
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