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Thread: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

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    Default URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)


    1. A Word From Your Editor(‘s)
    2. Announcements and News
    3. Trading Section
    4. Comics
    5. URPG Quiz
    6. Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
    7. Story Of The Week
    8. Roleplayer Of The Week
    9. Pokemon Of The Week Article
    10. Closing Comment

    A Word From Your Editor(s)
    By Gmandiddy

    At last I’m free. If someone sees Alaska, tell her that her cellar smells of rotten flesh -_-. Back to the real news, and Buoy what we have in store for you today. Have fun.

    News and Announcemts
    By MaverickKaiser

    Yep this thing is still going on. Sign up if you still want to participate.

    Budget Tourney -
    ROUND 2. Get ready to see more awesome battles folks. Still a 4v4 battle range so whomever is left, plan your teams and battle hard. Root for your favorites and set up a prediction category on who you think is goig to win. Good Luck.

    Gyms Open -Castelia (Bug), Nacrene (Normal), Pewter (Rock), Iccirus (Ice), Saffron (Psychic), Goldenrod (Normal).

    *It's not too late to apply for any of these gyms so go ahead and give it a shot if you desire so.

    Ranger Event: Meteor Valley -
    This event is coming to a close so hurry up and get your runs finished up. Many mons have been captured and they look absolutely stunning.

    WWC - Be sure to keep your eye on that section and vote regularly for your favorite writers.

    Don't forget to say hi to two recent players who came back, Pman the former Canalave Gym leader and Neighborhood-Guest, Grader Extroidinare.

    As a final note, from our own resident official WTP would like to say he has successfully please all of our mothers. Now I don't know about you, but a pleased mother equals a larger allowence for me. So keep doing what your doing WTP, we salute you.

    Trading Section
    By MaverickKaiser

    SLC’s entire list is UFT for the right offer. Inquire within. He’s looking for water types for his gym, Mikan. Starmie or Rotom-Wash are good examples. He also would like anything URPG viable and has some decent things to offer. He wants’ any Psychic types you can offer.

    LS: Pokemon owned by LS - Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000
    He’ll trade just about anything unless it’s obvious he won’t.

    Pman: is looking for various Ice types he doesn’t own. More so Sneasel/Weavile. Also looking for a Rotom or Slowbro.

    Kai Mei: has a HP Grass Blaziken UFT so consult with her on a price.

    Mage: Magepigeon's Trainer Stats
    Everything except Dragonite and Blaziken are UFT. Message him on AIM or PM for more info and offers.

    Maverick: I have a lot of mons UFT. All my normal Pokemon are UFT as well as Gastrodon, Ferrothorn, Raichu and Infernape. Nothing ridiculous please.


    Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, we pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy

    Untitled by Xali

    True Story Bro by Xali

    Untitled by Anonymous

    The URPG Quiz Results
    By WebMaster

    Siless - 49/50 ($12250)
    Kai-Mei - 49/50 ($12250)
    Sky Lark - 45/50 ($11250)
    Eraizaa - 41/50 ($10250)
    DrStubbsberg - 40/50 ($10000)
    We Taste Pies - 40/50 ($10000)
    CommBA - 38/50 ($9500)
    Xali - 36/50 ($9000)
    SLC - 35/50 ($8750)
    Jack of Clovers - 16/50 ($4000)

    I am shocked on how close those two came. This quiz was hastily put together though; I won't be so easy next time :p. Still, nobody got 100% which I'm always pleased with.


    Battle Scenario: Use Storm Throw or Seismic Toss (5 points if 1 turn; 3 points if 2-3 turns; 1 point if 4-5 turns; 0 points for 6 turns or more)

    I took either of those two moves. I initially wanted just storm throw but then I realized both of these moves would work after I submitted it. Critical hits ignore defense modifiers and seismic toss always does 100 damage in the URPG.

    Ref this: 76% accuracy; Togekiss @ 56.41%; Zweilous @ 54.01% (4 points max)

    I was surprised at how many people got this right. I try to make these as complicated as possible. Nice work ;)

    Picture Time: Cinnabar Island (3 points)

    Well at least you guys were able to figure out this one. Nobody got the last one at all.

    Pokemon: Electrode, Ninjask, and Accelgor (3 points)

    Check the URPG calc. These mons are faaaaaaast

    Anime: Uxie (3 points)

    Almost all of you got this. Glad to see you studied up on your DP anime

    Contests: (2 points)

    PURPLE PokeBlock
    Feel: 41
    Spicy: 37
    Dry: 25
    Sweet: 0
    Bitter: 0
    Sour: 0

    A lot of you got different numbers. Please calc it by hand and do not use the calc since RPM does not apply here. If you're confused, IM me and I'll show you how I did it.

    Video Games 2: Sootopolis and Opelucid (2 points)

    A lot of you put Viridian. That's not part of the R/B/Y version family so it doesn't count in my case.

    Flavour: R/B/Y in Celadon City (3 points)

    I should have clarified this a little more. There's a computer that you can examine in the Celadon condominiums and it would tell you something similar to "It's the game's programming. Better not mess with it." For those of you that gave me Celadon + Lillycove, I'll take it but I will not accept that many answers next time.

    Anime 2: Gymbaliar (3 points)

    Almost all of you got this. I like places where they break the fourth wall

    Math: 189 (5 points)

    Start with the base of 120 and multiply it by 2 to get 240. Next, add the IV value which is 31 to end up with 271. You can skip the EV part since there are none to add in. After that, times 271 by 68 to get 18428 which you can then divide by 100. This gives you 184.28. Finally, add 5 and that gives you 189.28 which rounded down is 189.

    National Park: Hasty or Rash (3 points)

    Hasty was what I was really looking for but after seeing how many of you sent rash, I compared the two and I decided to take either.

    Pokemon 2: Sableye, Spiritomb, Tynamo (3 points)

    Sableye and Spiritomb both have the Ghost/Dark typing which negates its weaknesses. Tynamo's only weekness (ground) is negated by levitate.

    Video Games 2: Have a weather effect up and use pursuit to cause the switching opponent to faint. (3 points)

    Summarized version. I'm glad you guys know your glitches. Read this: Acid rain - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    Trivia: RageCandyBar (2 points)

    Because there is no RageCandyBar in D/P/Pt, they had to make it a key item in HG/SS to prevent trading.

    Video Games 3: Froslass, Nosepass, and Cofagrigus (3 points)

    I thought there were only three and those were the ones I was looking for but I checked everyone's answers and if I could find that the name was censored, I'd take it. I'll be a little more specific and try to make this quiz slower next time

    URPG History: Bumblebee with 225k for Larvesta (3 points)

    Three cheers for the biggest bidder in URPG history.

    TOTAL - 50 points

    Well, that's it. I'll have a new quiz up next issue. Props to the people who almost got 100% (not this time though :p) Post here to claim your earnings

    By MaverickKaiser

    Cybertronian Ranger and Sootopolis Gym leader.

    Favourite Pokemon: Houndoom. You should know that. If I was dictator in URPG, I'd give everyone a free Houndour.

    "Free Houndoom? I can dig it."

    Favourite Gym Mon: Ludicolo. Stupid people bring in Electric/Grass Pokemon, but they can't touch Ludi.

    Memorable URPG Moment: Getting Larvesta for 225k and having the highest URPG Pokedex, as well as Pokemon.

    What got you in to URPG: Seq told me to join. He said he was doing URPG stuff, and I was like wtf is that. So I checked it out and joined.
    lol, I was on Pe2k about two years before I joined xD.

    What you think about the people in the URPG: Most are idiots.

    Why you chose your gym and if you like the type: I chose this gym because it's one of the best gyms out there. Water type is also the best type out there (besides Dragon, but Dragon gyms aren't cool).

    Are you looking for something to come to URPG: Yeah, I am looking for the Easter Baby Egg to come. And for us to be able to sell our Pokemon to other people for full or half price.


    Favorite mon: Slowbro. He gets all the bitches.
    Favorite Gym Mon: Xatu is pretty cool guy. He reflects status and doesn't afraid of anything

    Memorable URPG Moment: I have the memory of a Goldfish
    What got you into URPG: My brother joined 2 days before me and I was like
    What you think about the people in the URPG: Lets just say I wouldn't want to think you people actually exist... take that however you want
    Why you chose your gym and if you like the Type: Flying is pretty versatile and I had Violet before too. It was pretty cool then, but I've kind of grown bored of it.
    Are you looking for something to come to URPG: FRESH MEAT, YOUR LACK OF A CHALLENGE BORES ME
    I think that covers everything?

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:53 pm
    So lemme ask this

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:53 pm
    If you had the button to obliterate all of the URPG
    would you think twice?

    WTP 8:53 pm
    You're saying that as if I'd push it...

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:54 pm

    WTP 8:54 pm
    Why would I push it? @_@

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:54 pm

    WTP 8:54 pm
    Why would my character push it
    is what I am asking

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:54 pm

    WTP 8:54 pm
    he would not

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:55 pm
    Your familiy is being held over an acid pit
    and you had 3 seconds
    would you push it

    WTP 8:55 pm
    well yeah
    thats a bit extreme though

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:55 pm
    .......respect -50

    maverickkaiser@yahoo.com 8:56 pm
    So you have only 2 minutes to decid
    Launch a nuke and destroy a continent
    suffer a humiliating experience
    in plain view of all URPG memebers
    of which
    it will be documented
    and replaye
    for ages

    WTP 8:57 pm
    I'm pretty sure letting a nuke destroy a continent
    is more humiliating
    dat backfire

    Roleplayer of the Week + Survey Results
    By EmmySxC

    All figures are represented in percent.

    Despite the lack of time, nineteen people were at least able to answer the survey. Out of these nineteen survey-takers, the ice type that was the general favorite was Froslass. Also, it seems that Generation IV is favored amongst the URPG. I'm curious to how this will tie into people and their beliefs on whether or not Generation I is the best for its originality, first generation, popularity, etc. Though I do wonder too if the generation that each person starts to watch/play Pokemon is what identifies to them as the best generation.I hope to investigate further.

    The next type that Web had rolled is: Ground.

    I ask that you keep to a natural ground-type. But if you must use a Pokemon that with a special ability can turn into a ground-type, I guess I can let that slide. But I ask that you try to use it as a last resort.

    There will be two poll surveys. One in relation to current events and one in relation to the URPG members for funnies. You may submit possible survey questions to me through PM, AIM, or you can track me down via google and hunt down my ass to demand I use your survey question.

    RolePlayer Of The Week

    Now, this is a different issue than what was in the past. There is no exact person who applies to the roleplayer of the week. Why? The exact reason is that a current event has started in the National Park. A Capture Contest that has URPG members going into a selected area of the Park to capture five Pokemon, then out of those five Pokemon, submit one for the Capture Contest. Since this is a first time type of event, many of the officials have some advice that I had gathered overtime. Which also leads to the ROTW. The officials who thought this event up deserve the ROTW as well the many rangers who help to run the Capture Contest. Now, here are some bullet points that should be considered in the Capture Contest and for future sake:

    • It's important that you post and remember to post in a decent time-span.
      (You don't post, you lose out on points.)
    • Watch what Pokemon you use.
      (The ref calculator is used in this event and using a Pokemon that's weak against the type in the selected area can cost you big time. ]: )
    • Try to strategically use your 30 posts well.
      (You have only a certain limit, use your posts to your advantage.)
    • Try to not get into the habit of passing up Pokemon.
      (They could end being the best you can get and to pass it up could lose you the winner spot.)
    • Watch your moves and make sure to calculate the damage before making a final decision on what move you use.
      (You can't catch a Pokemon in overkill. Sorry.)


    ATF - -
    Carracosta (88.63%)
    Current Battle: Duosin
    Captured: Zoroark
    Post: #5

    Chainreaction - -
    Gallade (63.23%)
    Current Battle: Xatu
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #9

    Wintervines - -
    Crobat (72.19%)
    Current Battle: Spoink
    Captured: Kirlia
    Post: #5

    Buoysel - -
    Clefable (91.11%)
    Current Battle: Haunter
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #2

    Akinai - -
    Gallade (82.64%)
    Current Battle: N/A
    Captured: Munna

    SLC - -
    Blaziken (40.65%)
    Current Battle: Chingling
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #6

    Sky Lark - -
    Gengar (83.33%)
    Current Battle: Clefable
    Captured: Unown; Mime Jr.
    Post: #9

    Gman - -
    Togekiss (100%)
    Current Battle: Honchkrow
    Captured: Chingling
    Post: #8

    Black Reaper - -
    Empoleon (91.93%)
    Current Battle: Chingling
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #4

    SilverChromeX - -
    Infernape (87.35%)
    Current Battle: Wynaut
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #2

    Kai-Mei - -
    Infernape (100%)
    Current Battle: N/A
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #4

    MaverickKaiser - -
    Lucario (83%)
    Current Battle: Golett
    Captured: N/A
    Post: #6

    WebMaster - -
    Didn't even start yet...

    Dog of Hellsing - -
    Sigilyph (100%)
    Current Battle: FINISHED
    Captured: Mightyena, Hypno
    Post: #10

    Bee - -
    Houndoom (88.13%)
    Current Battle: Beheeyem
    Captured: N/A

    But if there was someone who did truly deserve ROTW...
    It would be Buoysel.
    He wrote a 20k post.
    May your Haunter suit you well.

    Story of the Week
    By Buoysel.

    Er, even if there wasn't a Story of the Week last issue, I am still (miraculously) not sacked from the job. SO YOU STILL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ME. In any case, I think that in this issue, there is not one person who is deserving of this, but two! Mainly because it's a collaborative piece, but whatever. As you may possibly have guessed, this issue's Story of the Week is URPG: The Musical. THAT MEANS THAT BOTH KAI-MEI AND ALASKAPIGEON GET 1,000 in whatever currency URPG actually has. Er, I'd ramble on about the content, but that would mean you don't read it yourselves. Which, incidentally, you should. Yeah.

    Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
    By SLC and MaverickKaiser

    In every issue of the URPG Times, either me or Mav will randomly choose a "Pokémon Of The Bi-Week". If you're a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pokémon, you will win $1,000! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It's that simple!

    Too late to claim for Reuniclus, but the new POTBW is Chandelure! The fire- and ghost- type is new to the fifth generation and has quickly become a popular Pokémon for URPGers. If you're the owner of one, you can claim $1000. Also, with Bulba leaving, Mav is going to help me with the POTBW in future.

    How to Obtain One

    Chandelure isn't the easiest Pokémon to obtain. It's most basic form, Litwick, is a hard-ranked story Pokémon which means you'd have to crank out at least 20,000 characters to become the proud owner of one. The only other way (excluding trading and gifting) is to venture to the National Park in search of one. Litwick is located at the top of Mt. Deckbi, and is in the Borderline category which means the MCR is just 15,000. In addition, at Mt. Deckbi you can find other fire-types, ground-types and rock-types. If you're interested in those types, then head on over there. Be warned, you need to buy HM Strength before going there!

    At a Glance

    Chandelure. One of the best and very well wanted Pokemon in the URPG. This thing is a powerhouse , packing a whopping 389 Special Attack. It’s Special defense, coming in at 279, isn’t something to sneeze at either. Coupled with its ability, Shadow Tag, this thing could turn the tide for any battle IF used correctly.

    Shopping List

    Flame Charge
    Energy Ball
    Trick Room
    Psych Up
    Fire Blast
    Shadow Ball

    Acid Armor
    Clear Smog

    Dream World:
    Shadow Tag


    Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire Pokemon, a new combination in the Pokemon Universe. This Pokemon is based off of a chandelier and has ghastly purple flames to further intimidate opponents. Chandelure, being a Ghost/Fire type, resists quite a bit of type damage. This makes use of its ability, Shadow Tag, Quite effectively. It’s important to switch into a type that Chandelure can resist. Don’t switch in if your opponent has Dragonite or Swampert. Wait for something like a Normal or Fighting type to come into play and then switch, effectively trapping them with Shadow Tag and leaving them at your mercy. However, using only Shadow Tag won’t be enough. You got to stat up. Your shopping list should include some basic moves that will add Chadelure, other moves can come later. Trick Room is a good was of taking advantage of Chadelures average speed. Energy Ball is good if you need to whittle down a Ground or Water type if unluckily trapped with one. Shadow Ball adds STAB into the mix along with Fire Blast as well. Substitute is good as well if your opponent can’t do much to you. If you’re in a FFA, and god forbid the ref isn’t a pain, Psych Up is a good way to gain an advantage. A signature strategy is once you trap the opponent, use Flame Charge to boost your speed while dealing some damage. Psychic, Acid Armor, Haze and Clear Smog(Not bad to have both) are also notable mentions to have on your Chandelure to have battle ready.

    URPG Times Banner Mini-Contest

    Ok, after two weeks of looking for a new banner, I have had three submissions, each one a worthy contender to become URPG Times next banner. With the virtual power invested in me, I grant you the power to vote on the banner, you think deserves to become URPG Times next banner. Here are the contestants:

    By Feng

    By Buoysel.

    By SLC

    The results will be released in the next issue. If you vote after the release, your vote will not be counted but may still be charged, terms and conditions apply.

    Closing Comments

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Claiming $1000 for Chandelure
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    Referee, Grader, Judge, Ranger
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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)


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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    That is, if you score enough points to keep it. Which you should.

    Claiming 1k for Chandelure.
    ChainReaction 6:09 pm
    I quickly slammed the palm of my hand onto a butt
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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    I shall has my quiz monehs. Thanks :P

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Quote Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post

    True Story Bro by Xali
    ... xali i love you

    ~The Artist Formerly Known As PichuBoy~

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Gimme Chandy money.

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    I lol'd at the WTP interview.

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    About time you pick a Pokemon I have, claiming 1k.
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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Quote Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post
    Video Games 2: Sootopolis and Opelucid (2 points)

    A lot of you put Viridian. That's not part of the R/B/Y version family so it doesn't count in my case.
    Yeah, the fact is your question said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaskapigeon View Post
    Video Games

    There are two gyms that have different leaders depending on your version. Name them
    You didn't say "Version Family" in the question (even if you did, you would have had to explain what it meant), so, Viridian is a correct answer. You can't just say while correcting them "Oh, that's not what I meant" and mark it wrong. *nods*

    I know, I'm making a post just to demand a single point and whatever that's worth in $, but, it's not just me. It's also for everyone who answered that correctly.

    In general, love the URPG Times. ^^

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Claimin' my moneyzzzz. Also, tough choice on the banner, but... I VOTE FENG. GAHA.
    I speak four languages, help me practice please
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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Claimin' that 9.5K.

    Also, it might be a bit nit-picky, but the problem I have with the non-uber Speed question is that you said 359, not 395. Which is why I gave the answer I gave.

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Claiming quiz moneys + Chandelure moneys + Story of the Week Moneys. Heh.

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    Oh wow, totally forgot quiz money, xD

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    Default Re: URPG Times (1/2 - 15/2)

    3K from my comics
    9K from the Quiz
    1K for owning Chandelure

    #That awkward moment when the newspaper gives me more money than my reffing does ._.
    From the PE2K URPG section.
    Yes I am a ref & yes, I made Soviet Bidoof

    Questions/Comments/Concerns --> Imperialpineaple on aim.

    SumerianRevenant 7:06 pm
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    I have done it both ways, multiple times
    And always get complaints either way
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