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    Exclamation URPG Rules

    BMG | PWN | PXR

    courtesy of EmBreon, winner of URPG Banner Contest 2014
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    Default Re: The Rules: READ FIRST!

    URPG Rules 101

    For all those people who can't seem to remember them all.

    • You take care of your own stats. This involves updating your record and money count. If you are doing multiple 1 VS. 1 battles to evolve a Pokémon, you can update your stats after they are all over.
    • You can only uses 3 posts in your forum stat page. This means the first post + 2 more. Not until the board says your stat thread has 3 posts. You are welcome to keep your stats off-site (eg Proboard, Zetaboards) and use as many posts as you like.
    • A forum ban means an URPG ban too. No matter who it is.
    • Clone accounts are illegal and thus an one-way ticket to getting banned.

    PokéMart/Hidden Power Reroll
    • You post your own order.
    • You must wait until your order is accepted before you substract the money from your stats.
    • You purchase your Daycare Moves and Hidden Abilities at the Pokémart for $5,000 each. You get these instantly once they're approved.
    • You MUST put which Pokémon you own have Breeding Moves, Move Tutors, Special Moves, or Hidden Ability taught to them. If you are caught cheating, like everything else, there will be penalties. But this will be more strict.

    • Bids start at $1000.
    • Bid increasements must be at least $100 but have no maximum bid. Members cannot bid a total amount greater than what they currently have.
    • Auctions will end 24 hours after the last bid.
    • The last person to bid gets the prize and has a week to claim it.
    • All bids are non-retractable. If he/she can't claim the prize after the time period, he/she will have the money removed from his/her stats accordingly without getting the auctioned item.
    • Each branch's auction functions separately and independently of each other.
    • The same Pokemon cannot be put up for auction in multiple branches.
    • Auctions will happen whenever they happen. Please have patience.

    • A trade starts by one person posting that he/she wants to trade and the other person replies he/she will trade. Once both people agree, they trade. You must have a Trade Supervisor accept your trade before it becomes official.
    • If you are trading to evolve your Pokémon, do a trade-and-trade-back. If an item is needed during Trade Evolution, you must buy it from the Pokémart.
    • You can also buy a Link Cable in the Pokémart to bypass the need for a trade-and-trade-back. You do however still need the items like Metal Coat if the evolution requires it.
    • You can’t trade your Starter Pokémon to anyone. It is yours to keep forever. You can only trade-and-trade-back to evolve it, like Machoke to Machamp.
    • You can't trade any Pokémon that are participating in a current, active forum battle, tournament, or contest. If you do trade, either your trade will be canceled or the above (apply where applicable) will be declared over. This is done by a Moderator or respective leaders/seniors of each section.
    • If you decide to leave, for any reason, you may trade away any Pokémon in your stats away, except your Starter. You can only trade one Pokémon to each individual. Plus, those trades must be fair, to the trade supervisor's own judgement.
    • You can not trade/tradeback just so the other party can teach your Pokémon TM/HM/BM/MT/SMs, or feed your Pokémon Pokéblocks.

    • Members without messengers may have up to 3 forum battles here. Members with messengers may only 1 forum battle at a time. If you go over the limit, your battle will be locked.
    • Gym leaders get an extra forum battle for their gym matches.
    • If you want to trade a Pokémon that is involved in a battle, you must wait for the battle to be finished in order to trade. If you do trade that Pokémon, your battle may be locked and your opponent will win the match.
    • Don't post in other people's battle threads, unless you have the right to.
    • The Ref of the match posts the battles, unless he/she asks one of the battlers to do it for him/her.
    • All battles must be physically reffed; counting one battle as many because the outcome is the same is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.
    • 1v1 battles between fully evolved Pokemon will not pay either battler, unless it is the only Pokemon of one of the battlers. If they are being abused for referee wages penalties will apply.
    • OHKO's (first turn knockout) will not pay either battles or the referee. You can use them to evolve Pokemon quickly if you wish, but there will still be no income.
    • If the Pokémon is currently in battle, but you have gotten it a new TM/HM/BM/MT/SM, then you can't use it in that current battle.
    • If you have already beaten a gym and obtained its badge, you can only receive the money on the second try and others.
    • Pokémon can only use one ability in battle, but you can switch abilities between battles.
    • If you have to leave during a FFA; you can not give control to someone who is already participating. You must get someone outside in the FFA to control your Pokémon.
    • It is an offence to predetermine the outcome of any battle, including those used for evolution.

    • You must write everything yourself. If you are caught stealing stories which aren't yours, you will be (forum) banned.
    • Don't post in other people's story threads, unless you have the right to.
    • You have to post your stories/grades yourself. You can't have someone post it for you. No exceptions.

    • You are not allowed to feed Pokéblocks when your Luster is either maxed or will be over-maxed when you feed the remaining Pokéblocks.
      (eg. feeding another 50 Luster Pokéblock to a Pokémon that already have 240 Luster is not allowed and is considered abuse)
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    Default Re: The Rules: READ FIRST!

    courtesy of The Laughing Man (banner contest runner-up)

    –Main Areas–
    There are five major sections of the URPG. Battling, writing stories, roleplaying, participating in Contests, and drawing Pokemon.

    Battles are the most important aspect to the URPG. This is the only way to evolve your Pokemon to higher versions. Visit the link below to learn everything about Battles.
    Reffing Encyclopedia: BMG | PWN | PXR

    This is where you write a story to catch Pokemon. This is the main way to obtain new Pokemon for your team. Visit the link below to learn everything about Stories.
    How To Write Stories: BMG | PWN | PXR

    -Role Plays-
    The URPG National Park allows trainers to catch Pokemon and interact with other trainers through roleplaying.
    National Park Rules: BMG | PWN | PXR

    Contests seem to be a favorite past time among some members. You are a Coordinator, and your aim is to win ribbons and participate in leagues.
    Judging Encyclopedia: BMG | PWN | PXR

    -Art Gallery-
    The Art Gallery is URPG's newest addition to the core activities that you can do. Draw art pieces of Pokemon and get it curated, and you just might have a chance of capturing the Pokemon that you've drawn! Visit the link below to learn more about the Art Gallery.
    How To Make PokeArt: BMG | PWN | PXR

    The Ultra Dex
    We have our very own PokeDex. You can use this to check for moves that your Pokemon learn, their evolution stages and methods, abilities, methods of obtaining, and more.
    The Ultra Dex

    –Other Areas–
    Here’s a look at some important threads you might want to look at.

    -The Marketplace-
    You can find all your shopping needs, chances to enter contests, and quizzes to make money in this section. You can find The PokeMart, The Underground, and the Auction Room here. All wages of the respective sections will also be posted here. For a more detailed description, please visit The Marketplace thread.
    Marketplace Board: BMG | PWN | PXR

    -Trading Machine-
    Want a better Pokémon? Want to evolve that Machoke into a Machamp? Find someone else to trade with.
    *Note that giving Pokémon or anything in your stats to another Trainers is ILLEGAL. You will not be allowed do this.
    Trading Machine: BMG | PWN | PXR

    These Pokémon can only be won through special contests, tournaments, or defeating the Elite Trainers. Legendary Pokémon can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances of obtainment. Legends will be logged here.

    History of Legendaries (aka expired)
    not fully consolidated

    -Trainer’s Court-
    This is where you can bring a topic up and want judgment on it upon the Moderators and Officials. It’s like a suggestion but for major topics only. You can take crimes to court also. Check the Court Rules first before starting a thread.
    Trainer's Court Board: BMG | PWN | PXR

    -Records, Awards, and Member Respect Hall-
    If a member accomplished something for doing their part in the URPG history, they get their name here. Also listed with it are the URPG Member's of the Year awards, which are held every year.
    Respect Hall: BMG | PWN | PXR

    Apart from the Story Writing Competition, different events and tournaments are held from time to time. Some of these events include URPG Secret Santas, seasonal Auctions, annual URPG Awards, annual Gym Tournaments, and many more. Stay tuned so you don't miss the fun!
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    Default Re: The Rules: READ FIRST!

    courtesy of Felly


    Who wants money? This is how the payments will go.

    For Battling:

    Normal Single/Double Battles
    1v1: $1,000 / $500
    2v2: $1,000 / $500
    3v3: $1,500 / $500
    4v4: $2,000 / $1,000
    5v5: $2,500 / $1,000
    6v6: $3,000 / $1,500

    Gym Battles
    3v3: $2,500 / $1,000
    4v4: $3,000 / $1,500
    5v5: $3,500 / $1,500
    6v6: $4,000 / $2,000

    It is common for battlers to use 1 VS. 1 battles to get experience on their Pokemon quick. It is fine to do this. However, there are certain 1 VS. 1 cases in which the battle will pay neither battler nor the ref. These cases are when the battle only lasts one turn, or when one of the Pokemon is fully evolved. If one of the Pokemon has enough battles to become fully evolved but did not evolve, the owner of that Pokemon will not get paid. However, if a trainer only has one Pokemon, he/she is exempt from this rule and therefore is paid, as well as the other battler and the ref, unless this is being done excessively (up to discretion by URPG staff).

    Special types of battles do not pay by the amount of Pokemon, as stated below
    • type: win; lose; draw
    • Elite 4 and Champion: $4,000 / $3,000
    • Tournament: varies
    • FFA: $1,000 to the bottom 3, and incremental increase of $500 for each player after that
    • With the introduction of FFA Fridays, bonus payouts will be awarded if they are held on Fridays
      • $1,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 6 Players
      • $2,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 12 Players
      • $4,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 18 Players
    • Remember, you also get awarded the gym's TM and badge if you win, but only for the first win. Subsequent wins grant only money.

    Multi Battles are a little different and have adjusted pay. The values listed are for each battler.

    • n VS. n: win; lose; draw
    • 2 VS. 2: $1,000 / 500
    • 4 VS. 4: $1,500 / $500
    • 6+ VS. 6+: $2,000 / $1,000

    • Regular: $500 per Pokémon used in battle (ex. 2v2 means $1,000)
    • 1v1 battles will only pay if both mons are not fully evolved
    • 1v1 battles that are finished in one turn will not pay regardless of evolution stage
    • Double Battles: $500 per Pokémon on one side
    • Gym- $500 per Pokémon used in battle
    • Elite Four: $4,000
    • Champion: $4,000
    • Tournament: Variable
    • FFA: $500 per Pokémon used in battle
    • With the introduction of FFA Fridays, bonus payouts will be awarded if they are held on Fridays
      • $1,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 6 Players
      • $2,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 12 Players
      • $4,000 Bonus for FFAs of at least 18 Players

    • Typical contests pay $2,000. You don't have to wait till wage period to collect these.
    • B/W Contests pay $750 for each Pokemon in the battle for the ref. Please look to this thread for further instruction on wages/payouts.

    Graders, Rangers, and Curators
    Do check respective threads, as wages for these professions are judged differently.

    Newsletter (Currently Inactive)
    • Story of the Week: $1500
    • Trainer of the Week: $1500
    • Roleplayer of the Week: $1500
    • Pokémon of the Week: $1000
    • Additional prizes/wages will be given out as the Chief Editor sees fit
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    Default Re: The Rules: READ FIRST!

    courtesy of TheProtobabe

    –Ultra Staff–

    This is a list of positions. Referees, Graders, Judges and Gym Leaders have their own thread which is linked at the end.

    HKim (BMG / PWN | PXR)

    -Second in Command-
    Monbrey (BMG / PWN | PXR)

    Ataro (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    ChainReaction01 (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    BlueTowel (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    Princess Crow (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    We Taste Pies... (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    WinterVines (BMG / PWN | PXR)

    Ash K. (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    Bumblebee (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    Felly (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    Fossil Fusion (BMG / PWN)
    Nitro (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    SLCalamity (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    Smiles (BMG / PWN | PXR)
    swiftgallade46 (BMG / PWN | PXR)

    -Section Leaders-
    Referees - Monbrey
    Graders - Princess Crow (Acting: Smiles)
    Judges - Ash K.
    Rangers - ChainReaction01 / WinterVines
    Curators - WinterVines

    -Tournament/Special Event Chairmen-
    Battles - Monbrey, HKim
    Stories - Princess Crow, HKim
    Park - ChainReaction01, WinterVines, HKim
    Contests - SLCalamity, HKim
    Curator - WinterVines, HKim

    *If you want to run a Tournament/Special Event, you must ask one of the above.

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    Default Re: The Rules: READ FIRST!


    If you have a problem with another member (cheating; Referees aren’t fair or doing a poor job; graders too hard; etc…), DO NOT post your complaint in the forum. There will be no arguments, flaming, or fighting in the URPG boards. Please IM messages to talk to the other person, or you can always contact a Moderator/Official and they can help figure a way to deal with it.

    -Banned Members-

    These are people who are NOT allowed in the URPG. Some of the ways to get banned: steal the URPG for your own site; causing problems for other members; cheating. Message HKim's Inbox for all banning problems and concerns.


    Pokemon Trainer Red
    Abz Rulez / Metagross Fan/ Alakazam 360 / Groudon6_6_6
    Blazeiken12 /AquaMeowth
    Eb90 /Darkx
    Team Evolution
    Amakiir / Grayling Murdock

    Have an idea? A question about one of the rules? Go to the URPG Related Chat thread and post what you have to say. Check the above rules first - your question might already be answered.
    URPG General Chat/Questions/Suggestions (BMG | PWN | PXR)

    -Online Chat Room-
    Yes, the URPG has a Blast Chat in the AIM messenger, named [URPG Chat]. Just ask any Staff member to send you an invite. The chat is almost always busy and it's a great way to meet nearly everyone in the URPG. Please remember this Chat is considered an extension of the forum, so linking to porn or vulgar discussions within it are considered inappropriate.

    The URPG has three branches: Bulbagarden, The Petalburg Woods Network, and Pokemon Crossroads. Should one of these forums be offline, URPG members should use another during the duration of the downtime.

    In case of emergencies, the URPG has a backup forum. It is only to be used when all forums are offline or other situations.

    -Final Words-
    Now that you have read the rules, or at least glanced at them, you may apply for your starter Pokémon at Starter Requests (BMG | PWN | PXR) and begin the fun at The Ultra RPG. Please respect the rules, members, and staff. Enjoy!

    Don't forget to read each forum's respective rules (whichever you're active in). Thanks!

    *The URPG is copyright to the BMG, PWN & PXR forum community. Any use of this anywhere else is prohibited and can result in banning any involved members.*
    *No group copied from the URPG has ever survived.*
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