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    Arrow Getting Started: READ FIRST!

    BMG | PWN | PXR

    courtesy of ragnarok0422

    Welcome to The Pokémon Ultra RPG, or URPG for short. Everyone is invited to join and new members are always welcome!

    -What is the URPG?-

    This is a multifaceted game based on the Pokémon saga. You start as a Trainer with a single Pokémon, working your way to capture new friends and battle for the championship.

    -Why should you join?-

    Because the adventure is thrilling, the community is great, and the URPG is the longest running Pokémon RPG in existence. From battles and role plays to stories and contests, the URPG has something for everyone! Or if you would like something fresh, try out URPG's newest section where you can capture Pokémon by drawing them! If you like Pokémon and you like to have fun, sign up today!

    -Getting Started-

    To begin your journey, go to Starter Requests (BMG | PWN | PXR) and apply for the Pokémon you would like to start with. You will also receive $5000 in cash and $5000 contest credits as part of your starter package.

    After being approved, you must post your Trainer Stats at the Trainer Stats Sub-Board (BMG | PWN | PXR). You must keep track of you own stats and edit them after every change. Nobody is responsible to keep track of your stats except yourself. You are responsible for having correct information in your stats.

    -Main Features of the URPG-

    Pokémon Battles!
    • Gameboy-based Pokémon combat without the 4-move limit
    • A Total of 45 Gyms in 6 Leagues
    • A top-notch team of Elite 4 and Champion awaiting your challenge
    • Dynamic Free-For-All battles with the potential for bizarre and creative combat rules

    Capture New Pokémon!
    • Multiple chances and opportunities to acquire new friends
    • Write creative and compelling stories
    • Roleplay on adventurous journeys in the National Park
    • Draw some fantastic Pokémon artwork
    • Trade with friends and rivals
    • Win Pokémon in various events and competitions
    • Purchase commonly available Pokémon at the Pokemart

    Amazing Activities!
    • Challenging Contests where you face off against your rivals to score the most points
    • Tournaments designed to determine who is the best there ever was
    • Seasonal Competitions to test your skills and earn prizes
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    Default Re: Getting Started (READ FIRST)

    Further Information

    -Main Rules-

    • No Cheating. This is a game based on trust and we ask you to respect our rules.
    • Clone accounts are illegal and thus a one-way ticket to getting banned.
    • Inappropriate Behavior will result in disciplinary action.
    • Stealing or Plagiarizing from other members is a punishable offense.
    • If a staff members asks you something, please listen to and cooperate with them.

    -What You Can Do-

    • Battles (BMG | PWN | PXR)
      Battles between other members are the largest part of the URPG, and where you will earn the majority of your money. This is also the only way to evolve your Pokémon and earn badges.

    • Stories (BMG | PWN | PXR)
      Writing Stories is the most traditional method to capture Pokémon in the URPG. Occasionally, there will be seasonal writing competitions for aspiring writers to enter and compete, where you can earn even more prizes.

    • National Park (BMG | PWN | PXR)
      Roleplaying is another method for you to capture Pokémon in the URPG. You get to visit different areas to see different Pokémon and get to participate in a roleplay environment. This is also the only place where you get to see legendaries. Occasionally, there are special Park Events where you get to participate in special roleplays/runs or win special items.

    • Contests (BMG | PWN | PXR)
      Contests are a RSE classic where you get to play with other members, giving your Pokémon a chance to earn a ribbon. With accumulated Contest Credits (CCs), you also get to purchase Berries, Scarfs, or even Pokémon with them!

    • Art Gallery (BMG | PWN | PXR)
      If you're an aspiring artist or are just looking to whip out your brushes and whatnot to draw some fantastic Pokémon arts (in whatever medium possible), do head over to the newest section of URPG!

    Some other threads of importance are:
    • The PokéMart (BMG | PWN | PXR), where you can spend money to buy Items, TM/HM/BM/MT/SMs, Hidden Abilities, and even some Pokémon.
    • Trading Machine (BMG | PWN | PXR), where you can trade your Pokémon with other Trainers.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the URPG Related Chat (BMG | PWN | PXR). But please, read the rest of the rules because your question might have already been answered here.

    Becoming a member puts you as a Trainer for your position. You may move up to other positions based on performance and activity.

    -URPG Board Overview-

    General: For rules, stats, and general URPG related threads.
    Marketplace: Pokemart, quizzes, contests, and wages are in this sub-board.
    Trainer's Court: Only important cases for serious discussion about URPG related material.
    Trainer Stats: Post your Pokemon stats here.

    Battles: For reffing formula, gym requests, current Referees and battle results ONLY.
    Forum Battles: For battling and challenging members on the forum if you cannot afford a messenger.
    Tournaments: Find the latest tournaments here.

    Stories: This is where you write your URPG story and capture Pokémon.

    National Park: A roleplaying environment in which you write and battle to catch Pokemon.
    Ranger Logs: Posting results of park expeditions.
    Main Pokemon RP: Where trainers can travel together into the Park.
    Individual Pokemon RP: Where trainers experience their own adventures.
    Mission Event Pokemon RP: Where trainers can participate in special events in the park, awarding them special prizes and achievements.

    Contests: Contest style battles like the games.
    Forum Contests: Like Forum Battles, you have contests over the forum.
    Contest Results: For judging formula, methods, current Judges and contest results/logs.

    Art Gallery: URPG's newest section. Draw Pokemon in whatever mediums possible to capture them.

    Staff: URPG's secret board for exclusive members. ;)
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    Default Re: Getting Started (READ FIRST)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    -How does the battling system work?-

    To have a battle, you need an Opponent and a Referee (BMG | PWN | PXR). Opponents can be anyone who has also registered in the URPG and you can challenge them by contacting them. You need a referee because that person determines how each move in the battle affects the Pokemon involved including damage, status effects, and, ultimately, its outcome.

    Most battles in the URPG take place on a messenger system of your choice. A member may use any other form of communication such as IRC and email as long as both the opponent and ref agree to it. Adding refs to your friends list on an Instant Messenger can make it easier to find one when you wish to battle. Additionally, you can battle on the forum.

    AOL Instant Messenger (recommended and most popular)
    Trillian (combines many different instant message services in one program)

    Battles in the URPG work the same way that battles in the game boy games work with a few differences. The biggest difference is that a Pokémon is not restricted to only 4 moves, but rather can use every move that it can learn via leveling up in all generations and pre-evolutions.

    For Technical Machines, Hidden Machines, Breeding Moves, Move Tutors, Special Event Moves, and to activate your Dream World ability, you have to buy/activate them in The PokéMart (BMG | PWN | PXR).

    You can also check out the respective threads to learn more about Battle Formats & Rules (BMG | PWN | PXR) or Holding Items (BMG | PWN | PXR).

    -How do I evolve my Pokémon?-

    All Pokémon are considered to automatically be Level 100 with Maximum Statistics. To evolve a Pokemon, you must use it in battle. For each battle a Pokemon participates in, it gains one battle experience, no matter how many Pokemon it defeats. It is not required to evolve a Pokemon if you do not wish to.

    • A Pokemon that is fully evolved after one evolution only needs seven battles to evolve. For example, a Blitzle requires seven battles to become a Zebstrika.
    • A Pokemon that can evolve twice needs fives battles to evolve once, and then five more to evolve again. For example, a Charmander requires five battles to evolve into Charmeleon. Then Charmeleon requires five battles to evolve into Charizard. If a Charmander acquires ten battles, it can evolve into Charmeleon, and then into Charizard immediately.
    • Pokémon that evolve with items or by trade still need the minimum amount of battles to evolve. The items that are used will disappear after use.
    • Pokemon that evolve by trade can be traded and then traded back at the Trading Machine (BMG | PWN | PXR) to evolve. Alternatively, you may purchase a Cable Link (multiple use) at the PokéMart (BMG | PWN | PXR) to evolve Pokemon that evolve by trade.
    • Pokemon that evolve by happiness or by maximum beauty require a Soothe Bell, which can be purchased at the PokeMart as well.
    • If a Pokémon can evolve into more than one Pokemon, you may choose which Pokemon it evolves to as long as its requirements are met. For example, after a Tyrogue acquires seven battles, you can choose to evolve it into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop.
    • Pokemon that evolve depending on gender must have to correct gender to evolve into specific Pokemon. For example, a female Burmy can only evolve into Wormadam, and a male Burmy can only evolve into Mothim.
    • Most forme change Pokemon have their respective formes decided upon capture/obtain. That means you cannot change their forme as and when you like, unless otherwise stated.

    -How do I trade Pokémon?-

    You may trade Pokémon at the Trading Machine (BMG | PWN | PXR).

    You may only give a Pokémon away to another trainer during special events such as the Gift Station, which occur three times a year.

    -What is my Pokémon's ability, nature, and gender?-

    Pokémon abilities aren't set in stone. You can choose any ability a Pokémon has access to before it is sent into battle and change it between battles.

    You can choose the nature any Pokémon you start with, purchase, win, or catch through stories. Any Pokémon you catch at the National Park will have a randomly determined nature. Natures are permanent.

    You may choose the gender of any Pokémon you gain. A Pokémon's gender is permanent.

    -How can I earn more money?-

    The easiest way to earn money is through battling. Winning a battle earns you $1,000 and losing a battle earns you $500. In the case of a tie, both battlers earn $750. (Only applicable to 1v1s-3v3s, refer to this (BMG | PWN | PXR) for the rundown on all payments. One-hit KO battles reward no money and there are increased earnings for special cases such as gym and tournament battles. If you are unsure how much money you should add after a battle, feel free to ask a Ref or an Official.

    Additionally, you can earn up to $2,000 if you win a contest and an additional $1,500 Contest Credit, for a total value of $3,500. The lowest you can earn from a contest is $1,000 with an additional $500 Contest Credit. Special contest events usually pay out more. Judges will inform participants how much they have won at the end of the contest.

    The most lucrative way to earn cash is by attaining a paid profession. These include:

    Professionals are paid very well, but only because they often work hard to ensure enjoyment for all URPG participants. Becoming a professional takes time and effort, but ultimately is rewarding in terms of money and prestige. Some professionals eventually advance to leadership positions within the URPG.

    -Anything else that I need to read?-

    Nope! But here are two short list of tips that were compiled together to help you start out with an edge over your opponent in battles, or simply tips from the experiences of the veterans. This will allow you to gain a general scope of how the URPG works as well.

    You don't have to read this. But it will benefit you if you do!

    15 Tips To Help You:

    The 10 In-Battle Mistakes Every Newbie Should Avoid:

    *Credit to Marth for creating both lists.
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    Default Re: Getting Started (READ FIRST)

    AOL Instant Messenger

    In the URPG, we have two main methods of battling: on AIM and on the forum. In this thread, I would like to stress the use of AIM for battling over the forum.

    -The Case for AIM-

    Forum battles take longer than AIM battles. A simple 1v1 can take days to finish, and longer battles such as a 3v3 can take over two weeks. Although forum battles are great if you're battling an opponent in a completely different timezone, if you're close to them (or really even if you're not) AIM battles are much faster.

    AIM battles take much, much less time. A 1v1 usually takes about 5 minutes. 3v3's take longer, obviously, but not too much longer; they usually go from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Larger battles last longer, but their length is still much shorter than a forum battle of the same length.

    On AIM, you can talk with your friends and find potential battlers. All of our refs have AIM, and there's usually one always on. Plus, on AIM, you can participate in FFAs, large free-for-alls between 6+ members, where you can earn much more than the $1000 from a battle. These rarely occur on the forum, but on AIM, they occur fairly often.

    Having an AIM account also gives you access to some of the special events. On AIM, there are auctions, where many different (and rare) Pokemon are put up for sale, and sometimes there are mini-tourneys after those. The National Park holds events where they giveaway free items that you cannot buy in the Park shop. Also on AIM, there are sometimes random Pokemon giveaways- these usually accompany a party or an auction.


    We highly recommend that everyone who participates in the URPG get an AIM account. It allows you to participate in faster battles, FFAs, special events, and allows you to talk with other members and connect with them.

    You can find a list of all the referee's AIM screen names over here (BMG | PWN | PXR).

    AIM Installation Tutorial:

    -AIM Blast Chats-

    There's also a new feature called AIM Blast Chat. Setting it up is quite easy, and doesn't take much time. It solves the problem of not being able to see dice rolls in normal chats if you're using Meebo, as you're able to see dice rolls in blast chats even if you are using Meebo.

    There's also a FAQ/Help Section at the link I posted above, if you need any extra information. Additionally, if you need more help with certain commands, enter a blast group, and type "!help" (without the quotes) for a list of commands to be used in the blast chat.

    The URPG has an official Blast Chat for general discussion called [URPG Chat]. Feel free to ask in General Chat (BMG | PWN | PXR) or on AIM for an invite.

    *Thanks to Stinky for the AIM section, and to Iridium for the AIM Blast section.
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