Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

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Thread: Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

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    Default Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

    Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery

    A lot of members may remember back when we didn't have the Artisan's Gallery, which would probably explain the lack of rules that have been posted up in here. However, no more... now that we've got a pair of set mods for the general Artist's Alcove forums, we've come up with rules that we're finally able to be setting in place around here. Don't worry, though... the place is still pretty lax. :)

    First off, if you want to be signing up for a shop, be sure to post the 'application' in this thread. It's just there to let people who are browsing through the Gallery know what it is that the shopkeepers have to be offering.

    As far as rules go, there's a lot of rules that will remain the same as they are in The Artist's Alcove Guidelines. We'd like to refer people here for the basics of the Alcove and Gallery so that we don't have any trouble brewing up in the forums. :) Let's keep this a happy community, shall we?

    Now... for the basic rules that should be abode by here are relatively simple. ^^

    1. No posting multiple shop threads for different techniques

    This should actually go without saying. If there's a lot of different things that you have to be offering, then please state so in the original post of your shop. We don't want a whole bunch of your shops cluttering the area because you have a lot of different styles that you can show off. It could be considered spam-ish and that is generally not wanted on the forums in the first place.

    2. No continuously posting to your thread to bump it

    Patience is both a practice and a virtue. People will post to your shop when they are interested. If you want to be increasing traffic flow to your shop, you can always put in a link in your signature and post on other parts of Bulbagarden to be showcasing your work. It's understandable that you'll get bored of waiting for people to come, but as you're waiting, why not practice and perfect your skills for yourself so that your work improves? ^^

    3. No 'advertising' your shop in others' shops

    First and foremost of this is the fact that this is extremely rude to the person that has their shop up. They work on their sprites just like others do and they don't need people coming in and posting their shop because it has something to offer that theirs can't – or worse, stating that their shop is better than the one that they're 'advertising in. Let's be equal with one another, shall we?

    There is also a trend that goes on with shops in terms of 'advertising', as well. This 'trend' is known as 'affiliating' with one another, as started by the Dark Diamond Affilation. From that initial one, there's been other affiliation groups that have sprung up and it's a good way for shopkeepers to be discussing things over with others.

    4. Respect the keepers' rules

    Just about all of the shops that are posted here in the Gallery have their own set of rules that are posted up in the original post of their shops. Please make sure to read them (and thoroughly!) before going in to be making a request. There may be something that you need to know so that the keeper can actually be doing your request instead of having to deny what it is that you want. Remember! All shops are different!

    5. Shop Inactivity

    A shop thread that remains inactive for over a month will be closed by one of the Artist's Alcove Moderators. If a previous shop owner wishes to have their shop re-opened, then they must simply PM one of the Moderators.


    Also... confused about getting a link in your signature, especially if you're wanting to use a signature banner to show off examples of your work? Then refer to Blazaking's 'How To Use Banners' thread, located here. It's a simple step-by-step 'How To' that anyone can comprehend.
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    Default Re: Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

    This helps alot. thanks. :D

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    Default Re: Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

    can you create a pic for me and post it

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    Default Re: Welcome to the Artisan's Gallery! Rules and Guidelines You'll Have to Look at~

    Quote Originally Posted by pokefreak9991 View Post
    can you create a pic for me and post it
    This is the incorrect place to ask for something. Please request whatever you want in one of the many active shop threads in the Artisan's Gallery. And when you do, please specify exactly what you want, instead of just asking for "a pic".


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