Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)
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Thread: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

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    Default Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    While searching through my sketch folders a few months ago, I realized I had a bunch of unrelated drawings from various times and on different pieces of paper of various Pokemon characters genderbent. After looking through these and trying to come up with an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to upload them all (which I still haven't succeeded at), I felt like drawing more. Now I have seven with an eighth on the way. It's not that I'm running out of ideas (not already!) but I'd like to see what characters people would like to see genderbent.


    1. Human characters only. I'm trying to keep this focused mostly on game characters, but I am already considering doing a few anime and manga-exclusive characters, so feel free to suggest them.

    2. No counterparts/duplicates/alternate versions/et cetera...with rare exceptions. That is, I'm not going to do both Game!Silver and Manga!Silver, since they aren't physically different enough that the genderbent design would be different enough to be worth doing.
    At the moment, the only exceptions I am considering are Lyra and Kris (their designs are different enough to give interesting results, and their anime counterparts Lyra and Marina are not the same character) and Red (either game or manga, if I do Game!Red I will probably use black-haired Red; I don't like that ashy brown hair color he got in FRLG) and Ash.
    There are also a few "borderline" characters, such as Leaf and Green (her pre-FRLG design), Blue (either RGB/FRLG or GSC/HGSS) and Gary and Sir Aaron and Riley that I could go either way on. It would really depend on how the genderbend/s turn out.

    3. I will not "re-do" a character just because you don't like the design, only because I don't like the design.

    4. You can request groups of characters (that is, two or more characters together genderbent). This can be fun if the characters know each other in canon; they can be reacting to each other's genderbentness or acting in-character-but genderbent! They can be couples, friends, or any other combination you find amusing.

    5. Just because you request/suggest a character does not guarantee that character will be drawn. These aren't commissions.

    6. Feel free to suggest characters I am already considering doing. It's nice to get feedback about what people want to see. I have a lot of ideas for characters to genderbend, but there's far too many to be able to do them all-and it's hard for me to decide, too.

    7. This isn't a rule so much as a tendency. I gravitate towards male--->female Rule 63. That is, I prefer drawing a male character female than vice versa. If you notice my "List of Characters I have Already Done", you will notice the vast majority of characters on it are male. Regardless, I enjoy drawing both and I encourage requests/suggestions for both types of Rule 63.

    List of Characters I have Already Done
    (hopefully I will post the partially-complete drawings soon. When I say "partially complete" I mean "drawn but roughly digitally-colored, hand-colored, or not colored at all.)

    Blue (in the process)
    Lyra (I don't really like this design; I'm planning to re-do it)

    Characters I am Considering Doing
    To keep this list from being ENORMOUS I'm going to keep things general. Almost all of my ideas so far have come from these categories
    Player Characters
    Gym Leaders
    (significant) Villainous team members
    Frontier Brains (I don't really do much with the Battle Frontier/Tower/Subway/whatever in-game, but some of them have interesting designs)
    Other major characters that don't fall into any of those categories

    Any major characters from the anime or movies that don't have game counterparts
    Any Pokedex Holder or other major Pokemon Special/Adventures-exclusive character (I've read only a handful of other Pokemon manga, most of which have game-exclusive characters or counterparts of them exclusively)
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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    Hmm. I'd request a genderbent Ashley, but seeing as how Ashley's already a crossdressing boy, that'd just be Ash. I really wanna see how your idea of N looks. I might be interested in a picture of two somewhat related genderbent people (ie. Cheren and Hilda, Jessie and James, Misty and Brock) battling a group of surgeons. Or a genderbent Lance would be interesting.
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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    I want to see genderbent male!Sabrina with female!Morty please~! ♥ (HGSS versions, of course.)

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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    I'd like to see a switch of Fantina honestly, her dress and hair are so out there.

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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    I have no idea if this is still open, and I'm not sure if my ideas technically meet the criteria you established, but even so, I wanted to give this a shot.

    Character Suggestion #1: The anime-exclusive character Brodie, who sadly only appears in two episodes, "Unfair Weather Friends" and "Ribbon Cup Caper". In his first appearance, he is working for Team Magma and spends the majority of the episode disguised as a new female employee named Millie. In his second appearance (and unfortunately his last one to date), he is shown to have donned at least 5 other disguises, three male (a guard, the captain, and the head chef) and two female (Officer Jenny and a woman modeled after the Lady trainer class in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). I'd love to see fanart of him as, getting into, or removing any of his female disguises.

    Character Suggestion #2: The recurring character from the games, the detective Looker. After beating the story in either Black or White version, the player will meet Looker dressed as their mother. I'd get a real kick out of seeing fanart of that scene from the games.

    Character Suggestion #3: James from Team Rocket. He's no stranger to crossdressing in the show, but probably one of the most amusing instances is where he and Jessie are disguised as hula dancers in Saffron City in the episode "Abra and the Psychic Showdown" and both of them kiss Ash on the cheek. If possible, I want to see a picture of him in that exact getup.

    Character Suggestion #4: From the Generation II games and their Gen IV remakes, this trainer from Fuschia Gym: Awesome Crossdresser in Pokemon HG/SS - Camper Barry - YouTube

    I have no idea if any of these ideas will interest you, but I figured that I'd try asking anyway.

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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    How about Nando, Paul, Tracy Sketchit, Prof. Oak, Cilan, and that blonde kid from Sinnoh [I think his name is Barry]?

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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    I was wondering if you could draw May skydiving. I don't want her to wear her bandana. I would like her to wear a tie-dye T-shirt and the shorts she wore during the Hoenn saga.


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    Default Re: Taking Requests/Suggestions for Rule 63 (AKA genderbending characters)

    Could you draw Grimsley? ^^


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