Alright due to actually getting commission work from here and there over the past few months,i managed to grab myself a tablet.this of course,severely upped the limits on my abilities and imagination for my such i now like to offer my services up to people!

however,because this consumes portions of my time,and i am dirt poor,I am someone who has to be commissioned.i know,monies,its out friend and enemy D:

A Few Rules
1.I reserve the right to decline any offer that is asked of me
2.I do not blaze through these things.though i focus on detail,because my speed on these things is determined by my interest,i can't always give accurate timelines on finished work.
3.Art pieces are prioritized based on when they are requested,not by their size or time needed to create.
4.I prefer to make something for you if you have reference material,or an idea of what you want.However,i can make something from scratch,it will just take longer to make.

Customer List[For personal reference]

-Traditional Sketch-$5
-full colored/shadowed character & background-$30
-Additional Characters-+10 to all prices[signature excluded]
-comics,progressions,storyboards,stories[Short/Long]-negotiable price

-Work is currently only payable via Paypal @

A Word From Your Artist!
Though i haven't drawn anything pokemon in a long,long time,and none of it is online, my artwork can be found HERE and HERE [Warning--Some Recent work has been NSFW].

I like to consider my artwork to be "Anime inspired". though my recent work has been furry and NSFW related, i am more comfortable with darker things.Metallic, Demonic things are my drawing preference,but are not the only things I am capable of creating.

Well,if you took the time to read this far,why not go a step farther? toss a few dollars this way,and lets get something created just for you!