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    Default Sarah's Sprites 'n Stuff

    Welcome to Sarah's Sprites 'n Stuff! I have a few different services I can do for you.

    The simplest is Pokemon sprites. I can recolor them, splice them, disguise them, etc. (one of the things I most like to do with Pokemon sprites is to take any Pokemon, then edit it to look like it's part of another Pokemon's evolutionary line. They're like splices, except I scratch some parts and may take parts from other Pokemons' sprites, too. This's what the weird Eevee/Milotic is. When you request these, call them "otherlutions".)

    A few examples:

    There's also Pokemon team graphics. Basically, a team of up to six Pokemon standing behind a trainer sprite. Although, I suppose you can request more Pokemon if you want, or more than one trainer sprite. I can be flexible.

    Quick and sloppy example:

    I can do avatars as well. I have a huge library on my computer of 100x100px avatars of Pokemon art I took from card scans. In the spoiler are a few examples of them. Tell me which Pokemon you want and I probably have it. You may also ask for me to add text or effects to the avatar, if you'd wish.

    I can do transparent text banners, too! Though, I suppose you could give me an image to put as a background too if you want. When you get these, tell me the text you want and the font style you'd like, as well as any effects you want (outline, glow, shadow, etc.). Tell me if you intend to use it for your signature, so I can make sure it fits the signature rules.

    Quick examples:

    Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you! No credit is needed, I just enjoy fulfilling other people's requests!
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    Default Re: Sarah's Sprites 'n Stuff

    Would I be able to request two things at once. If so then
    I would be very grateful if you could make me an absol avatar. The absol would need to be a silver color.
    The other thing I want is a Dewott sprite that has cracked schalops and If you can can you make it look like it is frozen in a block of ice. Thank you. If you can I would appreciate it if you message me when you finish either of them

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    Default Re: Sarah's Sprites 'n Stuff

    can you do a recolor of celebi? all rainbow colors like ROY G. BIV


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