So.... Here are some guidelines first of all:

1. Patience is a virtue. Though I will be checking this thread daily, I am college student, and my education is going to always be first. I will do my best to get requests done within 24-48 hours of you requesting, though the latest you'll have to wait is a week. If you'll have to wait any longer, I'll let you know via VM or PM. (:
2. You can request as much as you'd like. However, I would like to make you aware that the more you request, the longer you'll have to wait.
3. I am not limiting the number of people that can request at once. I'll be doing requests in the order that I see them.
4. You can find a gallery of my works here. There's just way too much for me to showcase here anyways, and once requests start pouring in, you'll see my style anyways.
5. Using the forms below is not mandatory, but recommended. If you don't use the form, I'd like you to be as detailed as possible so that I know what you do want & what you don't want. & please use a separate form for each item you're requesting!
6. Credit is not mandatory, but I do ask that you don't go and say my work is your own.

Anyways basically what I do are sprites and other things....

Will be posting pictures, sprites, and drawing soon.