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    Cool JetStream's Compact Card Shop

    JetStream's Compact Card Shop

    For people who don't like to fill out forms don't bother reading on.

    PKM= Pokemon
    #= Number

    These are my own creations. I had a tiny space in a signature once and a regular trainer card was to big so I made a mini version.

    These were done before I figured out how to put in text that was small enough to fit in the box.

    Form to request on of your own:
    A discription of the pokemon trainer- 
    Name of Trainer- 
    Pokemon Background- (I can do every pokemon but the Black and White legendaries)
    Pokemon on the left-(Species)
    Pokemon on the right-(Ditto to PKM on the Left)
    Special Poses-(In the air, behind the trainer, off to the side farther etc.)
    Total PKM-(Should be 6 or less)
    Badges-(Region and # of)
    Badge set up style-(Swivel, or robotic. The examples are swivel, the card below is robotic.)
    An example with a fourm

    A discription of the pokemon trainer- Brown hair, blue vest over a white shirt and black pants with a blue hat that resembled Sir. Eric's. His shoes are the same color as his pants.
    Name of Trainer- Ray
    Pokemon Background- Garitina
    Pokemon on the left- Pacharisu
    Pokemon on the right- Dragonair, Togetic
    Special Poses- Garatina, behind. Pidgeot, above and behind Garitina.
    Total PKM- 5
    Badges-Battle fronteir Gold and Silver all 7
    Badge set up style-Robotic
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    These look cool. :o

    A discription of the pokemon trainer- (Female) Brown hair, grey shirt/shoes & black pants, grey hat with a black ribbon on it? (like example 1, perhaps?) If possible, could you sprite a green scarf on her? Thanks.
    Name of Trainer- Finch
    Pokemon Background- None like example 1, if you could.
    Pokemon on the left- Staraptor
    Pokemon on the right- Grovyle (if you could make it shiny/find a shiny sprite that'd be appreciated <3)
    Special Poses- Nidorino behind (also shiny if possible)
    Total PKM- 3
    Badges- Johto and Kanto, all 16 (if you can't fit those then Johto's 8)
    Badge set up style- Swivel


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