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    since this shop doesn't grow, i decided to close this thread. Anyone who want to visit my graphic site, please visit : http://night-shade.webs.com


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    I'd like an avatar if you kan

    showing a frog

    thanks bud

    oh snup, I didn't realize......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaz_Zie View Post
    Urrmm hi guys ^^ Welcome to my graphic shop XD in this thread you can request graphic things.

    i can make you :
    1) Banner
    2) Avatar (with the size 150x150. if you want size beside that, tell me)
    3) Wallpaper

    Well, i'm quite good in graphic thing, but still i'm not perfect in that thing too. I'm still improving my skill. Here are some examples :

    well, if you want to see more, check my flickr album :


    you can request, but there are some rules :
    1) Respect my works. I'm doing it with all my heart
    2) Do not push me to make graphic thing faster than i can. i have a life too. i'm not a slave, i need time to make it. If you really need it faster, you can ask me but don't push me.
    3) If you wanna request, give me : pic to work, size, text, color, and detail (optional)
    4) Be patient.
    5) and this is the important thing : DO NOT STEAL MY WORKS. IF YOU WANNA USE IT, TELL ME FIRST AND CREDIT IT. If you use it without my permission, i'll curse you so DON'T STEAL MY WORKS.
    6) one person : max. 2 requests.
    7) If i said i'm raelly-really-really busy (yap, triple "really"), it means the banner will take a looooonnnnggggg time (except if you're lucky i'll make it faster XP)
    8) breaking my rules : you're banned.

    well, i think that's enough. any question? ask me. ^^

    and then, go requesting~!! XD

    can you make me a avatar of ash size 50x50

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