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    Default Fall's Signature Shop

    Soooo, this is a shop, yay.

    First off, examples. Now, I've spent the last ten minutes scouring the rules, and these are all too big for signatures here, apparently. I will make smaller ones and replace them, but for now, this is the kind of stuff I can do. So here are a few of the more recent banners that I've made.

    Next morning edit: Kay, I've started adding some that are the right size, for comparison.

    Kay, examples, check. Now for the form. Please use this form if you want to request something. It makes things so much easier for me.

    Size: Default is 400x150, forum sig max, but I will make larger sizes if you want to use them elsewhere etc, or smaller if you want.

    Render/stock: The image you want me to work with. If you can't find one, just let me know, and I'll see what I can dig up, but it just makes it so much easier for me if you can supply one. If I'm in a good mood, I might even be able to render the stock myself, although I can make sigs just out of the stock if you prefer.

    Text: If you want text, what will it be? Bear in mind that I will put exactly what you give me, missed capitals and typos included, because really, I can't tell if it's a mistake or not sometimes. You can also include font, colour and position if you like; otherwise, I'll just go with what I think looks best.

    Colour scheme: Blue and pink? Gold and silver? Matching the render? What do you want it to look like, overall?

    Matching avatar?: Just a yes or no. Self-explanatory, I would think.

    Other: This is for anything else you want to add. Borders, notes on the positioning of the render, rounded corners, strange-shaped banners (I can experiment) and so on, as well as anything else you want me to keep in mind while making them.

    Blank form:

    Kay, thirdly: I do appreciate credit of some kind. You don't have to link back to my shop or profile if you don't want to, but please, at least mention my name somewhere.

    Waiting list:

    As of now, I'll only take three requests at a time. I may or may not adjust the number later. :3

    I think that should be all. I'll make some banners that fit with the sig rules and stick them up in the spoiler thar.

    I don't think I'm breaking any rules, so request away! ^_^
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