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    Hi, welcome to a Graphics Baazar, run by me, Darside.
    Here you can request Themes of Pokemon Online, and signatures, with anything you Ever wanted to see:

    1. Give credit, If not, Dont steal my work.[People who requested, can still use my work]
    2. You can only request 5 times per day.
    3. Please dont spam.
    4. Dont Push me to finish your work, i have a life outside of pokemon, Still, if you request i'll try to finish your request ASAP.
    5. Have fun!.

    Po Main Window:

    Trainer Window:

    Main Chat Window:

    Challenge Window:


    Theme:[Of any series you want, anything.]
    Main Window image:[Give link(if you want)]
    Trainer Window image:[^]
    Challenge Window image:[^]
    Main Chat Window Image:[^]

    (I also make signatures)
    [Text:(if any)]
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    I'll try your shop. (I like the Miku Hatsune theme btw, my favorite song is last night, good night.)

    < --- The completed banner should resemble something along this line. Feel free to put whatever you want in there long as the text is visible and it's not crowded.
    [Text:(if any)]: It should say: Pokemon Move List Black White
    League of Legends SN: ATF Crysis


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