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    Welcome to the Art Shops sub-forum!

    This is where you can open up graphic "shops" and offer your talents to other users in the form of banners, avatars, sprites or whatever it is that you specialize in! But like any other section, this place has its rules, so let's take a look at them, shall we?

    1. No posting multiple shop threads for different techniques

    You should only have one active shop thread at a time. I understand that some of you may have many different things to offer, but you are to offer them all in one thread, not separately. This is to prevent clutter, and to keep everything nice and organized.

    2. No continuously posting in your thread to bump it

    At most, we will allow a single "bump" post for your threads. Anything beyond that, and we will take action. Remember, patience is a virtue! People will post in your shop if they are interested in what you have to offer. You can try to increase your traffic by putting a link in your signature, or perhaps making a blog post about it. In the mean time, you can also try and improve your skills!

    3. No 'advertising' your shop in others' shops

    It is extremely rude to go into other users' shops and advertise your own. They work on their stuff just like others do and they don't need people coming in and posting their shop because it has something to offer that theirs can't – or worse, stating that their shop is better than the one that they're advertising in. Let's treat each other equally, please.

    4. Respect the owners' rules

    Almost every shop in the sub-forum has its own set of rules set up by the user running it, usually posted in the first post of the thread. Please take time to read through these rules (thoroughly) before posting a request. There may be something that the owner of the shop may want you to know, usually concerning whether they can actually finish your request or not. Remember, all shops are different!

    5. Graphics made for signatures should comply to the signature rules

    Signatures should not be wider than 600 pixels or taller than 160 pixels, which means that you should keep your images under these limits when working on requests meant for signatures, such as banners. You can check to see if your signature is within the rules here.

    6. Shop Inactivity

    A shop thread that remains inactive for over a month will be closed by one of the Artist's Alcove Moderators. If a previous shop owner wishes to have their shop re-opened, then they must simply PM one of the Moderators.

    That's about it, enjoy running your shop!
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