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    Welcome to my sprite shop!
    I make splices, recolours and transparencies of pokemon sprites, for example,

    I can also do a change of clothes, hairstyle or whatever on human sprites too, example;

    I'm always taking requests and I'll do them as soon as I get them. They could take from an hour to three days depending on if I have school, revision, etc. and the shop will be closed during the period of my exams (2-3 weeks in June). If I haven't done your sprite in 3 days, and you see I'm online, just give me a PM since I may have missed your post. ^^'

    Order form;
    Pokemon/Person Sprite
    If pokemon: Recolour/Transparency/Splice
    If person: Change of clothes/hairstyle/other
    Details: (Specify what pokemon you want to be spliced, what colour you want the new clothes to be, any specific generation sprites, etc.)

    Thank you for visiting the shop! ^w^
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