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Thread: -=Eon Graphics=-OPEN

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    Default -=Eon Graphics=-OPEN

    Thinking outside the box...
    Graphics brought to you by


    Welcome everyone to my graphics shop! I've been making signatures, avatars, banners, and other pieces of graphic art for little over half a decade. Yet until recently, I haven't had a graphics shop like this one for almost three years...(You can thank Serperiority for encouraging me enough to make this shop!) So, welcome everyone, take a peek at the examples, and tell me what you would like!


    ~Rules and Guidelines~

    1. Remember, all things are adjustable, I don't stick to one style or to one size. However, I ask that you give me some artistic freedom, but if you strictly want something a certain size, than I'll work with that.

    2. Please provide your own images or tell me what you want. I also prefer to work with one to three images because I don't want the signature to be overcrowded, since, ya know, you'll want text too.

    3. On text. I will work with almost anything, but don't go insane and say, "I WANT TWO THOUSAND LINES OF TEXT! Please!" Keep it reasonable, and yes, hyperboles are made of awesome.

    4. If you don't like something, feel free to tell me even within the thread. Point to me what you don't like and I'll change it up asap.

    5. Because I'm a uni student and having the hardest semester coming this Fall (that is, in September), I will need some more time when school starts. You see, at the same time I'm working on your signatures, I'm ALSO working on sustaining a high enough GPA to get into Grad School! So, though I might be able to do things fast now, I still plan to have a waiting list of up to five people and ask for seven days to get your work done. Also, that's why I'm looking for an eventual partner in crim--I mean, graphics design. If you're interested, send me a PM with examples of your work.



    (Not all are to size nor
    fit forum rules...)


    If you have something special you would want, say a banner for a group (or even forum), a larger avy, or something else please say so! I'll see what I can do for ya.


    Please fill out this form:
    Size: (100x400, 500x140, 500x160, 1x1)
    Avy: Yes/No
    Picture/Subject: Provide a picture/link (if you want) or tell me what it is you need.
    Text: Like your name, etc.
    Font: Times New Roman, Some random cool font you like...
    Color Scheme: What colors you'd like
    Other: (Like a Simple Animation or something...ah...other).


    ~Waiting List (See your name here!)~

    Anyway, thank you for checking out this shop!
    I hope you all like your banners,
    Have a nice day!
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    |Eon Graphics||Avy and sig by me|

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    Default Re: -=Eon Graphics=-OPEN

    Wow, I really like your examples! Could you make a signature for me? :D

    Size: (100x400, 500x140, 500x160, 1x1) The standard size? Like the ones you have as examples.
    Avy: (Does this mean avatar? If so, sure!)
    Picture/Subject: Could you have Ditto and/or Mudkip, Chingling on it? They are my favourite Pokemon, you see :)
    Text: Umm.. yeah my name I guess? XD or the names of the pokemon on it like your Latias one.
    Font: Whatever you think would look good on it.
    Color Scheme: Well... my favourite colour is like green, sort of aqua-ish, but with more green.... (yeah that was a bad description) that probably wouldn't look too great with Mudkip/Ditto/Chingling so you can use whatever colour you think would suit it.
    Other: I really like the backgrounds on your sigs (the swirls, etc) :D

    Thanks in advance! Sorry if I wasn't descriptive enough... but really, most of the choices for the banner is up to you, since you're making it.... Thanks again! Your signatures and avatars are really awesome too!

    I have claimed Ditto! 13/06/12
    My Black2 FC: 5458 7252 3502

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    Default Re: -=Eon Graphics=-OPEN

    hey Tetra!

    Your work is awesome!

    Picture/Subject: http://imgc.allpostersimages.com/images/P-473-488-90/26/2686/RPKUD00Z/posters/nicole-duplaix-pair-of-mated-asian-short-clawed-river-otters-show-affection.jpg with the image, would it be possible to cut the otters out of the grass?
    Text:It's Otter Time!
    Font: something really cute
    Color Scheme: Blues, sea greens and white swirls
    Other:I don't know how well you do with 'real' images so if you can't use that one you can get any other image of a river otter.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails nicole-duplaix-pair-mated-asian-short-clawed-river-otters-show-affection.jpg  


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