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    Default The Report System - Use It!

    I'd like to, for a quick second, reiterate the importance of using the report system, and using it responsibly.

    The report system isn't to be used to harass other members, or to report comments which are clearly within the rules. However, the staff has noticed many rule-breaking posts have not been reported, and in some cases, users have attempted to solve these problems themselves - which only lead to mini-modding infractions, while problems remain unsolved. I'd like to stress the important of using the report system as much as possible as long as it isn't abused.

    VMs in particular are a very common source of serious violations, such as harassment or flaming, which are often left unreported. PMs are, as well - PMs are also reportable, and in the cases where people attempt to harass fellow members secretly in PMs, it's important that the victims report them.

    Perhaps most important, we urge that you don't become afraid of the report system. Reports don't clutter our forum inboxes or our e-mails - reports are retrieved in the form of individual threads for each report, which are sent to a special forum where every moderator can see the report and the post reported. There is nothing to be afraid of, and even in the rare cases where we may give an Abuse of Reporting System warning, it's more often than not just a sign to be a little more careful with what you report.

    Thanks, and we hope you continue to enjoy the forums,

    the Bulbagarden staff.
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    Default Re: The Report System - Use It!

    I can't stress how helpful it is to us that you use the report function. If you're unsure where it is, it's often located in every post with all the other icons underneath your user info and looks like this .

    You can find this tool in PMs, blogs and social groups as well. If there's a social group that you can't report, please PM me directly since there isn't a function that allows reporting of lone social groups.

    But for everything else, as long as you feel a mod is needed to a particular situation, don't hesitate to voice your concern. And if you must, you can even report mods if you feel they're acting unprofessionally. The process is anonymous and goes a long way to keeping BMGf a friendlier place. ;3
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    Default Re: The Report System - Use It!

    Adding, on some skins (like NeoClassic) it looks like this:

    But it'll always have the exclamation point.
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