I know pain and sadness very well like old friends.

During Elementary, besides my family, solitude was my only companion and I was often subject to teacher scorning. Due to this I figured due to my God awful social skills I would succeed where I could, which was academic wise. I began to get to the top of my class and I became very quickly one of the smartest kids in my class.

Junior High was a mixed bag. I was doing the same thing in elementary till about the middle of 6th grade and then the bullying only got worse. So I got rough, and I got tough and I somehow survived. 7th grade I broke all social barriers and I was the class clown, that crazy and cool kid. I was still very lonely sometimes but at least my social life was getting better. 8th grade my main bully moved away and I was cooling down from my crazy social life in 7th grade. It was a pretty fun year 8th grade.

During the summer I suffered a long period of depression. And I'm getting better, I sometimes get bummed out still and I sometimes get hurt pretty badly emotionally but I have learned how to survive. Now, my biggest problems are band (My director is an asshole to me), finding ways to be with my girlfriend (I love her very much and I try to find ways to be with her), getting money (trying to get a side job), and keeping my spirits and grades up.