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    Default Your map markings

    I'm just curious to see what kind of markings have you guys put on your Pokégear map?

    As for me, I have every Apricorn tree marked on the map. The word lists are lame, so I had to improvise most names, but they're still informative enough (Red = WEAK, Ylw = MOONLIGHT, Blu = FISHING, Grn = FRIEND, Pnk = HEART SWAP, Wht = SPEED BOOST, Blk = DARK).

    Apart from that, there are three separate places with markings.
    * Safari Zone Gate has a question mark icon and the text "URGH", a leftover from back when I didn't know much about it.
    * Cerulean Cave has the Poké Ball icon and the texts "MEW" and "...". :p
    * Mt. Silver has the text "UNBELIEVABLE POKéMON TRAINER OH, YEAH" :D

    Post here if you got some funny, useful or interesting markings. :p

    (I don't remember seeing a thread like this before, and didn't find by searching.)

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    Default Re: Your map markings

    I started to mark where all the Apricorn trees were, but when I found out there weren't any colors in the word lists I just didn't bother.

    So I actually don't have any map markings on my map. :]

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    Default Re: Your map markings

    Ya, I just have all the apricorns marked out. And damn, there are a lot of them.

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    Default Re: Your map markings

    I marked the cities/routes where I caught/evolved my Pokémon.

    To be honest, all my pokemon where obtained in cities. All of them evolved in a city as well. This time I tried to plan the evoltions of my team. ^^

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    Default Re: Your map markings

    I have some of the Apricorn locations marked out on my Town Map. As of late, I really don't care about Apricorns anymore and don't visit the places I marked out as often as I used to.

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    Default Re: Your map markings

    Up until defeating Red, I marked all the places where I caught/received Pokémon with a Poké Ball symbol and the Pokémon species.
    I also marked the places for the Rival battles (? + Rival) and the encounters with Suicune and Eusine (! + Suicune).

    Other than that, I just put a House-symbol with "HOME" next to it in New Bark Town.
    ...Oh, and there's a Pikachu symbol on Mt. Silver. :3

    Let's see... anything else...
    Oh, a... weird thing with "WORD" next to it on Route 16. Just to remember the location of that trendy sayings guy.


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