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Thread: Your first shiny. How? when? where?

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    I saw a shiny Zubat when I was looking for a Teddiursa in Crystal. In the Dark Cave.

    I wasn't really paying all that attention to the screen, due to me getting ticked off when Teddiursa refused to appear, and when the little thing did, it ran away. Hypnosis phails.

    Anyway, I heard a little sparkle thing, so I went "WTF" and saw a purple Zubat. It was level two. But I somehow didn't kill it and caught it, and trained it. I realized then that I hate Zubat and it's line.

    After awhile, my Crystal sucked. So I started over, and forgot about my Zubat (that had evolved into a Golbat by then). I didn't really care.

    On my next playthrough, after trying to hatch my egg into a Pichu or Elekid, a shiny Cleffa pops out. I debated on keeping the shiny Cleffa, but I screwed it and kept going. I never did get an electric pokemon... It was like I was doomed to Cleffa.

    So I deleted THAT game, and now I'm going yet another playthrough. Will I find a shiny this time? Will I delete the game? WHO KNOWS! *mystery*

    In LG, I ran into a shiny Paras. I caught it, but I'm pretty sure my cousin deleted that file. I wasn't affected.

    And the red Gyarados of course.

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    That gyarados was my first, but In G/S I managed to get a rapidash (which looks very cool btw), and a donphan.

    In Ru/Sa/Fr/Lg I have a Voltorb, Psyduck, Paras, Altaria, and Linoone.

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    ... How do you have that many shiny ones naturally? O_o Or did you cheat? XD
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    Between Ruby and Fr, I have over 350 hours played, so that number of shineys isn't too strange.
    Most of them appeared while I was EV training:
    Paras while Atk training, Psyduck while Sp.Atk training, Swablu while Atk training (fighting nuzleaf that appear in the same area as swablu), and Zigzagoon while Speed training.

    Voltorb was just a fluke.

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    First shining Pokémon.. Crystal version..I was in Mt.Motar, I found a shiny Machop, was dissapointed at the colours. There wasn't much of a difference.. quite annoying but I caught it.
    Since then the only other one I've found is a Shiny Volbeat in Sapphire, now being trained in Leaf Green. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieomon
    Shiny Swinub appears!

    Go Raticate! Quick Attack


    Swinub fainted.

    ::Yells at Raticate::

    End of first shiny pokemon story (Gold).
    Ugh! Yes, don't get me started!

    Does anyone know if there is a hidden game mechanic that doubles the chance of a critical hit when facing a wild shiny or a rare species? I use Focus Energy and don't get any benefit, then as soon as I start trying to catch Pokémon, I get a string of critical hits using Tackle.
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    Red Gyarados in Gold, then I ran across a shiny Ditto.

    Advance stuff, just the shiny Zigzagoon you got with the Berry Patch for R/S. Network

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    I can't remember the very first one I saw, besides Gyarados, but I did run across a Shiny Spearow (knocked it out. Didn't care) Shiny Zubat (I think I caught that one but I didn't train it), and in the advanced generation the first shiny I saw was a Claydoll. I knocked that one out too, and didn't care... don't like Claydoll, and unless it's a Pokemon I really like, I could hardly care less if it's shiny or not. n_n;

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    My first Shinny besides Gyarados was a Rattata in fire red or leaf green, then i found a Slowpoke in one of those version while fishing for a Polwhirl in the cave where you get Mewtwo and then in Emerald I found a Seaking but it feld. I was so mad.

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    One of my firnds found a Green Latios on his Emerald Version. I was so mad at him.

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    My very first Shiny was in my Silver version. I had just captured a Ditto and I only had one Pokeball left when I ran into it. It was a Shiny Drowsee!

    Since then, that Shiny Drowsee turned into a Shiny Hypno and its been sitting on my team ever since, even though I haven't played the game in forever.

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    My first shiny was a goldeen on gold. I was playing late at night and wasn't paying attention and heard the shiny sound and was confused, then couldn't remember what colour goldeens were in the first place. I caught it anyway since I was confused.

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    Default Help!!!!!!!

    a have a shiny(green)golbat so now a can't find an auther.if u can tell me where is a shiny pokemon u can just make me happy:)

    PS:shiny golbat is in the entrence of ever grande city after used water fall.enter in the caverne,ok?

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    Talking a forget it

    srry a have forget to tell wich version.its in ruby version. u know where is the shiny walmer?me yes is in the route 128.a know where is him so a don't catch him,a don't see him.if u catch him tell me where is him whrit me,OK!


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    Save for Gyra, it was a Flaafy. I wish I could trade it to SLGE. =(

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