What is Your Game Pokemon Team
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Thread: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

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    Default What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Explain What your In-Game Pokemon Team is. Can be from anygame from any Generation. Does not include Side Games.
    It would be cool if you set it out like I did below. This is just an excample:
    Magikarp Lv100, Splash| Tackle| --| --|
    Pokemon 2
    Pokemon 3
    Pokemon 4
    Pokemon 5
    Pokemon 6

    PS. please say what game it is in.

    My Pokemon Black Team is:
    Emboar Lv98, Flare Blitz| Head Smash| Assurance| Hammer Hit
    Reshiram Lv85 Fusion Flare| Extra Sensory| Draco Meteor| Fly
    Gigalith Lv82 Double-Edge| Rock Slide| Iron Defence| Explosion
    Virizion Lv79 Solar Beam| Giga Drain| Swords Dance| Close Combat
    Haxorus Lv76 Dragon Dance| Draco Meteor| Guilotine| Flase Swipe
    Feraligatr Lv75 Hydro Pump| Surf| Ice Fang| Crunch
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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Pokemon White (still training this team for EV battles)
    Aggron Lv53, Iron Head| Head Smash| Earthquake| Ice Punch
    Dragonite Lv57, Substitute| Thunder Wave| Dragon Tail| Roost
    Jolteon Lv48, Thunderbolt| Volt Switch| Shadow Ball| Hidden Power (Ice)
    Blastoise Lv54, Rapid Spin| Scald| Toxic| Dragon Tail
    Arcanine Lv42, Flare Blitz| Close Combat| Wild Charge| Extremespeed
    Absol Lv 49, Swords Dance| Psycho Cut| Sucker Punch| Superpower

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Currently, on Black Version, I usually main:


    All around level 84 or so. I can't remember the specifics, sorry! I'm typing at school, so I can't check either... T_T

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    right now on White my team is
    Servine lvl 28
    Liepard lvl 30
    Drilbur lvl 28
    Trubbish lvl 25
    Darumaka lvl 30

    On a new playthrough of the game so this isn't the final team, just the ones I have for now, Trubbish is permanent though.

    Edit: Other teams are in my sig
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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Currently doing a Nuzlocke Run on Pokemon Black Version.

    Just got past the Route 4, and the Desert Resort while just arriving at Nimbasa City.

    My Current team is as follows:
    Bonny the Pignite at Level 29, with Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Tail Whip, and Ember,
    Cheerio the Herdier at Level 30, with Return, Crunch, Rock Smash, and Leer,
    Hunk the Maractus at Level 23, with Mega Drain, Needle Arm, Synthesis, and Cotton Spore, and
    Crush the Tirtouga at Level 25, with AncientPower, Aqua Jet, Crunch, and Wide Guard.

    Just about to face N at the Ferris Wheel, but I was hoping I'd visit Route 13(?), and Route 5 first to add more Pokemon to my team while hopefully not having any of them die. Cheers, I'll be updating as I go along.

    -Sir Jet

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    This is probably my most powerful team in Red (I've got many teams)

    Charizard Lv100, Fire Blast| Wing Attack| Rage| Slash
    Primeape Lv100, Mega Punch| Seismic Toss| Bounce| Protect
    Gengar Lv100, Shadow Ball| Skull Bash| Night Shade| Confuse Ray
    Dragonite Lv100, Thunder Wave| DragonBreath| Dragon Claw| Fly
    Mewtwo Lv100, Psybeam| Confuse Ray| Hurricane| Gravity
    Raichu Lv93, Thunder| Thunderwave| Mega Punch| Dig

    By the way, I'm still trying to get my Raichu to Lv100

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    As of right now, my HeartGold team consists of

    Sandslash Lv51, Rollout| Slash| Sand-Attack| Earthquake
    Pikachu Lv54, Thunder| Nasty Plot| Ligh Screen| Volt Tackle
    Pidgeot Lv51, Fly| Sand-Attack| Wing Attack| Tailwind
    Feraligatr Lv51, Slash| Crunch| Surf| Agility

    I haven't really completed my team yet. I have a Nidoqueen that I use as an HM slave, and I also have the event Mew, but I feel dirty using that.

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Black Team:

    Bisharp Lvl 79, Night Slash \ Iron Defense \ Iron Head \Shadow Claw
    Scolipede Lvl 75, Poison Tail \ Screech \ Bulldoze \ Megahorn
    Eelektross Lvl 73, Dragon Claw \ Thunder Wave \ Spark \ Acrobatics
    Lilligant, Teeter Dance \ Quiver Dance \ Sleep Powder \ Petal Dance
    Golurk Lvl 70, Fly \ Heavy Slam \ Bulldoze \ Shadow Punch
    Haxorus Lvl 74, Giga Impact \ Dragon Claw \ Dragon Dance \ Taunt

    Gonna replace Golurk with something else. Also, didn't like Bisharp that much.
    On the other hand, I felt in love with Lilligant, this thing is a beast (and cute), one of my new favorites.

    Platinum Team:

    Gallade Lvl 62, Psycho Cut \ Swords Dance \ Leaf Blade \ Close Combat
    Infernape Lvl 68, Stone Edge \ Shadow Claw \ Blast Burn \ Focus Blast
    Drapion Lvl 61, Rock Climb \ Aerial Ace \ Cross Poison \ Crunch
    Staraptor Lvl 62, Close Combat \ Double Team \ Fly \ Brave Bird
    Gliscor Lvl 70, Sludge Bomb (wut) \ Swords Dance \ Ice Fang \ Earthquake
    Empty Space.

    Gonna restart this game, I don't like Gallade and Gliscor that much and Empoleon is a better starter than Infernape.

    Soul Silver Team:

    Chikorita Lvl 10
    Ledyba Lvl 10

    LOL I lost my main save =\

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Pokemon White:

    Golurk Lv. 53
    Serperior Lv. 69
    Zekrom Lv. 61
    Bisharp Lv. 68
    Chandelure Lv. 50

    still trying to find a good water type but I can't think of any :/

    Also soon I will replace my Serperior with Leafeon now that I have an eevee :)
    White FC - 3225-0468-3985

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Heart Gold:

    All are about ~levels 37-42

    White Team:
    Lilligant/Vanilluxe (switch these two out with the other occasionally)

    All are about ~level 55

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    I'm still trying to make a team for Black, but this is my team for Platinum:

    Torterra: lv. 100
    Crobat: lv. 75
    Roserade: lv. 74
    Blissey: lv. 71
    Azumarill: lv. 72
    Alakazam: lv. 72

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Current Black Team:

    Golurk (Riser) Level 100: Shadow Punch/Fly/Hammer Arm/Earthquake <--- This guy is my baby. He does not leave my side.
    Sawk (Hero) Level 100: Close Combat/Brick Break/Poison Jab/Payback
    Blaziken (Hot Shot) Level 100: Toxic/Fire Punch/Aerial Ace/Focus Punch <--- Sent over from Emerald.
    Metagross (no nickname; GTS trade; shiny) Level 100: Zen Headbutt/Hammer Arm/Meteor Mash/Iron Defense
    Palkia (no nickname; trade at BotCon last year) Level 100: Draco Meteor/Spacial Rend/Aerial Ace/Focus Blast
    Hydreigon (Dreadbolt) Level 64: Dragon Pulse/Flamethrower/Thunderwave/Crunch <--- I'm going to work with her and see if she'll make a good match-up with Riser.

    I may drop Hot Shot and Palkia for someone else, but I'm unsure. But Riser and Hero will always be with me.

    Claimed: Golett ~ Iron Fist ~ Shadow Punch ~ Big Pearl ~ Light Clay.
    ~A slightly different universe~

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    I'm doing a second playthrough of Heartgold:
    (sorry for low levels)

    Rolloulder the Golem, (Earthquake/Rock Blast/Explosion/Rock Smash(
    Blazhound the Arcanine, (Flamethrower/Take Down/Fire Fang/Fire Blast)
    Starrine the Starmie, (Blizzard/Surf/Whirlpool/Waterfall)
    Battuz the Crobat, (Fly/U-Turn/Wing Attack/Mean Look)
    Lightnor the Ampharos, (Discharge/Thunder Wave/Thunder/Strength)
    Ghossan the Gengar, (My Brokemon) (Hypnosis/Dream Eater/Shadow Ball/Payback)

    I'm working on the moveset, right now they're pretty awful.

    All about level 35-40
    Whaddya think?

    EDIT: Added movesets.
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    That was a joke.

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    Pokemon HeartGold:

    Feraligatr | Lv. 43 | Swords Dance/Waterfall/Surf/Rock Slide
    Dragonair | Lv. 36 | Surf/Shock Wave/Agility/Extremespeed
    Kingdra | Lv. 47 | Rain Dance/Dragon Pulse/Surf/Waterfall
    Clefable | Lv. 48 | Return/Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Flamethrower
    Mamoswine | Lv. 46 | Earthquake/Icy Wind/Ice Shard/Strength
    Heracross | Lv. 45 | Brick Break/Shadow Claw/Swords Dance/Close Combat

    No, it's not a good team.

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    Default Re: What is Your Game Pokemon Team

    My Pokemon White team

    Kyurem Lvl 94 Glaciate, Strength, Fly, Draco Meteor "Dracolead" Holds NeverMeltIce
    Zekrom Lvl 94 Shadow Ball, Fusion Bolt, Hyper Beam, Draco Meteor "Idealhero" Holds Griseous Orb
    Samurott Lvl 94 Dive, Surf, Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon "Soaker" Holds Lustrous Orb
    Stunfisk Lvl 98 Flash, Earthquake, Thunder, Fissure Holds Leftovers
    Mewtwo Lvl 100 Electro Ball, Aura Sphere, Psystrike, Hyper Beam Holds Quick Claw
    Reshiram Lvl 100 Mist, Giga Impact, Blue Flare, Draco Meteor Holds Amulet Coin


    Articuno Lvl 51 Fly, Steel Wing, Ice Beam, Reflect
    Lugia Lvl 55 Strength, Fly, Hydro Pump, Aeroblast "Torrent"
    Raikou Lvl 58 Thunder, Rock Climb, Cut, Rock Smash "Regal" Holds Magnet
    Mew Lvl 58 Metronome, Psychic, Dragon Pulse, Surf "Sooth Bell"
    Mewtwo Lvl 81 Psychic, Amnesia, Earthquake, Thunderbolt "Psychostrk"
    Typhlosion Lvl 84 Hyper Beam, Blast Burn, Eruption, Focus Blast

    I beat Red with that

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