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Thread: What updates do you want in the current battling system?

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    Default Re: What updates do you want in the current battling system?

    Something minor, make it so physical attack animations, the Pokemon actually move in make contact, sort of like a 2D Pokemon Stadium

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    While I don't think it needs to be completely changed, I do think the IV and Nature systems needs to be modified. Under the current system, getting Pokemon that can just perform adequately in wifi battling and post-game events such as the Battle Subway is tedious and requires knowledge of cryptic information that casual players have no way of knowing about, because the games just don't tell them. The current system rewards the inherent superiority of a Pokemon more than its efforts; IVs account for a whopping 186 of a Pokemon's stat points at level 100, compared with just 64 points for EVs. That is simply too much for a semi-random, permanent characteristic.

    My idea for an overhaul of the system would reward training and effort more than sheer luck and a Pokemon's inherent quality, which is more in line with the messages of the games anyway. You would still have 31 IVs, but instead of each contributing 1 stat point apiece at level 100, they would only contribute 1/3 of a stat point (60 stat points all up). In effect, a Pokemon with a 0 IV in the new system would have the equivalent of a 20 IV under the old system. Since Pokemon retain their old IV values, Hidden Powers won't be affected. Those who wish to pursue perfection are still able to do so, but most casual players could catch any Pokemon they want and be content that it could perform reasonably well against other players.

    In addition, natures would no longer affect the Pokemon's stats themselves, but rather the rate at which EVs are gained. So a Timid Pokemon can be just as good a Physical attacker as an Adamant one, it will just have to work much harder to get there. The stat boost/reduction that natures used to give would instead be provided by "specialist training" that the trainer can take at a special facility. Each specialisation would boost one stat and reduce another, just like natures used to do. If your Pokemon's nature matches the boost that it used to give, the training is free (e.g. an Adamant Pokemon can train in +Atk -SpAtk for free), otherwise it will cost you a valuable item such as a Heart Scale. So there is still a benefit to having an ideal nature, but it isn't the end of the world if your Pokemon does't have one.

    In addition, the games really need to tell players up-front that EVs exist, and that battling certain Pokemon will boost specific stats. A small bar should appear next to each stat in the information display that gradually fills up as your Pokemon gains EVs. EV reducing berries should also be made much more widely available, or even purchasable.

    These changes would not only allow more casual players to easily get into battling other over wifi with the Pokemon they've battled with for the main quest, but would also streamline the process of breeding and training for the more competitively minded, and give them more flexibility in changing up their Pokemon's movesets. For example, if a Nature falls out of favour for a specific set in the metagame, the trainer is free to just retrain their specialisation instead of having to breed a whole new 'mon. Game freak have already taken steps toward flexibility when it come to moves thanks to reusable TMs and free Heart Scales. I hope they'll someday make changes to the stat system to that purpose as well.
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    Yes i want the changes, now i am tired of watching the old stuff

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