Not quite sure... possibly a gym leader? I'm not really quite elite four material, and I love the idea of owning some building in which I can lay out any manner of trick or trap with no concerns to health and safety whatsoever. So gym leader for me.

I'm not sure what type I'd be though. My favourite's dark, followed by water. So dark probably. And then I can trick people by having a gyarados which they think is a mega, because that would be legal, but isn't. And maybe I could get away with a random ninetales for good luck. Also, if I'm dark type, I can get away with cheating, which is always a plus. ;)

My team would probably be something like this:

* Umbreon (F)
*(illegal) Ninetales (F)
*(illegal) Red Gyarados (F)
* Weavile (M)
* Houndoom (M)
* Greninja (M)

Or something like that. Wait, are gym leaders even allowed to have teams of six?

...Actually, I'm not sure that's the most serious rule I'm breaking here...