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  • Fire

    4 3.05%
  • Water

    0 0%
  • Grass

    6 4.58%
  • Electric

    4 3.05%
  • Flying

    0 0%
  • Rock

    1 0.76%
  • Ground

    1 0.76%
  • Steel

    3 2.29%
  • Fighting

    1 0.76%
  • Psychic

    2 1.53%
  • Ghost

    14 10.69%
  • Dark

    12 9.16%
  • Normal

    0 0%
  • Ice

    22 16.79%
  • Dragon

    3 2.29%
  • Poison

    46 35.11%
  • Bug

    7 5.34%
  • None. All is good.

    5 3.82%
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Thread: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    Grass.No grass attacks don't have some sort of special effect except vine whip which is extremely weak. It needs a wider movepool with more attacks like surf.

    Second is poison, like everybody has said.
    third is ghost because of its low amount of Pokemon.

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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    Ghost, Ice, and Poison are in desperate need of more power. There are so few of the former two types, as well, which can prove to be problematic when a game designer would like to have a Gym Leader of those types. To improve, Ghost needs more Pokemon in general, Ice needs to resist more types (Ground and Dragon would work), and Poison needs more strengths, perhaps against Water, Normal, and Fighting.
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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    I voted the Dark type. It needs more moves. All I can say. D:
    But Ghost and Poison need more attention, too, especially Poison. Maybe a Dark/Posion type...oohhh. I like that idea. ;D
    But yeah. I voted Dark, but Ghost and Poison are my second and third vote.
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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    Definitely poison. It needs better moves AND a legendary.
    Though it seems that the Y mascot looks like a poison legendary. Probably Poison/Dark with Levitate? XDD That's a pretty cool typing, if it were true.

    Also, the Ice-type needs a move that can guarantee a Freeze, like how Thunder Wave guarantees a Paralysis. Maybe it doesn't need to have perfect accuracy like Will O Wisp, but a Freeze inducing move would be pretty good. OR an ability that freezes the opponent upon contact, like Flame Body or Static.

    Rock types... They need something to make them popular. Sure, Tyranitar is cool and Stealth Rock is everywhere. Rock Polish gives a good boost in speed. But they need some good, steady moves. Not the low pp Ancient Power, not the miss-from-time-to-time Stone Edge/Rock Slide, and not the massive recoiling Head Smash. They need a solid, powerful move with a solid accuracy. We don't need perfect, never-missing accuracy - just something that won't miss when evasion isn't touched. Maybe an equivalent of Earthquake. Power Gem isn't enough.

    And of course, Ghost needs more pokemon.


    Fire: Okay.
    Water: STOP.
    Grass: needs better movepool
    Electric: Okay. Some of them already have Levitate or stuff that can let them survive through Ground attacks
    Flying: Okay - but I'd like to see some more pure flying types.
    Ground: Okay.
    Steel: Good
    Fighting: STOP
    Psychic: Good.
    Dark: Fine.
    Normal: Just good, but there should be more powerful Normal moves, imo. Facade works, but I don't like my pokemons getting status ailments.
    Dragon: Fine as it is.
    Bug: Great as of Gen 5. Galvantula, Volcarona, and Genesect had been excellent additions.
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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    I think either Ghost, Dark, or Poison should be given more attention to... I mean, I can usually never see a Poison type Pokemon anymore these days. Nintendo seems to like making Fire/Fighting Pokemon more than Poison these days...
    Ghost types also needs more attention. I can see a lot of duel type Ghost Pokemon, but I can't say that I see a whole Ghost type often. Even Gengar, which I thought wasn't a duel type when I was younger, is a Ghost/Poison type Pokemon.
    I wish there were more Dark type Pokemon. XP I like Dark types, and the only Dark Pokemon I ever actually use now is Umbreon. Nine pure Dark types? That's sad. It doesn't need as much attention as Ghost or Poison, but it would be third on my list.
    I voted Ghost because I prefer Ghost Pokemon over Poison and Dark. And there's more Duel/pure type Poison and Dark than Ghost. =P But yeah.
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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    Poison needs more attention.

    I hope it'll be super effective against the new fairy-type.

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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #33 Which type needs more attention?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hidden Power View Post
    I hope it'll be super effective against the new fairy-type.
    Don't forget, this Fairy-type is still a rumor as of now.

    I agree that Ice, Poison, and Grass could use a boost.

    Ice is pretty good attacking, but only resists itself. I'm personally not sure what else it could resist, but it could use a few more resistances.

    Poison as well. It's now only strong against Grass and can't touch Steel, making using one really difficult. Especially since most of them are half Bug. Poison could also use some stronger moves. Hell, the most used one is probably Toxic.

    And's the type I hate the most because of how weak it is against/ or is resisted by EVERYTHING! Ok, yes it is an exaggeration. But, they need a little help. Most of them only learn Grass moves or Normal moves, so they have to hope for a good Hidden Power, which can be a pain (also true for the Ice and Poison for their respective types). Though, I commend the Grass type for being able to handle those pesky Rock/Ground Types.

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