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  • Primary Version (e.g. Red, Gold, Ruby etc)

    16 13.45%
  • Secondary Version (e.g. Blue, Silver, Sapphire)

    12 10.08%
  • Third Version (e.g. Yellow, Emerald, Platinum)

    22 18.49%
  • Doesn't really matter - depends on version exclusives

    69 57.98%
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Thread: VG Weekly Poll #10 Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Version?

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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #10 Primary, Secondary or Third Version?

    Whatever primary has better exclusives/mascot/etc and then later on the third version

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    Default Re: VG Weekly Poll #10 Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Version?

    Don't really know what you mean by primary and secondary, though I know was a third version is. The third is often good because there are improvements, but there are also some drawbacks, which leaves the two previous versions better for me. I like the cloning glitch in GS that's not present in Crystal, and I like the glitch letting you obtain extra Pokemon in DP that's not in the third version.

    And oh, you forgot special version and second version (or what to call it), that means Yellow and BW 2, but perhaps you've already counted them in. I like these very much, because they are often more different from their prequels. A normal third version is often too much alike the previous versions.

    Of the games I prefer it's Blue (because of the sprites) or Yellow (because of the Pokemon), Silver, Emerald (or Ruby), Diamond and Black 2.
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