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    Default The Venting/Ranting Thread

    I'm not sure if a thread like this already exists, but since I didn't see any... If it does exist, mods, please proceed to erase it.

    This is a thread I created so you can share the things you have gotten frustrated over recently. The "Your FFFFUUUU moments thread" is for things that always happen and won't change, while this is for things that don't happen often but that have occurred to you (if that makes any sense...)

    I was just battling on the Battle Subway, and I was on my 31st battle. It was down to my Haxorus, who had full HP against a Druddigon whose HP was already red, and was the last Pokémon my opponent had. The bastard got lucky to use the Quick Claw and he defeated me with Dragon Claw. I don't know how I didn't smash my DSi against the wall, but I got mad as hell. I mean, how can someone be so freaking unlucky?!?!?

    Share your frustrating experiences and vent!

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    Default Re: The Venting/Ranting Thread

    I can't really see how anything posted in here couldn't go in the other thread.

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D


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