U.S. Discussion Thread(spoilers)
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Thread: U.S. Discussion Thread(spoilers)

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    Default U.S. Discussion Thread(spoilers)

    Any questions? Want to share your current team? Want to talk about what wierd things or surprising things has happened on your adventure?(As unprogressed it may be.) This thread is the place!

    Just got my first gym badge. My current team is Snivy Lv. 13, Lillipup Lv. 12, and Panpour Lv. 11. The first N fight was super easy. I expected more of N. Anybody out there get the limited edition strategy guide? I did.


    Thank to Arkeis.com for the awesome sprites!

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    Default Re: U.S. Discussion Thread(spoilers)

    And why do we need a separate States thread, again? Questions go in the help thread, progress in the Diaries of B&W thread, right?

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