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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubble Tea View Post
    I am tempted to trade over a Dratini and make myself a Dragon playthrough. Might be a bit too easy compared to others to keep me entertained, though.
    You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. I've done it many times--it's my default playthrough now. Dratini has a very limited early moveset, and is very vulnerable until it learns Dragon Rage--but the 1 hit KOs from that move only last about 5 levels or so. It's good against gym leaders, though.

    But Dratini gains experience slooooowly. Your Dratini will be half the level your starter could be with the same experience, at least early on when the starters level like nothing.

    And the late evolutions? You'll get your Dragonair when most Pokemon are already into their third stage. It's a tremendous stat disadvantage.

    Lance wasn't kidding when he said "they're hard to capture and raise"--dragons (legendaries excepted) make for an incredible challenge early on. It doesn't seem like it'd be that way, because most of the time you can't get them until late in the game where there's already a fabulous team to support them in battle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Hibiki View Post
    Yes, most hound like Pokemon are mostly fire or legendaries which is a pain when you are going for that theme.
    Yeah, I figured that out when I started planning my party. I think I managed to find a good mix: Arcanine, Manectric, Lucario, Vaporeon, and either Alakazam or Espeon. I know the abra and eevee families are pushing the line of what's a canine, but I think they look pretty close.

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