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    Quote Originally Posted by FabuVinny View Post
    a trainer on Mt. Battle in XD makes a reference to James.
    I remember that. It was that #35 girl, and she had a Cacnea & Chimeco. It's kinda neat how Nintendo makes things like these happen.
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    Makes me want a "Pokemon Chronicles" video game.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FabuVinny View Post
    The start of D/P is after the Red Gyardos appears at the Lake of Rage. Team Rocket are disbanded shortly after the player encounters it so it might be possible for some of the grunts to be obtained as soon as news reaches Akagi.
    But who is to say when Red Gyarados first appears at Lake of Rage? It can actually be derived that it has been there for quite some time before Team Rocket interferes with the radio signals, which affect the resident Magikarp. Remember, neither Lance nor Team Rocket acknowledges its presence. However, one of the trainers has this to say:

    What happened to the red Gyarados? It's gone? Oh darn. I came here for nothing?
    In other words, the sighting has been reported for long enough for this trainer to make all the way to Lake of Rage to witness the anomality herself. The trainer may as well be from Shin'ou. In Diamond and Pearl, the reporter responsible for the TV broadcast is found much later in the game, so the effect of the broadcast is certainly a long-term one.

    The Red Gyarados news also has zero relevance to Team Galaxy (and hardly any to Team Rocket, for that matter).

    It wouldn't be the first time the games reference the Team Rocket of the anime. Other than Jessie and James actually appearing with part of their motto in Yellow, a trainer on Mt. Battle in XD makes a reference to James.
    Your point being? These homages were made to the anime's Team Rocket, which is for all intents and purposes limited to Jessie and James. Even if these characters are meant to be viewed as part of the game canon (I do not mind the idea, but it was not carried on post-Yellow), their motto is still meaningless to anyone else. Unless the Galaxy grunt is clearly either Jessie or James, the recitation of some motto proves nothing.

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