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Thread: Which Starter will you choose?

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    Default Which Starter will you choose?

    Have you already made your mind?

    I would normally pick the water one because they are usually resilient and can deal with alot of other types due to water attacks rarely being ineffective. Also that water pokemon can usually learn ice attacks which is even greater help. However, this time I wanna try something else honestly, I don't like Froakie's design that much, and I really have been picking the Water type every single time so far (except for Diamond if I remember right, where I chose Fire). This time I think I'll give the Grass a try, it certainly does not seem like a not resilient one. I just hope Chespin could also incorporate some of the powder moves too.

    The poll is not about your favourite starter. It is about the most practical for you, your logical choice.

    EDIT: Not closed anymore I guess? Thanks for reconsidering.
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    Default Re: Which Starter will you choose?

    We have a thread already with discussions about the starters and which one people may choose. It can be found here:http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f693/starter-discussion-speculation-144802/ please refer to that thread for starter discussion, therefore, this thread will be closed.


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