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    Default Sinnoh Fan Thread

    Well, I thought that if Hoenn has their own "Fan Thread", Sinnoh should at least get one because Unova is on its way to the States and the rest of the world. :]

    Will Hoenn determine Sinnoh's fate?

    I don't think so. Sinnoh, in my opinion, fixed alot of things that were wrong in Hoenn. Don't get me wrong, I love Hoenn for everything, and it is my favorite. Other than that, Sinnoh most likely won't be featured in the current generation. It is Unova and, almost inevitably, Hoenn's turn.

    Sinnoh was a good solid region. I am definitely looking forward for the return to Sinnoh.
    다시 니 품에 안기고 싶은 나
    dashi ni poome angigo shipeun na
    고개숙였어 입을 막아 버렸어
    gogaesookyeosseo ipeul maka beoryeosseo

    아직아닌가봐 잊지 못했나봐
    ajikaningabwa itji mothaettnabwa
    내맘이 널 가슴이 널 놓치 못했나봐
    naemami neol gaseumi neol nohji mothaettnabwa
    그리웠었나봐 잡고 싶었나봐
    geuriweosseottnabwa japgo shipeottnabwa
    그날의 널 사랑한 널 보낼수가 없었나봐
    geunaleui neol saranghan neol bonaelsuga eopseottnabwa

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    Default Re: Sinnoh Fan Thread

    Sinnoh is the region that made me have interest in Pokemon again!


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    Default Re: Sinnoh Fan Thread

    Gen IV doesn't qualify for the "Older Games" section, at the moment (it may not be the current Generation, but it's still likely to be relevant for some time go come, even after B&W come out). Moving to general.


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