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    Default Seriously, Pokémon?!

    I just wanted to say to all you guys playing Pokémon all day long... It's a GAME! A game for children..! And here are you guys like, making a religion out of it or something? I'm not against pokémon, I've had fun playing it when I was younger, but to use all your spare time playing it, the same everytime: Walk around, fight eachother, get all the 5000 pokemons, i dont know how many there is right know, and im happy i dont. theyre just making the pokemon worlds more and more confusing by adding new pokemons and making all those new games.

    right know im talking bout nintendo ds games if you didnt get it. but everything is for money, have you thought of how many games theyve made? the number? first red, green, blue, yellow. then silver, gold, crystal etc and because theyve used all the colours you knowed bout theyve started to make new games with same colour, know its heartgold.. heart... yeah... what an imagination....... and SOULsilver.

    Then they began making those walk..or.. step things, run and walk and you get pokemon, woho! now you can get pokemon everywhere, even without staring at the small screen. have you realized what this thing is for? ITS FOR YOUR HEALTH, or.. TO MAKE YOU THINNER maybe, OR LESS FAT! or actually thats what the parents mean, therefore theyre making it but whatever...

    so to all you pokemonfans buying every single game and plays it as its your life, stop. get a real life. you can play some hours a day, but not talk about it with friends all day long and everything, i know how it is.. its.. its... traiasukating! help please!

    leave me alone, pokemon! leave me alone.. lol

    but seiously >:(

    - Poke :)

    Btw: heres a link, loves the people who made it:

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    Default Re: Seriously, Pokémon?!

    I sense a troll who hates Pokemon. Leave. Now.


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