The Secret Egg

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  • Cilan's Pansage

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  • Iris's Axew

    1 50.00%
  • Ash's Pidove

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Thread: The Secret Egg

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    Default The Secret Egg

    So, some of you probably remember, a while back, Toys R Us did an event for BW where you got something called the Secret Egg. It would eventually hatch into one of three Pokemon: a Pansage based on Cilan's from the anime, an Axew based on Iris's from the anime, or a Pidove based on Ash's from the anime.

    This thread is asking those who did the event: which one did your egg hatch into?

    I had my fingers crossed for Cilan's Pansage because one, Pansage was the only one of the three I hadn't dex'd yet and two, I love Cilan. <3

    And I got Pansage! :D I trained it up to a powerful Simisage that I believe Cilan's Pansage as the potential to be! Did anyone train up their hatchlings as well?

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    Default Re: The Secret Egg

    that was forever ago... but I got an axew.
    (I am "vulpix" in the bulbagarden irc chat! Come talk to me!) (I like black women!)


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