Hello Everynyan!
It's that time again! A new generation of Pokémon is among us - exciting stuff indeed. However, regardless of how excited or anxious we get about this new stage in the Pokémon franchise, there are two things I want to remind you guys of:

The first one, is the translators. We are fortunate enough in that these people have chosen to go out of their way to translate material for us (be they Pokémon Smash reveals, CoroCoro scans or otherwise) and they do so for nothing in return. The very least they deserve from us is our respect and courtesy. There may very well be times when they translate something that you don't like or agree with but they are merely translating it; they don't come up with the facts they are translating and they also certainly don't deserve anyone doubting their ability to translate just because you don't agree with a new reveal. We regretfully had a problem with this during the Black 2/White 2 reveal period and the Bulbagarden staff want to make it perfectly clear that we will not stand for any of it.

Secondly, we understand that the majority of news relating to the new games will originally be in Japanese (because y'know, our sources are Japanese and the names are Japanese). However, the forum has a bug involving Japanese characters. So like last time, we would like to ask that instead of posting Japanese text, users take a screenshot of the text and post that instead (otherwise the post will end up looking blank).

So to sum things up:
1) Be nice, courteous and respectful to the people translating.
2) Don't post Japanese characters - post screenshots of them instead.
3) All other forum rules apply.

Thanks! Hopefully you can keep your excitement in control during this period.

- Bulbagarden Staff