ATTENTION: Regarding the posting of Japanese characters and translators

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Thread: Regarding the posting of Japanese characters and translators

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    Default Regarding the posting of Japanese characters and translators

    Hello Everynyan!
    Unfortunately, a problem has occurred with the forums in regards to the posting of Japanese characters. Sometimes, when Japanese characters are included in a post it turns the post "invisible" - when you view it in a thread, it looks like the post has no text at all but if you edit or quote it, you can see the text. So in the mean time, we ask that users who wish to post Japanese text post it as an image instead (Write it out elsewhere and post a Print Screen of it) as this problem does not affect image files.

    Also, there is something I wish to say in regards to translators. I would like to remind people that the users who translate things for us (be they CoroCoro scans, articles in magazines, websites or whatnot) are doing so during their free time and are doing it out of their own generosity, so we should be grateful to them. We may not always agree with what the text they are translating says, but they are merely translating it and they deserve nothing but our respect and gratitude for doing so.

    So to sum it up:
    I) Don't post Japanese characters - post images of them instead.
    II) Be respectful towards our translators.

    I thank you all for your understanding,

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    Default Re: Regarding the posting of Japanese characters and translators

    What do they mean?
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    Default Re: Regarding the posting of Japanese characters and translators

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex_Leonardo View Post
    What do they mean?
    Can you be a little more specific please? I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
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