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    Should I make any changes?


    Also what are some good movesets for them? All advice is appreciated.

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    I have what I think to be a good sweeping moveset on my own Ampharos, so I'll list that, as well as a few choice moves for the other Pokémon - the rest is up to you to fill in the blanks.

    Typhlosion (Some high-damage Fire-move, Brick Break, etc. etc.)
    Skarmory (Drill Peck, etc. etc. etc.)
    Ampharos (Thunder, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Rain Dance)
    Scizor (X-Scissor, etc. etc. etc.)
    Gyarados (Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Ice Beam, etc.)
    Umbreon (Curse, Payback, etc. etc.)

    As for a breakdown of why I chose these:
    -Typhlosion fills the fire spot, but also has access to Brick Break which is a good, solid fighting move.
    -Skarmory has access to Drill Peck, which as far as I can remember is one of the strongest Flying type moves it has access to.
    -Ampharos' moveset listed is my current set for it; it can be a bit dangerous trying to setup Rain Dance to get 100% accuracy on Thunder, but it's nice when you can spam Thunder over and over :)
    -Scizor can really rock the move X-Scissor (although if he has the Technician ability, Bug Bite is even better, though that one requires BP to move-tutor it)
    -Gyarados I don't have much experience using, but earthquake would really play hell with electric types trying to ruin his day, especially since it can draw power from his really high attack stat.
    -Umbreon is one of my favorites and really pulls off the combo of Curse/Payback really well.

    Also, with the limited movesets I listed, you have at least 1 move to counter every type in the game.

    # Moves Supereffective Against a Given Type:
    Normal: 1
    Fire: 2
    Water: 1
    Electric: 1
    Grass: 5
    Ice: 3
    Fighting: 1
    Poison: 1
    Ground: 2
    Flying: 3
    Psychic: 3
    Bug: 3
    Rock: 2
    Ghost: 1
    Dragon: 1
    Dark: 3
    Steel: 3

    I hope that helps, as well as leaves a bit of room for your own personal touch to the movesets. I would definitely recommend some more damage-dealing moves to cover some of those types with only a single move to deal with them, but that's up to you.
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