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Thread: Rank the champion music

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    Default Rank the champion music

    If you haven't heard the champion music from G5.2 you will soon. Let's take some time to rank the champion music from favorite to least favorite. Here's mine:

    1. Lance
    2. Blue
    3. Cynthia
    4. Steven/Wallace
    5. Alder
    6. Iris

    Hyperlinks go to youtube tracks for reference.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    Lance's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    6) Cynthia
    5) Iris
    4) Steven/Wallace
    3) Alder
    2) Blue
    1) Lance

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    This theme is just amazing. From the way the minimalistic opening segues into the sprite, it works perfectly. It's full of drama and power, though I feel it fits better for Red's battle than Lance's.

    Great song in and of itself, but what makes it so good is the circumstances. To me, the song just screams to release all the hatred you feel towards Blue/DICKS/whatever, and that this is personal.

    This theme tried something different, and I feel like it succeeded. Instead of going for a dramatic and intimidating theme, it goes for a more grandiose and triumphant approach, with great big sounds to it. It's full of power as well, and the somewhat lighter feel of it I think fits Alder well enough, since he is the player's friend at that point.

    I don't like Cynthia herself much, but I really like her theme. While it is dramatic and intimidating like Lance's, some parts of it sound more climactic and fancy. It kind of feels like it's the happy end of the journey, but there is still one last tough obstacle.

    There's really nothing wrong with this one, but I find it the most generic. It has everything a final battle theme should have, but it just doesn't stick as much as the other ones do. I can't really say why.

    I really don't know. It does fit the space theme well enough, but it sounds a little too happy. It gives the feeling that there's no way you could ever lose, and that this is the easiest battle ever (Which it kind of is, save Gen 1 Blue). It does fit the character well enough, but it feels like I'm listening to a bad anime opening or Nyan Cat.

    Though I think it's obvious Greevil has the best final battle theme ever.

    Still the Unova Champion in my book.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    I don't know any of them aside from Lance's by heart. I love listening to Lance's theme while driving, even though it is an 8(?) bit quality sound

    1. Lance!!

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music


    1.) Lance's theme.
    2.) Cynthia's.
    3.) Steven Stone's.
    4.) Iris'.
    5.) Alder's.
    6.) Blue's.

    There it is.

    - Although GSC/HGSS are my least favorite Pokémon games, I can't put any other theme over Lance's. It is THE champion theme.
    - This theme makes you feel like "omg shit just got real D:" when it starts.
    - Because one of the best things about Hoenn games is, without a single doubt, Steven's battle theme.
    - An amazing theme, it just fits the character perfectly.
    - Again, fits the character perfectly, but I don't like the theme itself so much.
    - The PWT remix is good, but the original theme is not that good.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    Close call between Blue's and Lance's as to which is my favourite, but Blue's theme edges it for me.

    1. Blue
    2. Lance
    3. Steven
    4. Iris
    5. Alder
    6. Cynthia

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Lance
    2. Blue
    3. Steven
    4. Cynthia
    5. Alder
    6. Iris

    Hard to decide between Lance's and Blue's themes, they're both great. Steven's is good, like pretty much most of the R/S/E soundtracks. Alder's theme is pretty uninteresting and bland whilst the Iris theme just sucks in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1) Cynthia, she is way more Champion than Lance could ever hope to be.
    2) Iris, I loved it when I listened on YouTube, can't wait to face her again in English!
    3) Steven, really, his theme is also way more Champion than Lance.
    4) Alder, because I think it really suits Alder's character.
    5) Lance and Blue: Haven't heard these in forever, and the former is the only one I remember. Lance's would have more impact if it was his theme alone.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Lance / Red - this isn't even a question. Really the question should be, 'which champion theme is your favorite after Lance's?'
    2. Blue - this is close between him and Cynthia but nostalgia feels are the tiebreaker
    3. Cynthia - love the pre-match piano intro
    4. Steven - meh.
    5. Iris / Alder - haven't played either in game so they get an incomplete from me.
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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Lance- epic battle theme and very nostalgic
    2. Iris- I actually like this one a lot, it is very cute sounding, but also cool
    3. Steven/Wallace- another good one, though I don't like it as much as the ones above
    4. Cynthia- ok, but not great, wasnt as interesting as others
    5. Blue- Nostalgic, but just ok
    6 Alder- didnt really like this one, was kinda boring to me.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    I haven't listened to Iris's champion music yet, since I'm waiting for the actual battle first, so it has been omitted.

    1. Lance/Red - This is one of my all time favorite pieces of video game music.
    2. Blue - Another epic piece, though not quite as good as the above.
    3. Cynthia - I liked it, but it didn't really have the feel that I would have liked.
    4. Alder - Despite that I love his non-battle theme, the champion battle theme for Alder was lackluster. I preferred the Unova E4 theme, but it was better off where it was, since it didn't really match Alder's character.
    5. Steven/Wallace - I have never liked this theme, well as a champion theme anyways. The E4 theme was a far more suiting theme for the champion battle.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Steven/Lance
    2. Iris
    4. Blue
    5. Lance
    6. Alder

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1.) Blue. This theme will always resonate something in me that all the others lack. The feeling that everything is at stake and that every bit of Blue's anger and troubled-nature is being targeted towards you as you battle him. I don't care what anyone says, this was the theme song to what was the most important battle in my childhood.
    2.) Iris. I adore this theme. It's so... peppy and it suits her personality beautifully. One of the most important things about the themes for trainers is that they should suit the characters themselves. Iris's is perfect in that respect.
    3.) Steven/Wallace. It suits Steven better than it does Wallace. Of all the games, I properly played through Hoenn the most times and I admit I did really enjoy that battle with Steven (or at least I think I did), so I will always appreciate this theme.
    4.) Lance. This is, of course, Red's theme too. I actually think of it more as his theme than Lance's because Lance is probably my least favourite Elite Four member.
    5.) Alder/Cynthia. Again, I like both these themes but I wish it had reflected Alder/Cynthia's personality better like theirtrainer music does. That classy piano playing... that is brilliant. That cool naturalistic tune... great. The battle themes, however, not quite as much. If I had to pick the less of two evils, Cynthia's is cooler while Alder's is lackluster.

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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Lance (When this theme came on my 6 or 7 year old self lost it infront of the Gameboy. I adore this theme just as much as i adore Lance and Red.)
    2. Blue (In my opinion this is the most intense theme of all of them. Though not my favorite, it definitely was quite amazing.)
    3. Iris (Something quite different! It suits the character nicely and is a real breath of fresh air.)
    4. Cynthia (This theme felt really... Meh to me. It was okay, but i think they could have made this one a lot better.)
    5. Alder (Alder's battle theme was so, so dissapointing to me. Out of battle his theme was brilliant but once the Pokémon where on the field I felt nothing.)
    6. Steven/Wallace (Played too much R/S/E. I just can't stand this theme anymore, so I really can't judge it objectively.)
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    Default Re: Rank the champion music

    1. Blue. This theme is so hectic and intense, and the BW2 version is nothing short of amazing.
    2. Steven Stone/Wallace. Pressure is what comes to mind when I think of this theme. That and Milotic stalling you to death.
    3. Iris. It's so bubbly and happy, and fits Iris' character perfectly. I love how different from the other themes it is.
    4. Lance. Generic "epic" battle music, which is okay but pretty unmemorable. The Red battle should have gotten it's own theme instead of this.
    5. Alder. It tries to be halfway between grand and goofy, but doesn't really manage to be either. This theme fits the Subway Masters better than Alder, it's too bland for him.
    6. Cynthia. Annoying, and kind of all over the place. A piano-based battle theme like her encounter theme would have been way better.

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