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    Let's face it: (almost)every generation has gotten at least one fast food promo. Gen.1 got the gold cards AND the movie toys, gen.2 got the mini gameboys and cartridges AND the Pokemon 2000 toys, gen.3 got...nothing, and gen.4 got Diamond&Pearl, a random TCG promo, and the Giratina & the Sky Warrior toys. So, I ask you, what do you think could be/would like to be in THIS gen's fast food promo? Here's my list:
    -All three starters(disk launchers)
    -Zoroark(eyes light up)
    -Deerling(changes color depending on temp.)
    -Zekrom(same as Zoroark, exept tail lights up)
    -Reshiram(same as Zekrom)
    -Kyurem(Same as Zekrom, Reshiram, and Zoroark, exept wings light up)
    -GENOSECT(missile launcher)
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